How To JIO Tune Deactivate, Remove Caller Tune For Jio Number? 2023 Full Guide

JIO Tune Deactivate – If you are facing any issues with your Jio number or want to deactivate it, then this blog is for you. In this post, we will explain in detail how to deactivate your number and remove caller tune from it. We will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to jio tune deactivate my number. So, without further ado, let’s get started!  Reliance JIO is one of the best telecom operator in India right now. The company offer a range of service include postpaid, prepaid, broad band, and many more all over country. The telecom operator is also one of the few that offer to add caller Tune for free on every JIO number.

Furthermore, with the announcement of the JIO Saavn request, the activity of add a caller Tune is fair simple. Customer must select a wide range of caller Tune Across different genre include Bollywood, Regional, International, and many more. Moreover, the company also give an option to switch between different Tune at no additional price. Apart from this, you must also copy the caller Tune from other user, which make it even more convenient. In this content, we are going to tell you various ways to activate and deactivate JIO Tune use the app, JIO Saavn app, SMS, and many more.

JIO Tune Deactivate 2022

The much-awaited JIO Tune deactivate process is finally here! Starting from today, all JIO users can deactivate their JIO SIMs using the JIO app or website. This process was announced by JIO in September last year and was initially scheduled to be launched in October. However, due to some technical issues, the deactivation process was delayed. But now that it’s finally ready, everyone can go ahead and deactivate their SIMs. Here’s a detailed guide on how to deactivate your JIO SIM.

It’s not always easy to deal with telemarketers or pesky salespeople, but it’s even harder when they’t leave a good impression. If you’re someone who hates getting telemarketing calls, then you’re in for a treat. JIO tune deactivate is a nifty app that allows you to remove caller tune (caller ID) from JIO number. Just download and install the app on your phone and dial *9 from any contact list to get a Dial-Buddy window. In the Dial-Buddy window, type in the number of the person who called and hit Block.

JIO Caller Tune Deactivate and Remove For Jio Number Details

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JIO Tune Deactivate

What is JIO Tune?

JIO caller Tune also known as JIO Tunes is an option to turning bore ‘Tring Tring’ that your caller will listen into a song of your choice. You must select JIO Tunes from JIO’s large collection of song range from Bollywood to International, devotional to Regional and many other genre. You must download My JIO app from Play Store/App Store & set the song of your choice as JIO Tune. Look for ‘How to deactivate JIO Tunes’? If you bore of the caller Tune then read this in order to under stand How to Remove JIO Caller Tune from Mobile.

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How to Remove JIO Tune

There are three easy methods to deactivate JIO Tunes.

1. SMS
2. Through My JIO app
3. IVR

Method 1. SMS:

  • Grab your smart phone and open message box.
  • SMS ‘Stop’ to 56789 or 155223.
  • Reply with ‘1’ to confirm the deactivate.
  • JIO Tunes will be deactivate and you will receive deactivate confirm SMS on your smart phone say ‘JIO Tunes service have been deactivate on your mobile number.’

That’s all there is to it! If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can use an app like CallBlocker or call blocker for JIO numbers. These apps do a great job of thwarting telemarketing calls and preventing pesky salespeople from harassing you.

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Method 2. Through My JIO app

My JIO app allow customer to set a JIO Tune on their phone number with ease. The app is able for download from both Android and iOS platform.

User must follow these step in order to set a JIO Tune for their number:

  • Download and install the My JIO app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log into the app and then tap on the Hamburger menu on the top-left.
  • Select JIO Tune option and then click the Songs tab.
  • Search for your favorite JIO Tune or pick one from the listed songs. One must choose the caller Tune from a variety of genre.
  • Click the play button place below the album art to listen to the preview.

Once you are satisfy with the Tune, just click on Set as JIO Tune to select the Tune. You will get a confirmation display and SMS on activation.

Method 3. Through IVR

  • Open dialer app on your smart phone.
  • Dial 155223 from the JIO number.
  • Choose the prefer language by press 1 for English and 2 for Hindi.
  • Now, the IVR will prompted all the active Value-add-service on the JIO number.
  • Choose the JIO Tune option to deactivate.

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How do I activate JIO Tunes on my smart phone?

You can activate JIO Tunes use one of these easy methods :

1.My JIO app

2. IVR Copy

3. JIO Tune from another JIO customer

4. By SMS

Step by Step processes for all methods:

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My JIO app:

  • Download My JIO app from Play store for Android or App store for iPhone.
  • Open My JIO app and select ‘JIO Tunes’ option.
  • Go to the songs tab and select the song which you want to set.
  • Listen to preview and select ‘Set as JIO Tune’.
  • Get confirmation display and SMS on activation.


  • Dial 56789 from the JIO number on which you wish to set JIO Tune.
  • Click the song of your choice from the Top Songs to set as your JIO Tune.

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Another method is ‘Copy JIO Tune of another JIO customer –

  • press * (star) before the call is answer.
  • A consent message will be sent on your mobile number.
  • Reply to this SMS with ‘Y’ within 30 minutes.
  • The select JIO Tune will be activate on your JIO number.


  • Grab your smart phone and open message box.
  • Send an SMS with the first 3 words of the song/film/album of your choice to 56789 (toll-free).
  • You will receive an SMS with the list of songs match to your input along with instruction on how to set the song of your choice as your JIO Tune.
  • Alternative, you can SMS “JT” to 56789 and follow the instruction.
  • Soon JIO will send a confirmation message to you.

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In this blog, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to deactivate your JIO number and also remove caller tune from your number. We will also explain what jio tune deactivate is and how to do it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to music while on a call?

Yes you can able to Playing music or any other audio while on a phone call is easy: While on an active phone call, tap the Home button to get to the home screen. Open the Music app, find any song or podcast, and press play.

How to remove caller tune from JIO number?

To deactivate your JioTunes subscription, SMS STOP to 56789 and follow the prompts. You'll get a deactivation confirmation text on your mobile when JioTunes is deactivated.

Can I block specific numbers/callers using caller tune?

Yes, In your Android phone's Phone or Messages apps, you may restrict a specific number. If you get tired of getting spam calls from bots and telemarketers, you can also block unknown numbers. They won't receive a notification or know for sure that you've blocked them when you block someone.

How much time does jio offers free unlimited Tunes?

Reliance Jio will no longer offer free unlimited JioTune song changes via the JioSaavn app, and will explain the new feature in depth. Users will be able to listen to just one song per month when setting JioTunes from JioSaavn. This is a serious blow to JioTune, which has been simple to set or update in the JioSaavn app.

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