Phonepe Limit Per Day 2024, Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day

Phonepe Limit Per Day 2024 – Phonepe is basically a UPI app that can be used for money transfer activities. As per the latest government order, the Phonepe UPI app will allow the user to make transactions up to Rs. 3 lakh in a day. This is a huge change in how a user uses money and interacts with banks. However, it is not activated yet.

PhonePe was in limelight recently as RBI increased the daily transaction limit of PhonePe from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. Read the article below to know about the PhonePe money transfer limit per day for transactions i.e. how much money you can transfer through the app. The PhonePe app is a great way to make secure and fast transactions. With just one click, you can link your bank account or credit card and send money! However, there are some limitations to be aware of before using the program.

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Phonepe Limit Per Day 2024

Google Pay, PhonePe, and other UPI-based applications have been subjected to a 30% transactional volume cap. This translates to end-users of the UPI application getting their PhonePe transfer limit and PhonePe transaction limit as well as some hassles with the limitations on other UPI apps. However, PhonePe is yet to announce any information about its revised PhonePe limit or about PhonePe maximum transfers. The official website of the UPI portal has carefully listed all the details regarding the transaction limit on its portal. There is a restriction on transactions of Rs 1 lakh per linked account per day for all linked accounts on this platform, along with a limit of 20 daily UPI transactions. The maximum amount allowed per transaction is 1 lakh. 1 lakh is the maximum amount that can be paid in a day.

Phonepe Limit Per Day

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In a 24-hour period, the maximum number of PhonePe transactions allowed is 10 or 20. (depends on). In 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launched the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which has since grown in popularity among all citizens and made money transactions easier. The payment system is constantly being improved, allowing citizens to achieve financial freedom and flexibility. RBI is working with financial institutions to ensure that digitization is implemented so that Indian residents can transact quickly and safely without having to visit a bank. The Reserve Bank of India contributes to setting daily, monthly, and annual transaction limits for all financial wallets. All the details regarding the PhonePe transaction limit and check below.

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General View on PhonePe

Phonepe is a valid payment option in India and works with millions of merchants. The application provides ease of financial transactions. One can receive, send and pay utility bills using the PhonePe app. To suit the needs of each user, Phonepe developers have implemented 11 languages, thus accommodating most of the users. Phonepe was founded in 2015 December and had a significant financial impact. It has offered the security of money, reducing the need to carry cash or visit banks. The PhonePe app is easily compatible with the user’s bank account. One can easily pay using a credit card. However, the app has some restrictions where a person can only do UPI transactions of Rs 1 lakh (₹ 1,00,000) per day and Rs 20,000 as directed by RBI.

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Phonepe has direct access to the bank account; Still, the user has to add the bank account as a beneficiary. The apps provide for a monthly restriction of Rs. 1,00,000, prevents users from transferring more than Rs 1 lakh from their Phonepe account to their bank account. The UPI application allows all types of money transfers based on the user’s preference. Nonetheless, PhonePe users have a daily limit set by the app developers as per RBI and government orders. The government of India ordered to allow PhonePe transactions up to Rs. 3 lakhs per day (3,00,000 INR). Limits can be affected positively or negatively according to the needs of the user. RBI has increased the Phonepe UPI limit from Rs 10,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per day. The changes took effect at the beginning of this year (2021).

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Daily Limit for your PhonePe Wallet

Note that the limits are adjusted by a considerable amount which is beneficial to the user. It helps to have a budget for essentials and not use up much of the money. Banks, financial institutions, and apps have a set limit and follow the guidelines of the RBI and the government. Financial wallets are designed to make money transactions easy.

However, each wallet has a limit set by the app developers for security purposes. PhonePe offers users a limit of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. 1 lakh) in the form of a risk policy. To top up the wallet, one can directly recharge using Debit Card, Credit Card, and BHIM UPI. PhonePe has increased its limit not only to the daily limit but also to the monthly (Rs 10,000) and annual limit (Rs 1,20,000). Cash withdrawals or purchases from merchants also limit users based on the amount set by PhonePe. One can debit only Rs. 10,000/- per month.

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