Bekal Fort Kerala All you need to Know In 2023

Bekal Fort – The massive Bekal Fort can be found approximately 16 kilometers to the south of Kasaragod, Kerala’s northernmost district. It is among the greatest posts in Kerala and has been faultlessly kept up with consistently. It is on a 35-kilometer headland and rises 130 feet above sea level. The Bekal Fort Beach is a beautiful beach that has been develop with a lot of effort. These locations attract a large number of visitors. The fort has an impressive view from the beach because it is comfortably perch on steep hills by the sea. Constructed utilizing laterite pieces and with a polygonal shape, it is among the most visited locales in Kerala.

The enormous Bekal Fort is located around 16 kilometers south of Kerala’s northernmost district, Kasaragod. It is Kerala’s biggest fort and has been kept in immaculate condition throughout the years. It is located on a 35-kilometer headland that ascends to 130 feet above sea level. The Bekal Fort Beach has received a lot of attention from the developers. These areas attract a lot of people. The fort provides a commanding vista from the beach, which is situated securely on steep slopes by the sea. It is one of Kerala’s most popular tourist attractions, constructed of laterite slabs and with a polygonal form.

Bekal Fort

The site’s popularity has increased due to a variety of factors. The Anjaneya Temple, with its renowned masonry and two Theyyam sculptures made of laterite, are among the primary attractions. The observation tower has beautiful peepholes. Additionally significant locations in the area include a number of underground passageways and an ancient mosque constructed by Tipu Sultan. The parking area has a laterite rock garden that is a work of art in and of itself. On the beach, trees have been planted and a beautiful walkway has been built, making it easier to walk along the beach and take in the sights. Special lights illuminate the entire area at night, elevating its beauty to a whole new level.

The site’s popularity is due to a number of factors. Among the main sights are the Anjaneya Temple, which has stunning peepholes; two Theyyam sculptures made of laterite; and an observation tower with stunning peepholes. Other notable sites in the neighborhood include an old mosque constructed by Tipu Sultan and numerous underground tunnels. In the parking area, a rock garden was constructed using laterite, which is a architectural marvel in itself.


Bekal Fort Kerala All you need to Know In 2023

Bekal Fort Details

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Kasaragod is surrounded by a stunning beach and boasts the largest and best-preserved Fort in Kerala. The historic Bekal Fort was built in the 17th century and is shaped like a huge keyhole. From its tall observation towers, which were occupied by enormous cannons up until a few centuries ago, this historic landmark provides an excellent view of the Arabian Sea.

An old mosque that is said to have been constructed by Tipu Sultan of Mysore is located close to the Fort. The Fort was initially built by the Kadampa Dynasty’s rulers, but it was later owned by the British East India Company, Tipu Sultan, the Kolathiri Rajas, and the Vijayanagara Empire.


Because it served as the stronghold of numerous kings, sultans, and the British, Bekal Fort has a long history. While King Shivappa Nayak is said to have built the fort, there are several other theories about how it was built. As such forts were built in the past for defense purposes, it is believed that Bekal Fort existed under the Chirakkal or Kolathiri Rajas. King Shivappa Nayak of Bednore rebuilt it after an invasion. In addition, it is said that the Nayaks strengthened the fort by bringing the Koteyar/Ramakshatriya community to Bekal and other locations in the Kasaragod district.

The Nayaks and Kolathiries waged a prolonged struggle for control of the region. However, when Hyder Ali, the Sultan of Mysore, captured Bekal in 1763, this conflict came to an end. During Tipu Sultan’s expedition to seize Malabar, the army and the fort served as an important military base. However, the British East India Company acquired the fort after Tipu Sultan’s death in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799. Bekal Fort was also where the British conducted their military and administrative operations. The State Reorganisation Act of 1956 established Kasaragod as a part of Kerala.


Bekal Fort covers 40 acres and stands at an impressive 130 feet above sea level. Since it does not contain any palaces or mansions, this impressive keyhole-shaped structure was primarily constructed for defense purposes. The impressive defense strategy that the previous rulers employed is exemplified by the zigzag entrance, 12-meter-tall walls, strategically planned openings on the outer walls, and trenches all around the fort’s entire area.

The Observation Tower with its peepholes serves as the fort’s focal point. Again for defense purposes, Tipu Sultan constructed the tower. A mosque, a water tank, and a temple to Lord Hanuman are also located in the fort.

The impressive use of defense technology is a standout feature of the fort’s architecture. In order to defend the fort against naval attacks, the peepholes on the outer walls were brilliantly designed. The enemies who were farther away could be shot through the holes in the top, the enemies who were closer to the fort could be shot through the holes in the middle, and the enemies who were closer to the fort could be shot through the holes in the bottom. The fort’s structure includes a sea bastion and underground tunnels as well.

