Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans: Check Unlimited Data & FUP Limit Plans With Prices

Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans – Are you looking for internet broadband plans? If so, you’re in the right place! On this blog, we will be discussing rail wire broadband tariff plans with prices. By doing so, you’ll be able to get a better idea of which plan is best for you and whether or not you meet the FUP limit requirements. Additionally, we will also be providing detailed information on top-up plans and welcome broadband plans. By reading through this blog, you’ll be well on your way to getting internet broadband service.

Rail wire Broadband is offer competitive plan in the industry to compete with the like of JIO Fiber, Airtel X stream Fiber and BSNL. Rail wire is provide service across various popular state like Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, Punjab and so on. In this content, we are going to discuss the plans offer by Rail wire Broad band in Punjab . The Internet Service Provider has both Unlimited and FUP Data Limit plan. The faster broad band plan under Rail wire’s arsenal is the 200 MBPS plan that is avail in both unlimited data and FUP limit version. Continuous read to know more about the Rail wire Broad band plan on offer.

Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans

Rail wire broadband tariff plans offer a variety of data & FUP limit plans with prices. You can choose from an unlimited data plan or a plan with a limited amount of data, but with no FUP limit. The best part? All the plans come with installation and activation fees, so be sure to check the details before signing up for one. Compare all the options and find the perfect tariff plan for your needs.

Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans

Rail wire Broadband Tariff Plans Detail

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Rail wire Broadband Unlimited Data Plans Detailed

Rail wire broadband is the perfect solution for people who need unlimited high-speed Internet access. With this service, you can enjoy data plans that let you download as much as you want without any speed caps. The plans come with detailed pricing that includes an overview of monthly fees, data allowance, and more. Compare all the options to find the perfect plan for your needs.

The broad band plan from Rail wire in Punjab with unlimited data start at just Rs 499. As you must see in the table, the basic broad band plan with 10 MBPS speed is cost at Rs 499, follow by the 20 MBPS plan at Rs 599, 50 MBPS plan at Rs 799, 100 MBPS plan at Rs 999, 150 MBPS plan at Rs 1,499, and the premium 200 MBPS plan with unlimited data priced Rs 1,899 per month. Rail wire Broadband Tariff Plans.

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Unlimited Data Plans

Port Speed Plan Rental (per Month)
10 MBPS Rs 499/-
20 MBPS Rs 599/-
50 MBPS Rs 799/-
100 MBPS Rs 999/-
150 MBPS Rs 1,499/-
200 MBPS Rs 1,899/-

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Rail wire Broadband FUP Plans Detailed

While there are just six broad band plan with unlimited data, Rail wire has plans with FUP limit start at just Rs 599. The basic plan with 2 MBPS speed, 100GB FUP limits and 512 Kbps after FUP speed is avail at Rs 599. The premium broad band plan with FUP limits ship with 200 MBPS speed, 1000GB FUP limits and 1 MBPS after FUP speed. All the Rail wire Broad band plan with FUP limits are list on the table. Rail wire Broadband Tariff Plans.

Port Speed* Monthly Rental (per Month) Data Usage After FUP
2 MBPS Rs 599/- 100GB 512k_kbps
4 MBPS Rs 799/- 100GB 512k_kbps
5 MBPS Rs 699/- 90GB 512k_kbps
6 MBPS Rs 499/- 50GB 512k_kbps
8 MBPS Rs 899/- 60GB 512k_kbps
8 MBPS Rs 999/- 100GB 512k_kbps
8 MBPS Rs 849/- 120GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 449/- 30GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 649/- 70GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 1,099/- 80GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 599/- 100GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 1,249/- 120GB 1MBPS_kbps
10 MBPS Rs 1,349/- 200GB 1MBPS_kbps
16 MBPS Rs 1,099/- 100GB 2MBPS_kbps
20 MBPS Rs 1,499/- 100GB 2MBPS_kbps
20 MBPS Rs 699/- 200GB 1MBPS_kbps
20 MBPS Rs 1,899/- 200GB 2MBPS_kbps
40 MBPS Rs 999/- 60GB 1MBPS_kbps
40 MBPS Rs 1,399/- 120GB 2MBPS_kbps
40 MBPS Rs 799/- 300GB 1MBPS_kbps
50 MBPS Rs 2,499/- 200GB 2MBPS_kbps
50 MBPS Rs 899/- 400GB 1MBPS_kbps
60 MBPS Rs 1,699/- 150GB 2MBPS_kbps
75 MBPS Rs 949/- 500GB 1MBPS_kbps
80 MBPS Rs 1,899/- 180GB 2MBPS_kbps
100 MBPS Rs 2,699/- 250GB 2MBPS_kbps
100 MBPS Rs 999/- 350GB 1MBPS_kbps
100 MBPS Rs 1,099/- 400GB 1MBPS_kbps
100 MBPS Rs 2,999/- 500GB 2MBPS_kbps
125 MBPS Rs 1,249/- 750GB 1MBPS_kbps
150 MBPS Rs 1,499/- 750GB 1MBPS_kbps
200 MBPS Rs 1,949/- 1000GB 1MBPS_kbps

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Rail wire Broadband Top-Up Plans for FUP Subscriber

Rail wire broadband is now available in more towns across India, and that means unlimited high-speed internet is now available too! If you’re a FUP subscriber and want to switch to an unlimited data & FUP limit plan, our top-up plans page is the perfect place to start. There you’ll find plans starting from ₹2000 with data limits of up to 2TB, perfect for people who want to use a lot of data each month. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a prepaid broadband plan that offers the best value for your money, check out our plans page. There you’ll find plans starting from ₹50 per month with data limits of up to 2TB. And if you’re still undecided, feel free to give us a call on our customer care number and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Besides the broad band plans with unlimited data and FUP limits, Rail wire has some top-up offer aim at the user who choose the FUP limit plan. The five top-ups avail are Rs 149 with 5GB data, Rs 249 top-up with 10GB data, Rs 199 top-up with 25GB data benefits, Rs 299 top-up with 50GB data, and finally the Rs 449 data top-up that offer 100GB data.

