World Happiness Index 2023 Country wise Rank, Download Index Report PDF

World Happiness Index 2023- We are going to share with you the World Happiness Index Rank List 2023 in this article. Anyone can look at the list to find out which countries are the most happy around the world. The authority publishes a list every ten years to learn more about countries and examine how people live there and how they make their daily lives happy. You can view the list in the World Happiness Report 2023 Country Wise below, which identifies the ten nations that topped the list according to the author.

Reports on how people in 146 countries have been treating their lives have been produced by experts over the past decade. The most recent of these reports, the World Happiness Report 2022 Country Rankings List, has been made available. This page will be helpful to you if you are interested in learning which nations rank among the top ten. For the past five years, Finland has dominated the list. You will have access to the World Happiness Index 2023 Complete List while we talk about the countries. You can learn more about the subject and see where India ranks on the World Happiness Index in 2022 by quickly scrolling down.

World Happiness Index 2023

This list included 150 nations, and the report’s analysis indicates that people live in more than 150 nations. The World Happiness Index 2023 Country Rank List will highlight a significant aspect of the nation that exudes optimism. The index is created based on happy people who also help each other out socially and make charitable donations during the pandemic.

The surveyor also looks at data that shows that people in distress and suffering make people happier around the world. The World Happiness Report 2023 has been released by a number of organizations. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network plays a crucial role in the surveyors from all countries’ reports. Data from the Gallup World Poll, which conducts regular polls of public opinion, further fuels it.

World Happiness Index

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World Happiness Index Complete List

From 146 nations, Finland has emerged victorious, followed by Denmark in second place and Iceland in third place. Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Israel, and New Zealand round out the list of the world’s Top Ten Happiest Countries. Last but not least, Afghanistan has the lowest score, around 2.404. To learn more about the Country Wise Rank of the World Happiness Index in 2023, check out the list below.

This year’s edition of the World Happiness Report contains data from 156 countries, and the results are quite surprising. Denmark took first place in this year’s rankings, followed by Switzerland and Norway. Other notable performers include Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark again, who all ranked in the top five for the fourth year in a row. Ireland and Finland also made strong appearances in the top 10, while Venezuela, Algeria, and Zimbabwe were among the countries that saw significant declines in their happiness scores this year.

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World Happiness Index Rank List 2023 How to Prepare?

The most recent version of the World Happiness Report 2023 has been made available to everyone across the nation, allowing them to learn which nation tops the list. The analysis reveals that Finland has occupied the top spot on this list for the past ten years and ranks first in the report. However, everyone is pondering who has authority to present the World Happiness Index Rank List 2023 and how to prepare it. Therefore, in this article, we will provide all updates and also present the World Happiness List 2023 to you.

The officials look at three key facts in the list they made: how the country and its people are dealing with COVID-19, how science has developed for the future, and where the country is going. Before finalizing the list, all of the reasons behind it and the data from around 150 counters were looked at. Therefore, you can now access the World Happiness Report 2023 online as well as the top ten countries on the 2023 list.

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World Top 5 Happiness Countries List with Rank 2023

It is interesting to see how different countries score differently every year, as well as how much change there is from one year to the next. That being said, it is also important to keep in mind that not all countries are equally happy – there is a lot of variation within each category. So while one country might rank first overall, there may be other countries that are even happier than it is ranked. Overall, the World Happiness Report

provides a valuable and insightful snapshot of global happiness trends. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding how people around the world are feeling about their lives and their communities.


The country that is ranked highest on the World Happiness Rank List 2023 is Finland, and it has been there for more than a decade. The report states that Finland’s average life expectancy is 7.821 out of a possible 10. Additionally, the analyst has stated and reported that Finland has confronted the COVID-19 situation with vigor.

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The published World Happiness Index Rank List 2023 places Denmark second worldwide. Due to the close connections and ties that exist among the country’s residents, the average lifespan is 7.636 years. Denmark’s culture is also notable for being the second most popular in the world.


