Honda CB350 Brigade Launch Date in India 2024, Price, Features, Specifications, Booking Process, Waiting Time

Honda CB350: Honda recently registered the “CB350 Brigade” name, which could be the Japanese manufacturer’s upcoming neo-retro bike. Currently, Honda has the H’ness CB350 and the CB350RS in its stable of affordable neo-retro bikes. We assume the CB350 Brigade will also bring a new design and features. Going by the nomenclature, it’s likely to use … Read more

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Komaki XGT Classic- Komaki XGT Classic is a revolutionary electric scooter that combines style, performance, and sustainability. With its sleek design and powerful motor, this scooter is perfect for both urban commuters and adventure seekers alike. The XGT Classic is equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 100 kilometers … Read more

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Yamaha SZ-RR- Yamaha SZ-RR bike is a powerful and stylish motorcycle that offers an exhilarating riding experience. With its sleek design and sporty features, this bike is perfect for those who crave speed and performance. The SZ-RR is equipped with a 149cc engine that delivers impressive power and torque, allowing riders to navigate through city … Read more