GRIPS Portal Challan Print 2024, WB GRIPS Payment Status, Reprint at

GRIPS Portal Challan Print- The entire system of government receipt portals is referred to as the GRIPS portal. The portal is managed by West Bengal’s Finance Department. The purpose of the GRIPS IFMS portal, also known as WBIFMS, was to make it simpler to pay state taxes. The portal can be used for a variety of purposes, including making an online payment through the GRIPS portal, getting a challan reprint, determining the status of the GRN, searching for challans, and checking payment status, among other things. The official WBIFMS weblink ( or a mobile app provide applicants with access to the portal. According to state government directives, beginning on November 1, 2012, the GRIPS portal will be used for all e-payments of government taxes.

GRIPS Portal Challan Print is an application that helps users in preparing and submitting GRIPS portal challans. The application is a useful tool for those who are involved in the process of collecting taxes from individuals, entities, and companies. The application can help users in submitting GRIPS portal challans by providing them with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. It also allows users to view their GRIPS portal challans online at any time. The GRIPS Portal Challan Print application is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The app is easy to use and provides users with a simple and clear interface that allows them to easily navigate and access their GRIPS portal challans.

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GRIPS Portal Challan Print 2024

The official website at now offers online access to challan, payment, reprint, and status checks. The IFMS West Bengal, or WBIFMS, has launched the GRIPS portal. Therefore, using this online portal makes it simple to pay state taxes. because the government has made this portal just for making payments online on the GRIPS Portal. This portal now provides Challan reprint, GRN status check, Challan search, and additional benefits. Please continue reading this informative article to learn more about the GRIPS Login Portal.

We have provided the fundamental details regarding the GRIPS Online Payment Portal in this section. Therefore, Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) is the full form of GRIPS. The Indian government created this portal, which is extremely helpful to citizens. Additionally, like the Government Receipt Portal system, this portal is fully disclosed. GRIPS Portal is a portal that offers services related to real estate transactions such as providing tax, legal, and other forms of documentation required by the government and/or banks. It also provides various online tools and resources to facilitate these transactions, such as property valuation tools, mortgage calculators, and other financial calculators.

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GRIPS Portal

GRIPS Portal Challan Print Overview 2024

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About GRIPS Portal

As a result, the Finance Department of West Bengal has been in charge of this portal. The GRIPS IFMS site and WBIFMS were created to make it simpler to pay state taxes. With the help of this website, we can use a variety of payment methods online. Through this gateway, clients approach undertakings like republishing Challans, confirming GRN status, looking into Challans, and actually looking at installment status, in addition to other things.


GRIPS is an organization that works to improve the lives of people and animals by promoting compassion and understanding. GRIPS was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for individuals, families, and communities affected by animal-related trauma, loss, or violence. Our programs include counseling, therapy, education, and advocacy for those affected by these issues. We also provide resources for professionals working with these individuals, such as pet-proofing protocols and training programs for shelter workers and law enforcement officers. Through our work, we seek to break the cycle of trauma through compassionate action and promote kindness and compassion in all aspects of life.

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Government Receipts Portal System web portal login process

The Government Receipts Portal is a web portal designed to provide an easy method of accessing, managing, and reporting government receipts. The portal is used by governments and other organizations to collect tax, fees, and other financial transactions. It allows users to view and manage their receipts online, making it easier for them to track their spending.

The portal requires users to register with the system before they can access it. This registration process involves providing personal information such as their name, email address, and location. Users are also required to provide their organization’s or department’s contact details so that the portal can communicate with them. Once registered, users will be provided with a username and password that they can use to access the portal. This username and password will allow them to log in and view their receipts. They can also download or export their records from the portal for later use.

Follow these steps to gain access to the GRIPS portal:

  • Use the official link to access the WB GRIPS website.
  • On the login page, select the MIS and reports link from the menu.
  • Move on to the login page for GRIPS.
  • Enter your username and password here.
  • Enter the verification number following.
  • Now click the button to login and submit the form.

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How to Make GRIPS Challan Payment?

GRIPS are a popular payment method in India. It is used for making payments to various government departments and agencies, including the Income Tax Department (ITD), the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), and the National Informatics Centre (NIC). GRIPS can be made by depositing funds into an account at a bank or any other financial institution. Funds are usually transferred from a bank or another financial institution to the GRIPS account and can then be used to make payments.

GRIPS is typically used for small amounts of money, such as paying taxes or fees, but can also be used for larger transactions, such as when buying a home or making investments. You can easily make GRIPS payments using your credit/debit card, net banking, or any other form of online payment method. Overall, GRIPS is a convenient and reliable way to make payments in India.