Bekal Fort Kerala All you need to Know In 2023

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Things to See at Bekal Fort

  • Anjaneya Temple: The entrance of the fort has a temple dedicate to Lord Hanuman. The shrine is believe to be as old as the Bekal fort itself. It was renovate recently and is a major attraction among tourists and devotees.
  • Mosque: You can also see a mosque build by Tipu Sultan just outside Bekal Fort.
  • Observation Tower: The tower is situate in the middle of the Bekal fort and can be reach by climbing a flight of stairs. That it has a height of 30 feet and a circumference of about 80 feet. The tower offers amazing views of the rocky shoreline of the Arabian Sea and the green landscape on the other side of the tower.
  • Underground passages: The Bekal fort also features many underground tunnels leading to the outside from different directions. Two of these underground passages are still intacts.
  • Sea bastion: The sea bastion on the rocky projection of the fort offers stunning views of the beach and the Arabian Sea in Sea Bastion.
  • Sunset: The fort is a popular vantage point for enjoying clear views of the sunset in this fort.

How to Reach Bekal Fort?

The town is very much associated via air, rail and street, so you can pick a reasonable method of transportation to arrive at Bekal. The fort is 71 kilometers away from Mangaluru International Airport if you are taking a flight. Bekal has a train station, but it is not very well connected. Therefore, it is preferable to hire a taxi from either the Kanhagad (9 km) or Kasaragod (18 km) railway stations to cover the distance. Since Bekal is well-connected by road, you can also get to the fort from nearby cities and towns by private vehicle, taxi, or bus.

Lesser-Known Facts about Bekal Fort

Here are a few interesting things that it not many know about Bekal Fort:

  • Unlike most other forts in India, Bekal Fort has no remains of mansions, palaces or any other like buildings. This implies that it the fort was built solely for defence.
  • The fort was build as a defence post to avert threats and attacks from the sea of.
  • The fort also has a magazine room with weapons and ammunitions. However, it is close to the public.

Nearby attractions

From sun-kiss beaches and delightful backwaters to majestic forts and temples nearby, Bekal is home to various tourist hotspots. Some must-visit attractions near the Bekal fort are:

  • Bekal Fort Beach (120 m)
  • Bekal Beach (1 km)
  • Bekal Beach Park (1 km)
  • Pallikare Beach (2 km)
  • Trikkannad Tryambakeshwara Temple (3 km)
  • Kottappara Monsoon Waterfalls (5 km)
  • Sree Madiyan Kolam Kshethrapalaka Temple (8 km)
  • Kanhangad Beach (10 km)
  • Chandragiri Fort (10 km)
  • Hosdurg Fort (12 km)
  • Chembirika Beach (14 km)

Bekal has a lot more to offer than just beaches and landmarks to explore. On the off chance that you are a foodie, you should attempt the neighborhood cafés in Bekal. Puttu, Idiyappam, Iddali, fried bananas, Payasam, and Toddy are among the town’s most popular dishes. For tourists looking for local goods and souvenirs, Bekal shopping is another fun option. Handicrafts, wood carvings, and coconut products are the town’s trademarks.

Bekal Fort is a must-see because it has a glorious past and stands tall. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you explore the massive fort and picturesque surroundings. When planning a trip to Bekal, make sure to book your train or flight tickets and hotel rooms well in advance to avoid issues down the road. This way, you can easily select a hotel in Bekal that meets your preferences and budget from a variety of options.


It was a significant military station for Tipu King when he drove a tactical endeavor to catch Malabar. The coins and other artifacts that were discovered during archaeological excavations at Bekal fort point to a significant presence of Mysore Sultans. In 1799, Mysorean rule was ended by Tipu Sultan’s death during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War. In contrast to other forts in the country, Bekal Fort contains no palace remains. It was probably built to keep enemies out of the palace. Visiting Bekal Stronghold is useful to find out about the archaic safeguard innovation. During Tipu Sultan’s expedition to seize Malabar, Bekal Fort served as an important military base.Near his fort, there is an old mosque that the Tipu Sultan of Mysore is said to have built. This fort was also used by the British for administrative and defense purposes.

These days, Bekal Fort and its breathtaking surroundings are becoming increasingly popular tourist destinations worldwide. Additionally, it is a preferred location for many filmmakers to shoot in.From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., this monument is open daily. This well-kept fort can be reached by train from Kasargod, which is about 16 kilometers away.

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