In the 2023 World Happiness Index Rank List, Switzerland follows Denmark as the third-ranked country. Switzerland is a peaceful destination that attracts a lot of tourists who come here to relax and enjoy the country’s stunning hilltop towns. The people who live in this country have great intentions for helping other people and are very aware of the needs of everyone they meet. As a result, this is one of the reasons why this nation became prosperous and received the third tank.

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In the World Happiness Rank List 2023, Iceland is ranked third. In comparison to other nations, the cost of healthcare is higher. this nation, people are well-dressed and understand each other’s feelings to understand happiness. Iceland’s healthcare system is more robust than that of other nations.


In the World Happiness Index Rank List 2023, the Netherlands also ranks fifth. With a Happiness Score of 7.464 out of 10, the Netherlands is the country with the highest overall performance. Norway, which is also ranked fifth on the World Happiness Index, is followed by the Netherlands. List 2023. Therefore, the Netherlands receives this ranking because the country has less corruption than other nations.

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World Happiness Index Rank List 2023 Country Wise List

Rank Country
1st Finland
2nd Denmark
3rd Switzerland
4th Iceland
5th Netherlands
6th Norway
7th Sweden
8th Luxembourg
9th New Zealand
10th Austria
11th Australia
12th Israel
13th Germany
14th Canada
15th Ireland
16th Costa Rica
17th United Kingdom
18th Czech Republic
19th United States
20th Belgium
21st France
22nd Bahrain
23rd Malta
24th Taiwan
25th United Arab Emirates
26th Saudi Arabia
27th Spain
28th Italy
29th Slovenia
30th Guatemala
31st Uruguay
32nd Singapore
33rd Slovakia
34th Brazil
35th Mexico
36th Jamaica
37th Lithuania
38th Cyprus
39th Estonia
40th Panama
41st Uzbekistan
42nd Chile
43rd Poland
44th Kazakhstan
45th Romania
46th Kuwait
47th Serbia
48th El Salvador
49th Mauritius
50th Latvia
51st Colombia
52nd Hungary
53rd Thailand
54th Nicaragua
55th Japan
56th Portugal
57th Argentina
58th Honduras
59th Croatia
60th Philippines
61st South Korea
62nd Peru
63rd Bosnia And Herzegovina
64th Moldova
65th Ecuador
66th Kyrgyzstan
67th Greece
68th Bolivia
69th Mongolia
70th Paraguay
71st Montenegro
72nd Dominican Republic
73rd Belarus
74th Hong Kong
75th Russia
76th Tajikistan
77th Vietnam
78th Libya
79th Malaysia
80th Indonesia
81st Republic of the Congo
82nd China
83rd Ivory Coast
84th Armenia
85th Nepal
86th Bulgaria
87th Maldives
88th Azerbaijan
89th Cameroon
90th Senegal
91st Albania
92nd North Macedonia
93rd Ghana
94th Niger
95th Turkmenistan
96th Gambia
97th Benin
98th Laos
99th Bangladesh
100th Guinea
101st South Africa
102nd Turkey
103rd Pakistan
104th Morocco
105th Venezuela
106th Georgia
107th Algeria
108th Ukraine
109th Iraq
110th Gabon
111th Burkina Faso
112th Cambodia
113th Mozambique
114th Nigeria
115th Mali
116th Iran
117th Uganda
118th Liberia
119th Kenya
120th Tunisia
121st Lebanon
122nd Namibia
123rd Myanmar
124th Jordan
125th Chad
126th Sri Lanka
127th Eswatini
128th Comoros
129th Egypt
130th Ethiopia
131st Mauritania
132nd Madagascar
133rd Togo
134th Zambia
135th Sierra Leone
136th India
137th Burundi
138th Yemen
139th Tanzania
140th Haiti
141st Malawi
142nd Lesotho
143rd Botswana
144th Rwanda
145th Zimbabwe
146th Afghanistan

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How is World Happiness Calculated?

To compute joy around the nations, the body depends on the information got from Gallup World Surveys. The Cantril Ladder is a name for this kind of data, which helps answer questions related to the main life assessment. Under this, the GDP level, life expectancy, freedom, corruption, generosity, and social support are all taken into account. Readers preparing for entrance exams can benefit from this information.

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