Evolet Raptor Price In India 2024, Launch Date, Features, Top Speed, Full Specifications, Colours Waiting Time, Reviews How To Book?

Evolet Raptor – Evolet Raptor price In India 2024 is the most awaited sports car of the decade. The Evolet Raptor price in India is expected to be launch in early 2024with a host of desirable features. The car is slated to come in five different colours – black, white, red, silver and blue. Evolet raptor has already received a lot of positive feedback owing to its spectacular features and futuristic design. So, if interested in purchasing this sports car, make sure to check out the Evolet raptor price in India 2024 launch date features colour booking waiting time reviews here on our blog.

At the Auto Expo 2024, Evolet displayed their Raptor electric maxi scooter. It has a computerised instrument panel, LED lighting, and what appear to be riding modes in terms of features. The business has not said if this time may be achieved with a fast charger or a regular 5AMP socket. Evolet further asserts that the Raptor has a peak speed of 120kmph and a range of between 100 and 250 kilometres. By June 2024, the Raptor will be on display at dealerships, although the actual pricing has not yet been announced.

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Evolet Raptor Price 2024

Motorcycle enthusiasts all around the world are eagerly waiting for Evolet Raptor price In India 2024. This bike is set to change the riding experience for all riders and offer a lot of value for money. Raptor price In India 2024 features a lot of colours for booking, making it easier for riders to find the perfect bike. The waiting time is short, so you can be sure to get a motorcycle that’s just right for you. Be sure to read the features list before making your decision as this motorcycle offers a lot of value for money. Finally, get ready to experience the power and performance offered by Raptor at an affordable price in India 2024!

The electric cruiser scooter Raptor is perfect for long-distance travel. The scooter features an edgy design aesthetic, which is emphasized by the use of high-quality components. The 3000 Watt brushless motor in the Raptor is driven by a 72V 40 Ah Lithium-ion battery and has a range of 100 to 250 km and a peak speed of 120 km/h. The Raptor is constructed around a sturdy chassis. Along with additional features like a digital speedometer and a USB connector for charging mobile devices, the Raptor is available in the Colours white and black. It also has IOT functions. By June 2024, the model will be on sale at dealerships.

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evolet raptor

Evolet Raptor 2024 Details

The vehicle CompanyEvolet Raptor
Vehicle NameNew Evolet Raptor
Article aboutEvolet Raptor Price In India 2024 Launch Date
Evolet Raptor Launch DateApril 2024
Evolet Raptor Price₹ 1.00 Lakh
Top Speed125 kph
Official Websitewww.evoletindia.com

Evolet Raptor Features

At Auto Expo 2020, Evolet displayed the maxi scooter. This bike has a sizable stepped seat and windscreen and is a true full-size. It has dual pod digital instrument consoles and LED DRLs. A 3kW electric motor is the source of power. The highest speed of the Evolet Raptor is 125 kph. Depending on the ride mode selected, the maxi-lithium-ion scooter’s battery pack allows for a range of 100 to 250 kilometers. Telescoping forks and dual gas-charged shock absorbers are part of the suspension system. Dis brakes are used for braking at both ends.

Adjustable WindshieldYes

Evolet Raptor Engine and Performance

The Raptor is built around rigid chassis and is powered by a 3000 Watt brushless motor that draws its power from 72V 40 Ah Lithium-ion battery and takes around 3-4 hours to provide a range of 150 kms with top speed of 100 kms/ hrs.

Evolet Raptor LED Double Headlights

The maxi-scooter gets a large front apron that sports a tall windscreen, large twin-headlights, and LED indicators. Typical to a cruiser, the Raptor also gets stepped-up floor board, long seat, and wide handles that offer relaxed ergonomics. Other notable design elements on the Raptor include alloy wheels and LED tail lights.

Evolet Raptor Dynamic styling

The electric scooter gets fully-digital instrument cluster shows scooter important information such as speedometer, odometer, tachometer, low battery indicator, clock and more. The new electric scooter also comes with additional features such as mobile app connectivity use the feature as well that allows the riders access to features like geo-fencing, setting up alarms and notifications, viewing driving scores, manage service appointments, get new product updates and more.