Top-Up Plans for FUP Subscriber

Data Usage Plan Rental
5GB Rs 149/-
10GB Rs 249/-
25GB Rs 199/-
50GB Rs 299/-
100GB Rs 449/-

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Rail wire Broadband Welcome Broadband Plans Detailed

Broadband is essential for a digital life. Now that you know this, it’s time to take the next step and get rail wire broadband. Rail wire broadband plans from Rail wire Broadband offer unlimited data and FUP limit plans that are ideal for users looking for high-speed internet. All these plans come with an 18 months satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible! The data-only plans start at Rs 499 per month, while the FUP-limited plans offer speeds up to 4 Mbps with a monthly cap of 512 GB. Both the plans come with an installation fee of Rs 499, and a monthly usage fee of Rs 20. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and get started today!

Next up, we have the ‘Welcome Plan’ for new broad band subscriber. There are a total of quad with 10 MBPS speed cost at Rs 299 and going all the way up to Rs 999. The data benefit is offer on a daily basis and shown in the table, and the duration of the plan differ from each other.

Speed Data Usage Duration Rental
10 MBPS 5GB per day 30 days Rs 299/-
10 MBPS 5GB per day 90 days Rs 499/-
10 MBPS 10GB per day 30 days Rs 599/-
10 MBPS 10GB per day 90 days Rs 999/-

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Rail wire Broadband Long-Term Plans Detailed

Rail wire broadband plans are perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable broadband service. These plans offer subscribers unlimited data and no FUP limit, making them the perfect choice for heavy internet users. In addition to data, subscribers can also make unlimited calls and messages. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee available, so you can be sure you’re making the right decision. If you’re not satisfied with your rail wire broadband service, simply send back the SIM card and request a refund.

Lastly, there are the ‘Rail wire Broad band Term Plan’ which are basic the ISP’s long-term plan with free service. User who choose a plan for 90 days will get additional service of ten days for free.

Plan Validity Offer
Any Plan 90 Days 10 days Extra
180 Days 30 days Extra
300 Days 60 days Extra

For 180 days, the ISP will provided 30 days of extra service, and for 300 days, users will be able for 60 days of free service.

Note: The plans include in this article are for Punjab . Rail wire has different plan for other state.

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How to get internet broad band service?

There’s no doubt that broadband internet is one of the essential tools that everyone needs in today’s world. But how do you get it? The answer is simple – by signing up for rail wire broadband service. With this type of broadband, you can access internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Better yet, you can choose from a variety of plans that come with unlimited data and FUP limit plans. So, what are you waiting for? Compare tariffs and packages and jump on board the broadband train! Once you have broadband service, make sure to register your device with your service provider so that you are eligible for advanced features like VoLTE (voice over LTE).

  1. Apply online or fill the inquiry form or Request a quote by provide your broad band service requirement details.
  2. Our Team will physically visit the Connection premise.
  3. If feasible, users will fill the subscribe form along with document (Photos, Photo Id proof, address proof duly sign)
  4. Pay the install charge and one month subscribe charge as per your broad band service plan via DD, Cheques, online transfer, debit card, credit card, Net banking etc.
  5. Broadband service will be install / connect within 7 days, after the completion of above step.
  6. Monthly subscription : Monthly invoice will be generate before 10 days of due date. Monthly subscription fee must be paid on or before due date, other wise broad band service will be disconnect automatic at service end time.
  7. For any technical, sales, bill related issue, please open a ticket to concern department or contact by mobile.
  8. We also provide support via live chat, phone call, email and support ticket.


Are you looking for a broadband plan that offers unlimited data and no data limit? Check out our rail wire broadband tariff plans with prices! In addition, we also have top-up plans for FUP subscribers, welcome broadband plans for new customers, and detailed long-term plans to suit your needs. To get started, simply select the broadband plan that best suits your needs and make your payment. We hope you find our rail wire broadband plans helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices for Rail wire broadband plans with an FUP limit?

five top-ups available are Rs 149 with 5GB data, Rs 249 top-up with 10GB data, Rs 199 top-up with 25GB data benefit, Rs 299 top-up with 50GB data, and finally the Rs 449 data top-up that offers 100GB data.

How much data will I be able to use on Rail wire broadband plans with an FUP limit?

Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans With FUP Limit 599 per month, offering 2 Mbps speed with 100GB. The high-end speed limit with FUP limit is 200 Mbps with 1000 GB data for Rs. 1,949 per month

Is FUP limit in Connect broadband?

Fair Use Policy, or FUP, is a term used by many broadband providers to describe their data caps. For example, if you exceeded the cap on your monthly 4 Mbps broadband plan, your internet speed will be immediately reduced for the following month by the broadband provider

Difference between FUP and unlimited?

Under Fair Usage Policy (FUP), data download limit is generally kept high so that majority of the customers do not reach that limit. Once customer reaches to certain data transfer limit (defined in the particular plan), speed is reduced as stated in the plan while unlimited data download is guaranteed at reduced speed.

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