LIC E- Term Plan 2043 Benefits, Feature, Details, Reviews

LIC E- Term Plan 2024 – The groundwork of LIC was laid over a long time back, and till date, it has been a trailblazer in the Indian protection industry. It isn’t the very most established insurance agency in India yet additionally the most endowed. With a huge number of Indians related with LIC, there are various plans that take special care of the various requirements of individuals from various layers of society.

As the name recommends, the arrangement is an ‘online’ plan which is accessible just through the web and there is no contribution of middle people. This web-based term confirmation strategy, is a standard top notch, a non-partaking plan that offers monetary security to the policyholder’s friends and family, on the off chance that something happens to him.

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LIC E- Term Plan 2024

LIC’s New Tech-Term is a Non-Connected, Non-taking an interest, Individual, Unadulterated Endanger Premium Life coverage Plan. This Web-based plan gives monetary assurance to the protected family in the event of his/her awful demise during the approach term. This plan will be accessible Web-based just straightforwardly through the site. In the event that this rider is settled on, in the event of unplanned demise, the Mishap Advantage Rider Total Guaranteed will be payable as lumpsum alongside the passing advantage under the base arrangement. The exceptional under this Rider will not surpass 100 percent of the superior under the Base arrangement. The Unintentional Advantage Total Guaranteed will not surpass the Fundamental Aggregate Guaranteed under the approach.

Looking to save money on your LIC insurance? Check out our latest e-term plan! This plan offers a low premium rate, and the added convenience of online payments makes it easy to get started. Plus, you can cancel or change your plan at any time, so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck with a bill you can’t afford. Don’t wait – start saving today!

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LIC E- Term Plan 2023

LIC E- Term Plan 2024 Details

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Features of LIC’s e-Term Plan

LIC offers an e-Term plan that allows you to pay your loan installments online. This makes it easy and convenient for you to get your loan paid off as quickly as possible. Plus, the e-Term plan offers a number of other benefits, such as direct debit and online access to your loan information. If you’re interested in learning more about LIC’s e-Term plan, or any of their other loan products, feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

The key features of LIC’s e-Term are as follows:

  • Demise Advantage
    In the event that the existence protected kicks the bucket inside the arrangement residency, the aggregate guaranteed would be paid to the candidate as the Demise Advantage and the strategy would be ended.
    Demise Advantage inside the approach residency = Total Guaranteed
  • Development Advantage
    Since this is an unadulterated term plan, there is no development or endurance benefit in this arrangement. Accordingly, assuming that the existence guaranteed outlasts the whole approach residency, nothing would be payable to the policyholder toward the finish of the arrangement residency.
  • Tax reductions
    Like other LIC Arrangements, the charges paid under LIC’s e-Term are absolved from charges under Segment 80C till INR 1.5 lakhs per annum. The Passing Advantage got by the candidate is additionally tax-exempt under Segment 10 (10D).
    Premium Installment
    Installment of charges must be done every year and by means of online installment.

Eligibility and Restrictions in LIC’s e-Term Plan

It’s that time of year again – your license is about to expire and you’re scrambling to come up with a plan. But before you can even start thinking about renewing, you need to know whether or not you’re eligible. And if you’re not eligible, what restrictions might apply? In this article, we’ll take a look at the eligibility criteria for LIC’s e-term plan, as well as the restrictions that may apply. So whether you’re looking to renew or switch plans, read on to find out everything you need to know!

Minimum Sum Assured Aggregate CategoryINR 25 lakh
Minimum Sum Assured Non-Smoker CategoryINR 50 Lakh
Maximum Sum AssuredNo limit
Minimum Age of Entry18 years
Maximum Age of Entry60 years
Maximum Cover Ceasing Policy75 years
Minimum Policy Term10 years
Maximum Policy Term35 years
Eligible LifeOnly own life can be proposed in this plan

Non-Smoker Rates
The non-smoker rates are material to strategies with a base total guaranteed of INR 50 lakhs or more and to the people who don’t smoke or consume tobacco in any structure. Till INR 49 lakhs of total guaranteed, the total rate would be relevant to everybody.

The other qualifying criteria are as follows

  • The candidate must be an Indian Occupant, dwelling in India.
  • NRI’s are additionally qualified to purchase the arrangement, relying on the prerequisite that they are living in any of the reasonable nations as it were.
  • The candidate ought to have procured pay or ought to acquire. Furthermore, the pay ought to be sufficient to cover the yearly insurance installment.
  • A candidate isn’t permitted to propose for anybody yet himself.
  • This is a web-based plan without any delegates and subsequently must be bought and reestablished online as it were.
  • There is a differential pace of premium for smokers and non-smokers in this arrangement.