Evolet Raptor Price

Launched in April 2024, the motorcycle is anticipated to cost Rs. 1 lakh. The starting pricing for Evolet scooters is Rs 1 Lakh. There are a total of 4 scooters available from Evolet, with the Evolet being the most costly at Rs 1.50 Lakh. The lineup’s most well-known performers are Derby. Get the whole selection, which is offered by 15 Evolet Scooter Dealers in 15 Indian cities.

Colours For Evolet Raptor

Evolet Raptor is one of the latest scooters in the market. It comes with a number of features that make it stand out from the rest. One of the standout features of Evolet Raptor is its colors. You can choose from a variety of colors to personalize your scooter to your liking. So what colors should you choose? We’ve got you covered! Read on to find out.

The Raptor comes in colour options of white & black along with several other features like digital speedometer, mobile charging USB port besides IOT features.

Evolet Raptor Specifications

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get around town, the Evolet Raptor scooter might be the perfect choice. This electric scooter is perfect for all ages, and is easy to operate – even for beginners. Plus, it’s a great way to get exercise, and is perfect for short trips around town.


Engine and Transmission

StartingSelf Start Only

Features and Safety

Adjustable WindscreenYes
Passenger FootrestYes


It has a 40Ah battery, and it will take three to four hours to fully recharge it.

Charging At HomeNo
Charging At Charging StationNo

Evolet Raptor Launch Date

Evolet Raptor scooter is a new and upcoming electric scooter. It was launched in India on 2024. Evolet Raptor scooter is the world’s first electric scooter with an automatic braking system.

EVOLET Raptor would be launching in India around April 2024 with the estimated price of Rs 1.00 Lakh.

Evolet Raptor Alternatives

How To Book Evolet Raptor Online?

Are you looking to book an Evolet Raptor flight? If so, you’re in the right place! Here on FlightHub, we offer an easy and convenient way to search for and book the flights that you need. Simply enter your destination and selecting the Evolet Raptor flight that suits your needs. We also have detailed information about each flight, so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your trip. So why wait? Book your Evolet Raptor flight today!

  • Visit the official website www.evoletindia.com
  • After then, this website will be live.
  • After that, you will input your personal information.
  • Coupled with your mobile number and the four-digit OTP.
  • To proceed, kindly give your name and email address.
  • The information about our product will thereafter be entered.
  • Cash, a debit card, UPI, online banking, and other payment methods are all accepted.
  • Finally, a secure online reservation will be made for our bike.


At the 2024 Auto Expo Evolet displayed their electric maxi scooter. It has a computerized instrument panel, LED lighting, and what appear to be riding modes in terms of features. The 3kW motor in the electric maxi scooter enables it to reach a peak speed of 100kmph. It has a 40Ah battery, and it will take three to four hours to fully recharge it.


The Techno Electra Emerge is an electric scooter manufactured in Pune. The scooter comes in five different colour options: red, white-grey, silver-green, silver-blue, and black-orange. It also has all-around LED illumination. The 250 Watt BDLC motor that powers the Raptor’s robust tubular frame is powered by a pack of four 12V 32Ah lead-acid batteries. Evolet raptor price in india 2024 launch date features colours, booking waiting time reviews. Evolet raptor price in india 2024 launch date features colours, booking waiting time reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any reviews of the Evolet Raptor online?

Yes, there are a few Evolet Raptor reviews online. The majority of them are positive, with a few mentioning that the sound quality could have been better.Customers seem to be satisfied with the overall experience of owning an Evolet Raptor. They seem to love the stylish colours and features of the scooter.

What are the best features of the Evolet Raptor?

The Evolet Raptor is a top-of-the-line electric motorcycle that allows you to race on tracks in different countries. It has an 8 kilowatt battery that can last up to 25 minutes and a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour. The bike also features seven riding modes including street, racing track, dual sport, off road trail, dirt rallycross, and time attack mode. Finally, customers who book their Evolet Raptor receive six months of ride throughout the world without any cancellation fees.

Evolet Raptor price In India 2024 Launch Date?

EVOLET Raptor is anticipated to sell for Rs. 1.00 Lakh. When will EVOLET Raptor be available? EVOLET Raptor is expected to be available on April 2024.

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