Pandya Store Timing, Duration, Story, Star Cast, Real Name

Pandya Store – Star Plus TV channel always surprises its viewers with charming TV shows, and, nowadays, viewers are loving the show Pandya Store serial. The unique story and excess of characters have excited the fans to stick to the show. You might be interested to know about your favorite television show. We have rounded up everything for you, from character to its latest story. Keep scrolling. This article provide a detailed information about Pandya Store tv Serial. It Covers many information’s about  Pandya Store tv Serial Cast, Star Plus TV, New Show, 25 Jan 2021, January 2021,  Disney Hotstar App, Telecast Time, Repeat Timing, Episodes, Producer, Director Casting Director, Full Episode News, Serial, television show, tv shows, an upcoming tv show, Casting List, and More.

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Television Serial is a new Indian TV serial that will air on the Star Plus channel from 25 Jan 2021 at 11:00 pm. The serial is the Hindi version of the Tamil serial Pandian Store aired on Star Vijaya. Which audiences will be able to watch in the Hindi language. Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi will be seen in the main character in the Pandya Store serial. This serial is bankrolled under the banner of Sphere Origin whose financers is Sunjoy Wadhwa. The serial Pandya Store will be aired on the Star Plus channel from 25 Jan 2021 at 11 pm. You can also watch this show on Disney Hotstar online Platform. The serial will be aired on Star Plus replacing the serial love story of lockdown. One of the reasons for discontinuing the serial lockdown love story could also be the falling TRP of the serials.

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Details

Genre Family Drama
Created by Shilpa Choubey
Sushil Choubey
Star Cast Shiny Doshi
Kinshuk Mahajan
Kanwar Dhillon
Alice Kaushik
Akshay Kharodia
Simran Budharup
Mohit Parmar
Directed by Pradip Yadav
Arshad Khan
Producers Sunjoy Waddhwa
Commal Sunjoy Waddhwa
Sphere Origins
Distributor Star India
Country India
Channel Star Plus
Category Entertainment
Online Hotstar
Original release 25 January 2021 –

Star Cast And Real Name

Cast Real Name Role
Gautam Pandya Kinshuk Mahajan Dhara’s Husband
Dhara Pandya Shiny Doshi Gautam’s wife
Shiva Pandya Kanwar Dhillon Gautam’s brother
Krish Pandya Mohit Parmar Gautam’s brother
Dev Pandya Akshay Kharodia Gautam’s brother
Young Dev Pandya Jovian Fernandes Gautam’s brother
Young Shiva Pandya Swarnim Gautam’s brother
Young Krish Pandya Harminder Gautam’s brother
Prafulla Pallavi Rao Gautam’smami
Jignesh Mohit Sharma Anita’s father
Suman Kruttika Desai Gautam’s mother
Jagat Narayan KrunalPandit Prafulla’s husband
Darshan Farrukh Saeed Gautam’s father
Anita Shristi Maheswari Gautam’s friend
Saroj Aarti Sharma Anita’s mother
Ravi Alice Kaushik Shiva’s wife
Rishita SimranBudharup Dev’s wife
Keerti Seth ShrutiBisht Rishita’s sister
Janardhan Seth VijhayBadlaani Rishita’s father
Kalyani Seth GeetikaShyam Rishita’s mother

Story Line

The Pandya’s are a Somnath based middle class family. Pandya Store, their favorite store and only source of income, is critical to their everyday lives. Dhara is married to Gautam, the Pandya family’s big brother. Her young in-law brothers see her as their mother. Dhara’s mother-in-law eventually accepts her after a serial of difficulties.

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In the latest episode, all the family persons are going to have ice cream, except Ravi and Shiva in the new car that Rishita got as a gift from Sagar (her boss). All are playing songs and enjoying inside the car. Here, in another scenario, Ravi bribes Krish to go out and enjoy as she wants some extra time with Shiva. Due to some reason in the house, water was leaking, and it appeared like rain. Ravi dances on tip-tip barsa song, Shiva stares at her. Later, he insults her where she has hidden the camera. Ravi gets upset and says he can’t see the true emotion inside her.

The car gets into an accident, and Rishita rebukes Dev that he wasn’t driving well and informs her boss about the accident. Dev and Krish go to a mechanic to get the car repaired. Later, Rishita taunts Dev that he is covetous of her successful life.

The stocks in the Pandya store are damaged, and customers are not coming to their store. Dhara connivance Gautam that the customer will come again.


Show Name Pandya Store
Channel Star Plus
Genre Fictional
Started on 25th January 2021
Telecast time Monday-Friday, 7:30 pm
Repeat Telecast Monday-Friday, 10 am

How Can I Watch Pandya Store?

This Show airs on Star Plus channel on television and its online platform is Hotstar:

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