Important Things to know about LIC’s eTerm Plan

Looking for an affordable and reliable way to store your legal documents? Look no further than LIC’s eTerm plan! This plan features automatic backup and retrieval of your documents, so you can be sure that your data is always safe. Plus, it comes with a suite of other features, like eDiscovery support and online case filing. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to store your legal documents, LIC’s eTerm plan is the perfect solution for you.

This plan can be purchased just on the web and isn’t accessible with dealers, wholesalers and LIC specialists or some other go-betweens.

Pure Term Plan

This is a customary term plan, where the safeguarded individual pays a predefined premium sum consistently for a pre-chosen residency.

  • In the event that he terminates during this residency, the candidate of the arrangement will get the passing advantage and no further superior will be paid. The arrangement would in this way be ended.
  • In the event that the individual endures the term, meaning he doesn’t pass on during this period, the approach will lapse on the pre-concluded date and the individual or the chosen one won’t get any cash.

Differential Premium

Under LIC’s e-Term plan, there are 2 sections of premium rates

  • Aggregate Lives
    This classification is for the people who have chosen an aggregate guaranteed up to INR 49 lakhs.
  • Non-Smoker Lives
    Here, the aggregate guaranteed is above INR 50 lakh. There is likewise an alternate pace of premium for the non-smoker classification. Regardless of whether the candidate falls under this classification is explored through the Urinary Cotinine Test.

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Grace Period

The time furthest reaches that LIC awards to the policyholder far beyond the due date of premium installment, without charging any late expense, is known as the elegance period. Under LIC’s e-Term there is a beauty time of 30 days. On the off chance that the policyholder doesn’t clear his duty during this time, the arrangement will fall flat or pass.


Alongside Administration Expense, different duties are relevant according to the Assessment Regulation. Charges according to the ongoing rates are required on the superior sum and furthermore extremely premium sum in the event that there is any.

Free Look/Cooling-Off Period

A time of thirty days is given to the candidate to decide on the arrangement that he has purchased. On the off chance that on the off chance that he isn’t completely happy with the details of the strategy he can return the approach to LIC in no less than 30 days of the buy. The policyholder needs to express the reasons of complaint. The cash is discounted once the conventions are finished with.

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Section 45 of the Insurance Act, 1938

According to Area 45 of the Insurance Act, following 2 years of the contract becoming dynamic, it can’t be brought being referred to. In less difficult words, the insurance agency has 2 years to turn down a demise guarantee in the event that it can demonstrate that the case was bad.

  • Surrender Benefits
    There is no acquiescence esteem amassed so there are no acquiescence benefits under the e-Term Plan.
  • No Provision of Loan
    Under LIC’s e-Term, the policyholder has no arrangement to take a credit against the arrangement.


  • Under LIC’s e-Term the strategy will be viewed as invalid if the guaranteed individual, whether normal or crazy ends it all in something like 1 year of buying or restoration of the arrangement. The Enterprise won’t serve any case other than 80% of the sum paid through expenses assuming the approach is in force.
    No keyman plan/Association Protection or Boss Worker plan can be proposed in this arrangement.

How to buy LIC’s e-Term Plan?

Buying the plan online is very easy and completely hassle-free. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the authority site to purchase LIC’s e-Term Official Page and go to ‘Purchase On the web’.
  • You presently need to choose and present the aggregate guaranteed you wish for and the approach term. The approach term is the quantity of years you wish the strategy to proceed. The arrangement term must be chosen between 10 to 35 years.
  • You want to enter your essential subtleties like name, orientation, age and so on. Kindly guarantee that the subtleties that you submit are totally right and filled cautiously.
  • There will the Top notch Adding machine that would help you in computing the yearly superior that you would pay. The sum is straightforwardly impacted by factors like your age, way of life propensities, term, orientation, total guaranteed and so forth. The base total guaranteed for Total Classification is INR 25 lakhs and for the Non-Smoker Class, the base aggregate guaranteed is INR 50 lakhs.
  • Look at the changed perspectives and select the terms that suit you the most.
  • Whenever you are fulfilled, check all the specific once more and select the Yearly Installment Mode.
  • Click “Submit”.
  • You would then be approached to make the installment utilizing your Credit/Check Card or Net-Banking.
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