eSIM Setup Activation Method of Jio, VI, Airtel eSim Complete How to Process

eSIM Setup Complete Activation Process – Everyone is surprised to hear the name of eSIM which is one step ahead of this digital age. This is a placement of Physical SIM into eSIM. Now all the new smartphone that is coming with the compatible of eSIM. So you should get the complete details about the eSIM and check the available service providing by the Service provider. eSIM is partially very effective to save both time and storage in the smartphone. So we suggest you implement the eSIM in your smartphone and avoid the use of physical SIM. All the operators in India like JIO, Airtel, VI are planning to implement the eSIM Service to their users, and very soon it will be available in the market.

eSIM Setup

The eSIM Use will be available when your smartphone will compatible with the eSIM and the eSIM is also compatible with the smartphone. So you need to find the proper phone that provides you the service of using eSIM in the device. This is very simple to use on the smartphone. Because the future smartphone will become with the eSIM and they will allow users to use the eSIM in the device. The eSIM is very easy to use. You can able to operate the eSIM from the phone in the replacement of the physical eSIM.eSIM Setup

In India, the eSIM has not started yet. But in some countries, the eSIM service has been started and they also use this service on their smartphone. But in the coming days, India will also become a country that uses the eSIM Service on JIO, Airtel, VI, and other operators. So today we are going to provide updates on the eSIM Available Service and also providing How to Use eSIM in your Smartphone. So you should read this complete page at the end and get the details from here.

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General View on eSIM Compatible Smartphones and Operator

eSIM is a pre-installed SIM in the smartphone that can be used by the user by a phone call. Users can use this type of SIM in their smartphone with the different operator that is now providing service in India. This is a replacement of a physical SIM that allows you to change the operator easily without going to any office.

Before using the eSIM you need to check the compatibility of your smartphone with the eSIM and also check if eSIM will be run in your smartphone. Because very few smartphones allow using the service in their device. But in the future, all smartphones will become with the eSIM Card Slot. Now day iPhone 11 and Google Pixel Phone will be the eSIM support phone in India.

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How to Setup and Enable eSIM on Android and iOS

eSIM for Android

  • Open Settings, and tap on Connections
  • Now open SIM card manager and tap on Add Mobile Plan
  • Then select the Add Using QR Code option
  • Now you have to scan the QR code received on your mail and follow other instructions.
  • After scanning tap on Add which will add eSIM to your device

eSIM for iOS:

  • Open Settings and tap on Mobile data
  • Select Add data plan
  • Now scan the QR code received on your mail
  • After scanning, select Add data plan again and choose your desired data plan label
  • Tap on Continue and your eSIM is fully activated and configured

Advantage of Using eSIM in Smartphone

  • eSIM is the replacement of a Physical SIM Card and this will avoid the SIM Slot in the smartphone.
  • eSIM doesn’t need any type of SIM Card Slot in smartphones.
  • This is embedded in the phone from the company side.
  • eSIM is also compatible work with all available operators.
  • You can change your eSIM easily with the physical SIM Card.
  • This will also improve the smartphone storage and also improve the performance of the current operator.
  • eSIM will not be removed from the smartphone you use will free from the loss of SIM Card.
  • The eSIM will not be damaged by any other suspect if your smartphone is safe.

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The Process to Activate / Setup eSIM on Airtel

  • The first step is to send an SMS to 121, the eSIM <space> registered email address.
  • If your email address is valid, you will shortly receive a message from 121 to confirm the e-SIM process.
  • You have to reply to this SMS with ‘1’.
  • Now you will get another SMS from 121 to give consent through call.
  • After giving consent you will again receive a message asking for a QR code from 121 which is sent to your registered email id

Process to Activate eSIM on VI

  • First of all, you have to SMS, eSIM <space> registered email address 199.
  • A confirmation message will come shortly if your email address is correct
  • Now reply SMS by ESIMY to confirm
  • You will again receive an SMS asking for consent through a call
  • After giving consent, a message will be sent to your email ID with a QR code

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Process to Activate eSIM on JIO

  • You need to check your device is compatible with Jio eSIM. You can check it from the Jio website.
  • Then, go to phone Settings and then tap on your IMEI and EID number
  • Now send SMS GETESIM <32 Digit EID> <15 Digit IMEI> to 199 to active Jio SIM
  • Then You will get 19 digit eSIM number and your eSIM profile configuration details
  • Now again send an SMS, SIMCHG <19 digit eSIM number> 199 . Feather
  • It will give you an update on eSIM processing after 2 hours
  • 183 after receiving the message. Confirm by sending ‘1’ to
  • Now a call will come on your Jio number asking you to share your 19 digit eSIM number
  • You will soon receive a confirmation message to confirm your new eSIM

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