Maldives Election 2023 Result – Who will become the President?

Maldives Election 2023- Maldives Political decision 2023 Result is probably going to be out on 28th September, on the grounds that no champ is yet proclaimed for the survey that occurred on 09th September, in light of the fact that no handled up-and-comer get over half votes, a complete number of 219,498 legitimate votes enlisted, out of which, Mohamed Muizzu, who is individual from Moderate Party of Maldives and Individuals’ Public Congress got 101,100 votes, which is 46.06% of aggregate, to get familiar with the 2023 Maldivian official political decision, remain tuned.

Official races in the Maldives appeared to be ready for a spillover round, after the two top competitors neglected to get more than half of the decision on Saturday. The authority aftereffects of the main round are because of be out on Sunday. In any case, fundamental Result showed occupant President Ibrahim Solih limping along his principal rival Mohamed Muiz, with the previous getting some 40% of the vote, rather than 46% for the last option. The country’s Decisions Bonus had booked a run off between the initial two competitors on September 30.

Maldives Election 2023

Maldivian official political decision for first round is as of now hung on 09th September 2023, result for which is now announced, however no president is chosen at this point, since none of the up-and-comers got more the half votes, to be chosen as president after the survey, it is obligatory that one should get in some measure the greater part of absolute democratic turnout. To choose the president the second round of surveying is good to go to happen on 29th September 2023 and the Result will be proclaimed for example the leader of Maldives will be chosen, who will have gotten over half votes.

Coming in at third with 7% of the vote was Ilyas Labeeb, previously a lawmaker with Solih’s MDP. Labeeb is the competitor of The leftists, a party established by previous President Mohamed Nasheed, who dropped out with Solih in the wake of losing a sharply challenged official essential recently. ” Nasheed seems to be the greatest victor in the present result, raising himself to the situation with kingmaker,” said Ahmed Shaheed, a previous Maldives unfamiliar priest and teacher of worldwide common liberties regulation at the College of Essex in the Unified Realm.

Maldives Election

Maldives Election 2023 Overview

Article Title Maldives Election 2023
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Years 2023
Elections  Date  9 September

Maldivian Presidential Election 2023 Results Date

Result for the 2023 Maldivian official political decision hung on 09th September is as of now unveiled, current Leader of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who has a place with Maldivian Progressive faction got just 85,809 votes, which is 39.09% of aggregate. In the last official political race, which was hung on 23rd September 2018, he got 134,705 votes, which was 58.38% of aggregate. The second round political decision date is as of now reported, and it will happen on 29th September, on the off chance that Ibrahim Mohamed Solih can get over half of the vote, the person in question will be again chosen as Leader of Maldives.

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Maldives Election 2023 Result

You might look at classified information to check the Result for the official political decision hung on 09 September 2023.

Candidate  Running Mate Party 09th September 2023
Votes  Percentage 
Mohamed Muizzu Hussain Mohamed Latheef Progressive Party of Maldives 101,100 46.06
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Mohamed Aslam Maldivian Democratic Party 85,809 39.09
Ilyas Labeeb Hussain Amr The Democrats 15,453 7.04
Umar Naseer Maaz Saleem Independent 6,348 2.89
Qasim Ibrahim Ameen Ibrahim Jumhooree Party 5,535 2.52
Ahmed Faris Maumoon Abdul Sattar Yoosuf Independent 3,004 1.37
Mohamed Nazim Ahmed Adheel Naseer Maldives National Party 1,892 0.86
Hassan Zameel Mariyam Aleem Independent 357 0.16
Total  219,498 100.00

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Maldives Presidential Election 2023 Candidates

In Maldives, one can be chosen as President just for twice, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has previously finished the initial five effective years, in the event that he wins the 2023 official political decision, he can serve his country for the second and last time as President. In the official political race second round, same as the primary cycle, eight applicants will take part and the person who will get to some extent over half votes to add up to turnout will be chosen as President, know the name of the competitor and part from underneath.

Candidate Party 
Ilyas Labeeb The Democrats
Mohamed Muizzu People’s National Congress
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Maldivian Democratic Party
Mohamed Nazim Maldives National Party
Qasim Ibrahim Jumhooree Party
Hassan Zameel Independent
Ahmed Faris Maumoon Independent
Umar Naseer Independent

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Where to check the Maldives Election Results 2023?

After the democratic turnout on 29th September 2023, every single individual will actually want to check the Result by visiting the authority site of Maldives Political decision Commission, which is open just at To check the votes count and rate, one needs to visit the authority site of Maldives Political decision Commission and explore to the Result page.

With a high voter turnout and intense competition between candidates, the election has showcased the growing democratic spirit in the Maldives. The people of Maldives have exercised their right to choose their leaders and have shown an active interest in shaping the future of their nation. The election results have brought about a change in leadership, signaling a new era for the Maldives. As the country moves forward, it is important to recognize the significance of this election in strengthening democracy and promoting political stability in the region.


The recent Maldives election has been a significant moment in the country’s political history. After years of political turmoil and unrest, this election marked a turning point for democracy in the Maldives. With a high voter turnout and a peaceful transition of power, the election demonstrated that the people of Maldives are eager for change and are committed to shaping their own future.

The victorious candidate has promised to prioritize economic development, social welfare, and environmental conservation, signaling a new era of progress and stability for the Maldivian people. As the nation looks ahead to the future, there is a renewed sense of hope and optimism among its citizens. The Maldives election serves as an inspiring example for other countries striving for democracy and showcases the power of peaceful elections in bringing about positive change.

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