LIC Policy Status 2022 LIC Jeevan Umang Policy Status Via SMS, Web Portal

LIC Policy Status 2022 – Why be unaware and pay the extra money, as there is not just one way to check LIC policy status online or offline, but many you can check insurance policy status not only through text message, But you can also see the maturity date. , Premium Due Dates, Bonus Deposits and more with LIC India Help SMS, and more, there are many ways to do this, and the key ones are which is more convenient than anywhere, just by a text message, just check below syntax and process. In many cases, life insurance policyholders are concerned about the status of their LIC India policy and its status check mode because when such people go to renew their expired life insurance policy, they feel disheartened to know That they have to pay extra charges even when the process of checking policy status online is very easy.

LIC Policy Status Check

Payment of premium is usually an annual affair. This makes it easier to miss deadlines and lead to further forgetting. Though insurance companies have the provision to deposit monthly, quarterly and annual premiums, most custodians opt for the annual premium plan. Hence, the shortfall of even a single premium can lead to the termination of the policy. Busy schedules, unavailability of funds, expired and lost credit or debit cards. Even loss of policy papers is one of the other reasons that result in termination of insurance policies. Hence checking your insurance policy should be a regular practice. It’s always a good idea to make it a habit to organize your affairs.LIC Policy Status

The insurance sector in India provides billions in cover to the working class. LIC policies are not only supposed to be a buffer for uncertainty; They are kept as a means of saving. Some policies also offer tax exemptions. It is common for policy papers to be lost. Keeping documents ready at all times would undoubtedly be too much to ask of senior citizens or those working near retirement. Also, it is easy to get various updates and information on your registered phone number and email address. For LIC’s digital portal, only one user ID and one password are required. Customers can simply log in and find all the information they need.

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LIC Jeevan Umang – Policy Status

Life Insurance Corporation has recently launched Jeevan Umang. This is a non-linked policy. This means that the money is not invested in the stock market. It involves less risk. Still, it guarantees better returns. The policyholder takes part in the profits earned by LIC till the date of maturity. The corporation decides the percentage of profits to be shared with the policyholder. Jeevan Umang policy is a whole life LIC policy. The death benefit is assured even on the death of the insured during the term.

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LIC Policy Status by SMS

  • Open your mobile to send SMS
  • Click on Compose SMS
  • 9222492224 or 56767877 send over
  • If your mobile number is not registered then you will get the live status of LIC policy via quick reply short message or error message

Steps to Check LIC Policy Status

If death occurs during the first five years then the entire amount is also payable. After five policy years, Sum Assured on death is payable even if the policy has not matured. LIC promises to pay a surrender value if the premiums are paid regularly for 3 years or more, and the policy is surrendered. Surrender value can be guaranteed surrender value or special surrender value. Survival Benefit is provided if the Life Assured survives the premium paying term. It is 8% of ‘Basic Sum Assured’. It continues till the Life Assured survives or till the beginning of the last year of maturity of the policy.

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For Registered Users:

  • Visit the e-Sewa LIC Policy Website Portal.
  • On the homepage, the screen will show two options:
  • New User and Registered User.
  • Enter the Register option and proceed to key in your credentials such as User ID and Password.
  • After logging in to the LIC Account page, you will get various policy options, click on the Policy Status button.
  • The page will show all relevant policy accounts; The user has the option to add a policy that is not listed in the account.
  • Click on the Tab Enroll Policy Using LIC E-Service Tools.
  • Check the status of the policy by clicking on the policy number from the list.
  • Details like Policy Name, Policy Term, Table Number, Premium Date, and Total Sum Assured will appear on the screen.

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For New User:

  • Go to the official website page and on the homepage select the tab Online Services tab.
  • Click on the e-Seva Official link, which will take you to a new page indicating you as a new user.
  • On selecting the New User tab, a new page will open, here enter the correct details about your policy.
  • The policy number should be in your name and should be valid as per LIC policies.
  • All installment premium amounts are paid every month.
  • Your date of birth is in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Registered mobile number to help you receive policy alerts like payment, policy maturity period, etc.
  • Registered email address.
  • Double-check all the details, and if correct, select the proceed button.
  • Note that the system will automatically remove invalid information within five working days.
  • Now select User ID and Password confirm and click on submit button.
  • With the details, the new user can log in to the policy account for status checks and other insurance activities.

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