You Can’t Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents: The first superheroes in our life are our parents, who always watch out for us. We love them unconditionally, and we want to make them as comfortable as we can, so that they can smile. Even if one day a year is never enough to properly communicate the love and gratitude we have for them, Parents’ Day is surely a time when we may at least partially express our respect and care for them.

Let me make a modest suggestion as you consider what to present them this year: provide them with health insurance. It will enhance their worth, give them financial security, and help them when they are in need. So this year, look outside the box and buy them a present that both enhances their lives and accurately captures their distinct characteristics.

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

Many of us frequently think about practical gifts like health insurance when it comes to expressing our love and concern for our parents. Health insurance is unquestionably important, but there are also moments when we want to show our love and gratitude in a more intimate and heartfelt way. This article discusses heartfelt and considerate gift suggestions that go above and beyond health insurance to make your parents feel truly appreciated and valued.

Health insurance is unquestionably crucial and useful, but it might not be the most interesting or unique gift option. Instead, think about choosing an item that relates to their passions, pastimes, or priceless memories. There are numerous ways to express your love and gratitude for your parents that go beyond simply meeting their medical needs, whether it’s a personalised photo album full of family photos, a weekend getaway to their preferred location, or a cooking class to help them explore their culinary passions.

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Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents Overview

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Adequacy of the sum insured

Adequacy of the sum insured – My first piece of advice is to take inflation into account when choosing the sum insured, since what is adequate today may not be adequate tomorrow. A sizable insured sum will ensure that your parents’ years of savings won’t be wiped out by unanticipated medical costs and that they have appropriate coverage in case of an emergency. Furthermore, it is sense to choose a large insured value because our parents are getting older and more susceptible to health issues.

Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing ailments, or pre-existing illnesses or problems, are generally those that present at the time of purchasing health insurance. Include ailments like diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, and so forth. There are one to four year pre-existing condition waiting periods for health insurance coverage. Do your research to understand the waiting periods for these pre-existing conditions before choosing a plan. You’ll be better able to comprehend the coverage.

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Numerous insurance plans include a sub-limit that only applies to particular procedures. As an illustration, the policy may establish a sub-limit of Rs 50,000 for a procedure for sickness “A” despite the insurance value insured being Rs 10,000. This will limit the insurer’s responsibility to Rs 50,000 in the event that the insured person undergoes surgery for ailment “A”. Be aware of the sub-limits for these criteria in the policies to prevent unpleasant surprises later.

While health insurance is unquestionably crucial. It’s also wonderful to look outside the box and purchase something that will actually make them happy. Think about their pastimes and interests when purchasing gifts. Such as a cooking lesson for foodies. A spa day for some relaxation, or concert tickets for music fans. Additionally, you can choose personalised presents that express how much you care. Such a unique photo book or a touching handwritten letter. The important thing is to select something that celebrates their uniqueness and makes them happy.

Co-pay clause

The portion of the claim that is the insured’s responsibility is known as co-payment. For instance, if your policy has a 25% co-pay. You would be liable for paying 25,000 rupees out of the 100,000 rupee maximum claimable amount. The remaining 75,000 rupees would subsequently covered by the insurer.

A personalised photo album loaded with memories or a passionate letter expressing your love and appreciation are both examples of more emotive gifts that you might choose from. You may make a special and lasting gesture that will make your parents happy for years to come by thinking outside the box and selecting a present that accurately captures their hobbies and personalities.

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Pre & post-hospitalisation coverage

A patient must undergo a number of diagnostic procedures before being admitted to the hospital so that doctors can thoroughly grasp their medical condition. These expenses could include, among other things, the cost of blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Costs incurred following the patient’s discharge from the hospital are referred to as post-hospitalization costs. Prescription medications, ongoing medical care, and tests to monitor your rehabilitation are all included in these post-discharge charges. An insurance that covers both pre- and post-hospitalization is referred to as broad insurance. Costs associated with post-hospitalization are on the rise, especially as people age, necessitating a larger policy that will offer complete financial security when necessary.


Health insurance is obviously crucial, but giving your parents thoughtful, personalised gifts can also be a meaningful way to show them that you care about them. The gift suggestions listed above provide you a chance to honour the unique relationship you have with your parents and generate enduring memories that they will treasure for years to come. The finest gift is one that demonstrates how well you know the recipient. I value their support and love, and I wish to improve their quality of life.

There are numerous meaningful gifts that may be given to your parents that go above and beyond a health insurance policy to express your gratitude. Health insurance is unquestionably crucial, but it might not make the most memorable or unique present. Instead, think about getting them something memorable like concert tickets for their favourite band or a weekend getaway to their preferred location.

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