All Vodafone USSD Codes New List Balance Check, Validity Check, Recharge, Benefits in Detail

All Vodafone USSD Codes List If you are looking for a comprehensive list of Vodafone USSD codes, you have come to the right place! This post contains a list of all Vodafone USSD codes, along with descriptions and examples of how they can be used. This is the perfect resource if you need to know how to access your account, make a payment, or any other USSD-related tasks. So don’t wait any longer – browse through the list and find the code that corresponds to your needs!

You can easily access all the services and usage detail related to your number with the USSD codes. Well, these codes will help you get the information you want within a few Steps instead of waiting for the customer care executives to answer your call. Vodafone USSD codes are quite common and you will get to know a lot of details such as existing prepaid balance, best offer for your number, data balance, SMS balance and other services related to your network. It is also possible to activate and deactivate certain value-added services using respective codes.

Vodafone USSD Codes 2022

Vodafone’s USSD codes is the easiest way to get the job done. But what are these codes, and how can you use them to your advantage? In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of Vodafone USSD codes, as well as explanations of what each code does. We’ll also provide tips on how to use USSD codes for the best possible experience when making calls or using your mobile phone in general.  For all your telecom needs in the United States of America, use our Vodafone USSD codes! These codes will allow you to make and receive calls, as well as access your account information and manage your data usage.

Vodafone Idea merger has created one of the largest telecom operators in India. Vi  holds more than 25 % of market share in the telecom sector. With this, there is an ever-growing list of Vodafone Idea subscribers in India with prepaid connections being the star of the show. But owing a prepaid connection also means that you need to keep a tap on the call and data balance.

Vodafone USSD Codes Details

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All Vodafone USSD Codes List

Vodafone Validity check by USSD Method

To know your Vodafone prepaid account validity and other details about your account, dial *111# from your prepaid number. Once you dial *111#, you will get a list of 10 options. Choose the option you want and you will get information you want about any of the following. Vodafone is one of the most popular and leading networks in the country providing the full suite of mobile, fixed, TV and broadband services to millions of subscribers across the nation. If you are Vodafone customer looking forward to checking the prepaid account validity, you can make use of quite a many tools and methods provided by the network. Here is how you can check the validity of your Vodafone prepaid account.

List Of Vodafone USSD Codes

As a Vodafone customer, you are probably very familiar with the various benefits that come with using the USSD code. But if you’re not sure how to use them or what they do, this blog is for you! In this article, we will explain in detail all the benefits of using USSD codes, and guide you through the process of using them to check your balance, validity, and recharge your mobile phone. So be sure to check it out!

Here is a list of Vodafone USSD codes that every Vodafone user should know. Take a look at the same from the table. Before you head on to the USSD codes, here are all the Vodafone 4G prepaid and postpaid plans below listed for you. Alternatively, you can also use the My Vodafone app on your Android or iOS device to get details such as balance and activate and deactivate value-added services. You just have to download the app on your smartphone and register using your Vodafone number. Doing so, all the other details will be readily available at your fingertips.

Vodafone USSD Codes Functions
*199*2# Vodafone balance
*148# Vodafone minutes balance
*111*6# Vodafone data balance
*141*9# Vodafone 2G balance
*123*8# Vodafone Night GPRS balance
*111*2# or *8888# or 164 Vodafone Number (Know Own No)
*145# Vodafone Special Tariff packs
*111*6*1# Vodafone Data Plans Activation
*111*11# Account Information Update
*123*2# Activate Vodafone Value Combo
1909 Vodafone DND
*123# Vodafone Alerts
5525 or 54206090 Vodafone Hello Tunes
*147# Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes
*157# Night Minutes
121 Vodafone latest Offer
*121# Vodafone Special Offers
*123*1# Movie Masala Alerts
*111*6*2# Usage Allowance Details
*111*7# Vodafone Bonus Card
*111*1# Vodafone Delights
199 or 9811098110 Vodafone Customer care
198 Vodafone Complaint Number

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How to Check Vodafone Main Balance?

Vodafone USSD codes are a way of communicating with your mobile phone using short text messages. They’re especially useful when you don’t have access to a landline or you need to talk to someone without getting charged for the call. In this post, we’ll teach you how to use USSD codes and help you get the most out of your phone. Vodafone  provides two different methods through which you can check your main balance with ease. You can either go with USSD codes or use the Vi application to know each and every detail of your prepaid number.

Using USSD Code

To start with the USSD Code, the Vodafone offers a host of shortcuts and USSD codes through which you can instantly check your balance.

  • *199*2*1# – This USSD code can be used to check the main balance for your Vodafone  number. The code also gives you full information about all balances and validity of your number.
  • *121# – You can also use this code to check for the main balance by using this code.

