Is it important to narrate positive stories in PPDT 2024? Step by Step Full Guide

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PPDT or Picture Perception and Description Test is a screening test in Services Selection Board interview. It is the 2nd test of SSB stage 1. It is held on the first day of the SSB discussion and it decides whether you will be able to further continue with the interview or not.

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Is it important to narrate positive stories in PPDT

Yes, it is important to narrate positive stories in PPDT! PPDT is all about telling the good news of God’s work in our world, and we cannot do that if we only focus on the bad news. So every story we tell needs to be a positive one – whether it’s about something that has happened in our ministry or about a person we’re working with. By doing this, we’re sending the message that God is at work in our world, and that everything is going to be okay.

Officer’s Intelligence Ratings, after which the aspirants are issued with chest numbers, which is a method of designating the aspirants throughout the interview. The aspirants are made to sit serially according to their chest numbers. Generally, one single row accommodates twenty aspirants and after the arrangement, the Services Selection Board Interview Board Officers briefs about phase two of SSB Interview Day 1, which is the PPDT.

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Details of narrate positive stories in PPDT in SSB

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What is PPDT?

PPDT or Picture Perception and Description Test is a part of the Services Selection Board interview where the aspirants are shown a blurred picture for 30 seconds.
And next to that, the aspirants are allotted to write a story based on the picture, with details consisting of what has lead to such a condition, what is the current scenario depicted in the picture, and what is the probable situation that is going to overtake the situation.

In addition to the four minutes, a minute extra is provided to the aspirants to pen down the action before starting the story. The works to be done by the aspirants in the extra one minute includes, marking all the characters in the pictures, providing the details of the characters such as age, gender, mood, expression, etc.

Post writing session, the aspirants are divided into a group of 10-18 members based on the strength. Then the aspirants are asked to narrate their story one after the other.

After every aspirants finishes narrating their story, the aspirants are made to sit together for a discussion session where they are instructed to discuss the story that is being reflected from the picture and form a common story.

What can add the basic and most important essentiality to help you screened it?

Try reflecting positive ideas in your conclusion paragraph or make an effort to seek a positive objective or value through your story you write based on the picture.

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Why it is important to narrate positive stories in PPDT?

  • Positivity always helps in winning the awareness of people. It is a great parameter to mark how an individual deals with stress situation, how good reasoning ability you have.
  • With the selection procedure, the Services Selection Board Interviewing board tries to find the right candidate to possess all the OLQ (Officier Like Qualities) and is justified to be a Defence Officer.
  • Picture Perception and Description test actually amplify aspirants with Effective Intelligence, Reasoning Ability, Power of Expression, organizing Ability, Ability to Influence the group, and stamina. These are 6 of the fifteen OLQs.
  • By starting out positivity through your story you demonstrate how beautifully you can imagine and think of better times being in a difficult time, which is a characteristic of great leaders and eminent personalities.
  • If you think in positive ways only then you can change the ambiance around yourself in a well direction.
  • Positive mind in the 1st step to do greater things.
  • If you are positive, you are more eligible for being a defense officer as in the time of tension and seriousness which are common in the Defence Authority, you can keep up the enthusiasm and cheerful environment for your team members, which is very crucial.

What are the qualities the Services Selection Board Interviewing Board looks for in PPDT?

In PPDT, the interviewing Board of Officier especially emphasizes on evaluating the aspirants on the following Qualities:

  • Effective Intelligence
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Power of Expression
  • Organizing Ability
  • Ability to influence the group
  • Stamina

In Picture Presentation and Description Test, the Board members look for the above-presented qualities and the test procedure they have reflects a person’s entire personality emphasizing mostly on the qualities presented earlier.
For any common people, 4 minutes is way too little to think, frame, and construct a story of letters.

Effective mind means the presence of mind or spontaneity. Defense Officers are ought to make decisions spontaneously in several circumstances and which needs a quick response.

When writing a story, you require to frame the reason for yourself as well as for board members. As while you are narrating your story any member of the Interviewing board might raise and question against your perception and perspective, where you might have to reason for what you have written test.

Thus a clear and strong reasoning ability is need to move ahead in the Interview.

The PPDT reflects an candidates Power of Expression wholly. Not only it is about expressing your view or narrating (precisely communicating) ability but also demonstrate the power of expression of thoughts and views.

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What are the necessary things to keep in mind during the PPDT?

  • Positive thinking can be the Key. Try to shape positive stories even though if you check negative pictures. Bringing out the positivity can be beneficial for you to crack the exam.
  • Try to maintain brilliance in the story you write. Do not write any story you have read before or few story based on any movie or theatrical dramas. Keep aspirant story as realistic as possible. So not write irrelevant contents where every things are impractical.
  • Be logical. Try and synchronize the events in your stories in a logical and consecutive order which seems realistic. This return your organizing ability.
  • Be various attentive to what the assessors instruct. Adding extra can actually be a set back to your exam test.
  • Continue neat and clean writing, this ensures clarity of thoughts and a disciplined format of life.
  • Try to end on time and maintain the decorum throughout the interview by acting wisely and avoiding unnecessary works and talks.

How to prepare for PPDT?

Clearing Picture Perception and Description Test and getting screen in is not really an easy task to do. It needs  a lot of practice,
the practice of thinking quickly and effectively,
practice of writing quicker and maintaining a neat writing style,
The practice of narrating fluently with expression and aiming at the clear deposition of thoughts in the public.

Body language plays an essential role when you are delivering your story or narrating in front of the Board members and fellow aspirants. There practicing in front of the mirror can greatly help you to improve this standard.

Avoid beating regard the bush and getting conversations to the point. To convey your entire message in one minute try to sum up your story and form a small gist and present it in the discussion. This can be enhance by practicing summary writings and about for books and framing book reviews for practice sessions.

Reading newspapers can improve your vocabulary and short sentence outstanding ability. Which again can be very beneficial for an Services Selection Board interview.

If you are in school or college take part in group activities and public speaking or cultural activity. This is really advantageous and also helps you in gathering experience on organizing ability and ability to influence others.

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