The following steps should be followed for each and every electronic payment on the WBIFMS GRIPS website portal.

  • Click the link or to access the GRIPS website portal.
  • On the homepage, select the tab titled “make payment.”
  • Select the directorate or department when using the grips form to open the option.
  • Select the service and enter the name of the depositor.
  • Enter your email address and mobile number.
  • Enter the reference number after clicking on the user type.
  • Select the payment method from the page.
  • Make an online payment for the grips challan and double-check the information.

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WB State Banks Which accept E-challan generated through the GRIPS system

  • SBI bank (state bank of India)
  • The HDFC bank
  • Indian overseas bank
  • Indian bank
  • Axis bank The Union bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda
  • IDBI bank
  • UCO bank
  • ICICI bank.

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How to Check Government Receipts Portal System Challan Payment Status Online?

The Government Receipts Portal System is an online platform that makes it easy for citizens to check their government receipts, submit requests, and view details of their payments. The system has several features that make it useful and convenient for users. For instance, you can register for an account and log in to view your pay slips, download statements, and make payments. You can also submit requests for services and products such as electricity bills or water bills. The system also offers various advanced tools for analyzing data such as charts and tables to better understand your financial situation. Overall, the Government Receipts Portal System is an excellent tool that allows you to monitor your finances from anywhere at any time.

The applicant’s payment status can be easily accessed through the homepage of the grips website following the e-challan payment.

  • Navigate to the grips webpage.
  • Please enter your login information on the homepage.
  • Enter the GRN number into the GRN status page to determine the payment status.

How to Get the GRN Details?

  • Go to the portal on the GRIPS website.
  • Open the challan search link at
  • do on the homepage.
  • Enter your identification number or BRN number next.
  • Enter the applicant’s name, the trade, and the company.
  • You can also enter the amount, the bank, and the date of the challan.
  • Select “Search Challan” The payment status will be generated immediately by the system.

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Checking GRIPS Challan Search

GRIPS Challan Search is a web portal that helps people to find and check details of their GRIPS challan or form. It is used to search for the details of a particular GRIPS challan and view it in an easy-to-understand format. The portal provides information such as the date of issuance, recipient’s name, amount paid, and other relevant details. It is useful for people who want to check the status of their GRIPS payments.

If you do not have access to an online tool or want to perform a more manual search, it is possible to approach an Income Tax officer and ask them to look through their records and provide you with any GRIPS challans they find. You can also approach your local I-T office if you wish to perform a more in-depth search. In any case, it is essential that you first conduct a thorough background check on your prospective employer before signing any contracts or agreements.

The grips challan contains different information. One can search the Challan using the following requires:

  • The GRN number
  • Identification number
  • BRN number
  • The bank’s name, account and official date.
  • The applicants or company name.

WB GRIPS GRN Status Check

WB GRIPS GRN Status Check is a program that analyzes your grip strength in hand-grip units. The program was developed by the World Grip Strength Association (WGSA) to provide a reliable and accurate assessment of your grip strength. It takes into account your age, gender, and other relevant factors to provide an objective and reliable assessment of your grip strength. The program uses an algorithm to calculate your grip strength in hand-grip units, which can be compared against other individuals.

  • Go to the portal on the WBIFMS GRIPS website.
  • Select the GRN status from the homepage at
  • Next, from the menu, open the reprint challan with the GRMN form.
  • Enter the necessary reference number from the government.
  • Click the check status tab to recheck the details.
  • The GRN status will be generated by the system.

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GRIPS Challan Reprint Using WBIFMS Website

  • Open the official website at and select the challan reprint option on the homepage.
  • Follow the instructions at to “reprint challan” with GRN.
  • Now, enter the 18-digit GRN, which stands for government reference number.
  • Select the print button.
  • The PGF challan will be generated by the system and printed online.


The GRIPS Portal is a web-based tool that helps individuals and organizations calculate their social security and Medicare taxes and make payments. The portal is a great resource for individuals, as it provides information on how to pay taxes, such as withholding tables, quarterly estimated payments, and quarterly payments. Additionally, the portal has tools to help individuals track their tax and spending budgets.

As an organization, you can use the GRIPS Portal to calculate your social security and Medicare taxes and make payments online. This saves time and money, making it easier to manage your tax liabilities. In addition, the GRIPS Portal can help you plan your budget and expenses with accurate estimates of how much you will pay in taxes each year. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to manage your tax liabilities or prepare for the upcoming tax season, we highly recommend using the GRIPS Portal.

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