Wordle Word Today 349 Answer 3rd June 2023 What is Today’s Wordle word

Wordle Word Today: what better way to start the week than with a Wordle of today’s trending words in India? The data was collected from today. Let us know your thoughts on the trending words. These are just a few of the buzzwords that have cropped up in headlines. We found even more fascinating trends on our Wordle today’s trending Answers terms, which you can explore on this site.

Wordle Word Of The Day

Wordle is a kind of game that can be played by anyone, anytime anywhere. It’s based on the idea of using six words to guess a word for the day in only six tries. this game uses the letters in a sentence to make words out of them. You can see how they are arranged. If you are an active user of Twitter then you might have seen green and yellow or red and gray boxes on your timeline or in the people’s tweets to each other. People may talk about the word o because it is a new word that was added by Google recently.Wordle Word Of The Day

The game has attracted some people who play it for fun, but many others have taken to passing the puzzles on to friends and family as a way of bonding over gaming problems.

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Wordle Word Game 2023 Details

Name of Game Wordle Word Game
Game Type Puzzle/Quiz
Total Word of Game Five Word
Category Trending Game
No. of Chance/Tries 6 Chances
Mode Online Mode
Released Every Midnight
Official website powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle

What is Wordle?

The free online word game, launched by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle, has gone viral as everyone tries to solve a daily puzzle. Wordle is a game that has recently become popular. It’s very simple, but it’s genius. The aim of the game is to guess five letter words from six guesses in only one round! You read each word once and then you write down what you think it starts with or ends with without looking at the other letters in between (you don’t even have to spell out the entire word!). On the next round, you get to read each letter individually but this time your goal is to guess a meaningful word out of six guesses (topic-related or fun) with only one go.

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Who developed Wordle?

Wordle was created by a man from Brooklyn in New York, Josh Wordle. He released this free-of-cost game in the fall of 2021. Its users were able to build an active community, but early on it had trouble gaining traction within the tight confines of Twitter’s timeline, which has since grown into its own kind of network over time. It has become very popular on the internet because it keeps people busy and increases their productivity. It’s exciting because there are no easy hints to help figure out the word, which piques people’s interest, and it is amusing when you have a few chances of guessing every letter in the word correctly within 6 tries.

Wordle Answer Today

The Wordle question had a tough and unusual but also very interesting word that kept it hard to find the right answer in the first place. You can use the hints provided below to solve it, but you have 6 tries/ chances before you fail and get eliminated from the game. A new Wordle is released every day at midnight (GMT) as the founder of the game is based in the UK.

Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer

Here is what the Wordle word is today, on 6th May 2023, puzzle number 321.

Today we will give you some hints for the Wordle, as I know it can be difficult to work out on your own without help at first. So please look slowly and carefully this time and see if you can figure it out by yourself or with a little help from me here while I try to explain how they are created…wordle todays answer

First, Some hints for You:

Hint 1:
Hint 2:
Hint 3:

Today’s Wordle Answer

Are you stumped by today’s Wordle? Well, the answer is…

Answer :

Wordle Answers May 2023

Here’s a collection of all Wordle Answers Solutions So Far in April 2023:

  • Wordle 317 May 2 2023 –
  • Wordle 316 May 1 2023 –

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How to play Wordle!

The way it works is that if you guess a word, the letters in the word will either turn green, yellow or grey. If it turns green, then you’ve gotten all of your guesses correct and can go on to try for another letter with this same answer. If it turns yellow, then there’s at least one letter left for you to guess. Each time a letter is wrong, that letter will turn grey and you have only two guesses in which to put all of your answers (you can keep trying each word until they turn Grey but no more hints are given).

Wordle playing rules

How to Get New Wordle?

Just wait until it’s 12:00 midnight in whichever time zone you’re in, and you will have a new Wordle to solve! If you give this a try, it will tell you what words are connected to each other by using Wordle or “word cloud” as some people call them.

How to Share Result on Twitter?

Want to tell the world you know how the answer is? You can tweet without telling others what it is. After completing the daily word puzzle, you can share your results with others and see how they did on their puzzles too!

  1. Once you have completed the daily word puzzle, a pop-up will appear with a SHARE button on it.
  2. Then Click on it and the results will get copied to the clipboard.
  3. All you have to do is head to Twitter. Create a post, and paste the items that are copied from your clipboard (Ctrl + V).
  4. You have successfully shared all of your information with everyone who is following you on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Tips for Wordle success

Here are a few factors to help you guess the word in six tries every time.

  1. For your starting word, choose a word that contains lots of vowels.
  2. The best way to start a sentence is with three vowels and five different letters like ‘adieu’ because you can get through it faster by just reading each letter quickly.
  3. Don’t just guess words that fit the same letters by making a mistake and typing all of the letters in this way. Try to type them without mistakes first, then correct one letter at a time if you make any mistakes or type it over again from beginning to end until you get it right.
  4. Make sure you use normal words in your question, don’t think too obscure as it’s unlikely to be the answer.
  5. You can only use real words as Wordle won’t let you type in a random selection of letters.
  6. Letters can be used twice in the same word, but they will not always tell you what is happening.
  7. Finally, try not to reuse grey letters, it’s just a waste of a guess.

Rules of the Wordle Puzzle

To play the game, you need to guess a new letter from among five letters. The first row has six boxes. Each box holds three letters in a set of 5-letter words (and two bonus extras). Your job is to enter one of those words and then press “next”.

If any letters in that word are correct, they’ll turn green (for the right letter in the right spot) or yellow (for the right letter in the wrong spot). Incorrect letters are greyed out.

You’ll have to use guesswork and your vocabulary skills in each word puzzle to solve it. It is also important that you think about the letters too, since those don’t hurt either but can make the difference. If you can’t guess the word or are just curious how other people came to the answer, read on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Wordle Puzzle?

You can play Wordle on powerlanguage.co.uk in a browser or as an app, so you don’t need to download it to your computer and phone or tablet like the other applications. Some of the most popular websites where you can play Puzzle are: Google. Facebook, Quora etc.

How to Get today's Word in Worlde?

You can bookmark this page. then check on regular basis. we will post daily question with answers.

What is the official site of Wordle

Wordle's official site is : powerlanguage.co.uk

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