Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2024

 Panhala Fort – Panhalgad, Panhalla, and Panalla are other names for one of Maharashtra’s well-known forts. The literal translation is “the house of the serpents.”The base of this fort is 20 kilometers northwest of Panhala in Maharashtra, India. The fort conveys both the grand reign of Shivaji Maharaj and the ancient Indian heritage. The fort is strategically located in the Sahyadri mountain range so that it can assist in maintaining watch over the pass. One of the most important trade routes from Bijapur to the coast is via this pass.

Over the years, the fort has been the scene of numerous conflicts and wars between the Mughals, Marathas, and the East India Company because of its strategic location. This is the well-known fort where the depicted Tarabai spent her early years. A significant portion of the fort’s interiors have been preserved in their original condition. One of the essential stops on any Maharashtra tour is the fort, which is a popular tourist destination.

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Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort is the largest fort in the Deccan region and was strategically built to be close to Kolhapur. Through Bijapur, it connects Maharashtra to the Arabian Sea, and it will amaze those who enjoy learning about history and geography. The Indo-Islamic architecture adds to the Fort’s collection of motifs, bastions, and other remnants from various dynasties.

You can see the Maratha empire’s glorious past and get a 360-degree view from the hilltop from this location. Thus, add this structure in your agenda of touring places in Kolhapur and make the outing significantly more awesome.

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Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

Panhala Fort Details

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Between 1178 and 1209 CE, construction began on the Panhala fort. It is one of the 15 forts that Shilahara built during the time of Bhoja II, along with the forts of Vishalgad, Bavda, Satara, and Bhudargad. Copper plates show that Panhala was ruled by Bhoja II between 1191 and 1192 CE.Raja Bhoja was defeated by Singhana, the most powerful monarch of the Devagiri Yavadas, in 1209-10. The Yavadas acquired the fort shortly after.

The fort then passed to a variety of rulers.Shivaji Maharaj finally took control of Panhala in 1659 after the general of Bijapur, Afzal Khan, died. Adil Shah II sent troops to Panhala in 1660 to seize the fort and seize it from Shivaji Maharaj. Then came a bloody battle. Shivaji had finally exhausted all of his resources and was close to being taken by the enemies. As a result, Shivaji had to run.Anyway in the year 1673 Shivaji Maharaj involved the stronghold for all time.

Sajja Kothi

Sajja Kothi build by the Mohammedans in 1008 AD, Sajja Kothi literally means ‘Punishment Cell’, it is a 2 storied building offering a panoramic view of the Warana valley below. That is here that Shivaji had imprisoned his son, Sambhaji for his errant ways.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

Ambar Khana

The Ambar Khana is made up of three buildings: Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati. Raja Bhoj II built them. The Ganga Kothi is the biggest among them and it covers an area of around 950 sq.m and stands 10.7 m tall. Because the region’s soil was unsuitable for agriculture, the rulers needed to build the Ambar Khana so they could stockpile enough food for their armies during a siege.Grain can be stored in the granaries for up to 25,000 khandis. An underground mint and an armory are also part of the complex. Simply near this intricate stands a little Shiva sanctuary which has an exceptional linga, which changes its tone as indicated by the temperature.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

Sunset point

Sunset point is located on the northern end of the Panhala fort, from this point one can see stunning views of the rays of the setting sun strike against the western walls of the near fort.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

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Botanical Gardens

The Panhala forest department is in charge of maintaining the botanical gardens at Panhala fort. The park gives its visitors a chance to cool off with a stroll through its expansive lawns, lush vegetation, and tall trees. The garden is also a popular spot for picnics thanks to the food stalls, boat rides, and horseback riding. Tourists can unwind and unwind in peace thanks to the tranquil gardens on the Mund riverbank.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

Jyotiba Temple

In the Panhala range, the Jyotiba temple is on a hilltop at a height of 3124 feet. Jyotiba (Dattatreya) is the god of the temple, which is located approximately 14 kilometers to the north-west of Kolhapur. During the months of Chaithra and Vaishakh, this temple hosts a festival on the full moon night that draws devotees from all over India.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza, or three gates, were constructed during Adil Shahi’s reign. The gates were designe to open at an awkward angle, entangling the enemy troops in the inner courtyard and making it impossible for them to enter the fort. However, British troops eventually gain access to the fort through these gates in 1844 and took possession of the Panhala fort.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur, History, How to reach All you need to know In 2023

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Nayakini Sajja

The Marathas’ intelligent warfare tactic to deceive their adversaries is demonstrated in the Nayakini Sajja. To conceal a deep ravine in between, the Nayakini Sajja has been strategically placed at one of the fort’s corners. The adversary would climb over the fort’s fictitious corner whenever they launched an attack from this location, falling into the deep ravine below.

Thing to do around the Panhala

Within the fort, there are numerous places to visit. The internal features of the fortification and bastions, the hidden well known as the Andhar Bavadi, the Kalavanticha Mahal, which was the residence of the ladies in the early days, the Ambarkhana, also known as the central granary, Dharma Kothi, which is the additional granary, and Sajja Kothi are some of the most popular spots for sightseeing. In addition, the Teen Darwaza, Wagh Darwaza, and Rajdindi Bastion—a hidden exit from the fort in an emergency—as well as the templates constructed in Mahakali’s honor can be visited.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees for getting into this Panhala fort.

Best time to visit

There is no as such best time to visit the Panhala Fort. However the monsoons are a it time when a visit to the fort should be avoid for obvious reasons pertaining to the aspects of convenience. The winters are probably the best time to visit the fort.

Timing and Days

The fort is open on all the weekdays. The visitors are encourage to visit the fort during the daytime in. This shall ensure that it they get a proper look of the place and also can move about the place in safety purpose. That is one of the ideal places of tourism if you are on a weekend family holiday.


This location is a well-known and popular hill station at the moment. The Fort of Panhala has been Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s residence for many of his life’s days. This fort has seen the rise and fall of several rulers and their dynasties. India’s Kolhapur District is in Maharashtra. It is well worth a trip because it has many popular attractions, like Panhala Fort. In India, Panhala is a city in Maharashtra. It has numerous famous attractions, including Panhala Stronghold, making it certainly worth a visit. After the great Bijapur General Afzal Khan passed away in 1659, the great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji took control of the fort. Adil Shah II, on the other hand, sent Siddi Johar’s army to win it back. One of the most well-known events in Maratha history occurred after the siege, which lasted for more than four months.

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