Using Vi App

You can also instantly check your balance and validity by using the Vi application. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Open Google Play Store app and search for Vi app.
  • Click on Download app and install it on your smartphone.
  • Open the application and log in by entering your Vodafone Idea number. You will then get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter it to log in.
  • The main balance and validity of your number will be displayed on the app’s home screen.

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List of All Vodafone Idea (Vi) USSD Codes

S.No USSD Codes Features
1 *199*2*1# Check Main Balance
2 *199*2*2# Check Internet Balance
3 *199*1*3# 4G/3G/2G Internet Offers
4 *199*1*6# Chhota Credit
5 *199*1*7# Recharge Offer
6 *199*1*8# Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers
7 *199*3*1# Activate Vodafone VAS Service
8 *199*3*2# Deactivate Vodafone VAS Service
9 *199*4# Get Vi
10 *199*2*3# Last 3 Calls & SMS Details
11 *199*2*4# Last 3 VAS Deduction
12 *199*3*5# Emergency Talk time Credit Loan
13 *199*3*3# Activate or Change Caller Tune
14 *199*5*2# Unlimited Recharge Pack Offers
15 *199*5*3# Combo Recharge Offers
16 *199*5*4# Data Recharge Offers
17 *199*5*5# International Roaming Recharge Offers
18 *199*5*6# SMS Recharge Offers

How to Check Vodafone Plan Validity and SMS Balance?

Vodafone also gives you precise information about your Vi prepaid plan validity and remaining SMS balance. Although there is no dedicated USSD code to check the validity of your prepaid plan and SMS balance, there is a workaround. To start with plan validity details, all you need to do is make a call to someone. Once the call is disconnected, you will get an SMS or a flash message that will show you the main balance along with the validity of the pack. Similarly, for SMS, all you need to do is send a message to someone. Once that is done, you will get an SMS or flash message from the operator that will show you the remaining SMS balance along with the validity for the same.

  • Type DATA BAL

  • Send the message to 144

  • Shortly, you will receive an SMS about your remaining data balance on your Vodafone number

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How to Check Vodafone 4G Data Balance

You can also check your Vodafone 4G data balance through USSD codes or through the Vi application. The process is fairly simple and you can get the precise results by following some simple steps.

Using USSD Code

  • *199*2*2# – You can use this USSD code to know about the 4G data balance of your Vodafone Idea number.

Using App

Users can simply open the Vodafone  application on their smartphone and click on the main balance banner in the home screen. This will show you the remaining call and data balance. The Vodafone application is the easiest way to keep a track of your Vodafone Idea data balance if you are using a Vi prepaid connection on a smartphone.

How to Check Vodafone Recharge Offers

Vodafone offers a host of interesting offers on its recharge plans. The company offers double data benefit under which you will extra data. Then there are some app-exclusive offers that one can avail to enjoy extra benefits. The company offers extra data benefits on plans like Rs 149, Rs 219, Rs 249, Rs 399, Rs 549, and more.

Interestingly, one can also use USSD codes to know the latest recharge offers from their Vodafone Idea number.

  • Customers can simply dial *199*1*3# to know the 4G data offers.
  • One can dial *199*1*7# for latest recharge offers.
  • Customers can also use *199*1*8# USSD code to know the voice, SMS, and roaming offers.

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How to Check Vodafone Balance through WhatsApp

Vodafone also allows you to check the balance of your Vi prepaid mobile number on WhatsApp. In order to check Vi balance using WhatsApp, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Add the number 9654297000 to your contacts and then open WhatsApp.
  2. Search for the number and click on the chat. Send Hello or Hi.
  3. You will see an automated message. Select the option to see the Balance.
  4. You will be asked to confirm the number, which you want to know the information.
  5. Once done, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP.

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How to Check Vi Balance Online using Vi Website

Vodafone prepaid customers can also check their remaining balance through Vi website.

  1. Go to website and click on Sign In option at the top-right corner.
  2. Enter your Vodafone mobile number and log in via the OTP.
  3. Once done, you will see your account on the website. Here you can check the pack details, amount of data left, validity, and more.
  4. Click on the pack details to see the main balance of the Vodafone number.

How to Check Vodafone Validity Online?

In addition to offline methods of checking your prepaid account balance, you can also check the information online. Vodafone users can access account-related details on the Vi app. The app is available for all smartphone users.

  • Download My Vi app from here

  • Enter your Vodafone number

  • Verify OTP to log into your account

  • You can see information related to your account on the app


Now that you know all about USSD codes, it’s time to start taking advantage of their many benefits! By checking your balance, validity, and recharge benefits, you can stay on top of your finances and stay connected with your loved ones at the same time.  This is the end of the list. But, you can always contact Vodafone customer service regarding any issue you may have related to USSD codes. Moreover, if you wish to purchase a new mobile phone or subscribe for any extra benefits then just add your desired number of months and proceed with payment. Your details will be kept private and confidential at all times.

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