How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos from Friends

WhatsApp Status is one of the most talked about features of WhatsApp, with more than 400 million people using it. WhatsApp status is just like a text message, but the sender can add text, audio, video and images to their message. It works in a similar way to Snapchat stories or Instagram Stories. You can’t download WhatsApp status from the app, but here are some ways to save and share it. A step-by-step guide on how to download WhatsApp status video and images on your device.

How To Download WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status is probably one of the best features of WhatsApp. You can post things like photos and text messages on your Status section in a group chat with friends and family. Unlike normal images and videos that are sent on the platform, you cannot download WhatsApp Status images and videos .They can’t be saved or shared elsewhere too though because they will disappear after 24 hours have passed from having sent the message.

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WhatsApp Status

If you like one particular picture or video, you don’t need to worry because we have a solution for this. You can download it from our site and put it on your computer or mobile device. This article will tell you how to download WhatsApp status video and images on your device by following some simple steps.

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What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service developed by Facebook. It is one of the most popular social networking apps, with over 1 billion monthly active users as of January 2019. It was released on August 28, 2009, in Hong Kong, and has since been released worldwide on multiple platforms. In February 2011, WhatsApp had reached a total of 1 million daily active users in North America alone.

What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status lets you say what’s on your mind in an image or video format that can be shared with friends on the app by messaging them directly from within it whilst also persisting across all of your devices at once. This is definitely a resilient method of expressing yourself so give it your best shot, you might just impress someone even better than with how refined your ideas.

WhatsApp Status is a feature on the WhatsApp messaging app that allows you to share short messages with your friends. These messages are called “Stories”.

WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos

Stories can be about anything that interests you, and they can be shared with anyone who has the WhatsApp app. You can also make your Stories public or private, which means that only people you want to see them can see them.

You can create as many Stories as you like, and you can even add music, photos, and videos to them. If you want to share a Story with someone who isn’t using the WhatsApp app, you can send them a link to it.

The process is simple and requires you to go into WhatsApp, then click on the stories tab in the application. Then you can write a status update under ‘My Status’ in order to choose your cover photo or name for this account.

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What All Can be Added to WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp status can be customized in many ways. You can add images, videos, and text to your messages. Here are some of the things that you can add to your WhatsApp status:

1. Images: You can add images to your WhatsApp status to show off your latest photo or video.
2. Videos: You can also add videos to your WhatsApp status to share a funny story or interesting clip from the day.
3. Text: You can use text to share a message of inspiration, advice, or just about anything else that you feel like sharing.

WhatsApp Status Video Length

WhatsApp Status Video Length varies from one user to another. However, some users suggest that status videos should be no longer than 30 Seconds in length. If someone uses WhatsApp, they can make a 30 second video as their status. At Status, you can add threads that are longer than 30 seconds to your post and make them separate posts by adding another part to it later with an arrow pointing at its end .

How to Post Status Update on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is an app that lets you post 30 seconds video. If you try to upload a bigger file, then it will crop it and show the clip in its full size on your phone’s screen! It’s such neat technology! The messaging service gives you a privacy option too. You will find this option by visiting the Status section > tap on the three-dotted icon > Status privacy. Here, you will get three options, including share status with ‘My contacts,’ ‘My contacts except’ and ‘Only share with.’

Here’s how to download photos and videos from a WhatsApp status

WhatsApp does not have a way to save the photos and videos people send each other. We share pictures to people through social media, but it doesn’t show us the status of our friends. So we ask them to send video or photos too so that we can set as our status to show our contacts. Some users take screenshots of statuses but how about the videos? The screenshots fail to keep the same quality as they are on WhatsApp, so let’s find out how we can save them in a better way.

How to download WhatsApp Status on your Android smartphone

  1. First Download Google Files on your android smartphone
  2. Then Tap on the menu icon at the top left corner in the app
  3. Now Tap on “Settings” and turn on the toggle in front of “show hidden files”
  4. Then Go to File manager of your device
  5. Now in Internal storage>WhatsApp>Media>Statuses
  6. All the status that you have viewed will show in the folder, tap on the desired image or video
  7. Then Long press on the selected item and save it to your desired location for example camera, WhatsApp images, downloads and so on

The steps might be different from one Android device to another. But in most of the cases, you will find WhatsApp on the screen as soon as you open File manager.

Download statuses using Status Saver

Alternatively, you can use a third party app Status Saver to download WhatsApp status updates.

You can save your friend’s WhatsApp status and make it easy for you to read their statuses when you are busy doing other things like working out or studying.

  • Just Open WhatsApp and vew the statuses which you need to save/download.
  • Then Open Play Store on your Android and install – Status Saver App . You can also click on link below to open it in your browser/Play Store.
  • Allow the app to access photos, media and files on your device. Because that’s how the app will read the storage to collect WhatsApp Status images.
  • Now Select the images or videos which you want to save and tap on the Save icon.
  • Images or videos which you save will be stored to the internal storage of your phone.

You have just saved your status on WhatsApp, which will be kept by the app forever. This means that you can access it from any device and at any time in the future. If you need to access the folder directly, you can open your File Manager app and browse for Internal storage > Status Saver.

Download statuses using Screenshot and Screen Record

The same features are available on phones like native screen recorders that let you take screenshots of what’s happening in front of your phone and share it with people later.

How to download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on iPhone?

On iPhone 8 or older models, you need to press the home button and power button at the same time in order for them to work. This is called “quick capture”, which allows users to immediately record a screenshot on their device. All iPhone X devices have this functionality built-in under advanced settings of each app that supports it.

The same goes for videos with an iPhone X and later. You have to press the volume button and power button simultaneously while recording a video, The screen recorder is available in the control center.

  • First Go to the settings.
  • Next on Control Centre
  • Customize the Control Center
  • Finally, add the Screen Recorder option.
  • With the screen recording on, open WhatsApp -> go to the Status window -> and play the video you want
  • Alternatively, you can press the power button on your phone and it will stop recording at that point in time of pressing that button until you turn off your screen or switch apps again.
  • The video will automatically save on your phone’s Photos app.

If you are sharing videos with your friends through WhatsApp then they will see only the parts of them you want them to see and not all parts which are irrelevant for some people.


Is there a difference between downloading Whatsapp Status from Whatsapp Web, App or website?

WhatsApp Status is a feature that is available on both the Whatsapp Web, App and website. The difference between these three sources is that the website allows you to save your status for later use, while the App and the Whatsapp Web allow you to share your status with friends right away.Conclusion, it is very easy and simple.

Which is better: WhatsApp Web, App or website for downloading whats app status?

The best option would be WhatsApp Web, App or website for downloading whats app status because they are all easy to use and provide the same features.

Best app to download WhatsApp status images/videos?

There are many great WhatsApp status image/video apps that you can use to share your latest updates with your friends and family. Some of the best apps include: 1. StatusQ This app allows you to easily share photos, videos, and stickers with your friends on WhatsApp. You can also control how long the content will be visible for before it expires. 2. StatusNow! This app is similar to StatusQ in that it allows you to share photos, videos, and stickers with your friends on WhatsApp. However, StatusNow! also has a built-in timer so you can decide how long the content will be visible for before it expires. 3. MyWhatsAppStatus This app is specifically designed for sharing WhatsApp status images/videos with your friends. It has a lot of features such as being able to add text captions to your photos and videos, as well as group chats so everyone in the chat can see the same content at the same time.

How do I save WhatsApp statuses without installing any app?

There are a few ways to save WhatsApp statuses without installing any app. The first way is to use the web browser extension. This extension will allow you to save all your WhatsApp statuses in one place so you can access them from anywhere. Another way is to use the official WhatsApp status saving feature. This feature allows you to automatically save all your new and updated WhatsApp statuses every time you send or receive a message.

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