Dish TV Channel List in India 2023, With Numbers And Price

Dish TV Channel –  Dish TV is a leading DTH service provider in India. The operator offers over 600 channels to millions connections across the country. Being one of the highly popular DTH services, it offers affordable plans for its subscribers. Also, Dish TV users can customize the plan they are interested in so that it caters to their needs.

Dish TV channels list can help you find the right entertainment that you’re looking for, as Dish TV offers channels across various categories like entertainment, sports, kids, news . Dish TV is one of the largest (DTH) companies in India, and it’s also awarded with India’s most trusted DTH brand for its service as it offers you numerous Dish TV channels that you can quickly access to watch your favorite shows and movies. If you’re new or unaware of the Dish TV channel list numbers then checkout the tables below where we’ve split the channels according to the main categories, to make it easier for you to find the Dish TV.

Dish TV

The extensive network is not the only reason why the DTH service provider is popular in the country. Its catalogue of channels is also quite huge with popular channels in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, and more. In case you are trying to find out what channels Dish TV offers along with the channel numbers and price, you are in the right place. Here’s an extensive list of all Dish TV channels across categories and languages.

The popularity of Dish TV is increasing every year, the reason is that it provides all types of different categories of channels like Entertainment, Kids, Sports, News, Hindi Genre, Regional/ Local Genre, Music to its viewers. This DTH service provider was awarded India’s Most Trusted DTH Brand according  due to its Most Quickly Providing Multiple Types of Channels. Dish TV was launched on 2 October 2003. He focused on Cable Television on Rural and Local Areas, not focusing on Metros and Urban Areas. Because cable operators were already present in urban areas, with which it was very difficult to complete.

Dish TV Channel List

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Dish TV Channel List with Number & Price

It’s that time of year again! The Dish TV channel list is out, and this year it’s even better. Not only is the list comprehensive, but it also has the number and price for each channel. So, whether you’re looking for your favorite show or want to catch up on the news, you can find it all on Dish TV. Plus, the price comparison feature makes it easy to find the cheapest channels at any given time. With so many great channels to choose from, Dish TV is the perfect satellite TV provider for you.

Dish TV Hindi entertainment channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
SET HD 104 22.42
SET 105 22.42
Sony Sab 106 22.42
Sony Sab HD 107 22.42
&TV HD 108 22.42
&TV 109 14.16
Zee TV HD 110 22.42
Zee TV 11 22.42
Star Plus HD 112 22.42
Star Plus 113 22.42
Star Bharat HD 115 22.42
Star Bharat 116 11.8
BIG Magic 118 0.12
Dangal 119 Free
Colors HD 120 22.42
Colors 121 22.42
ABZY Cool 122 Free
Zee Anmol 125 0.12
Investigation Discovery 126 1.18
The Q 128 Free
Colors Rishtey 137 1.18
Shemaroo TV 139 Free
Bindass 145 1.18
Zoom 147 0.59
DD Retro 191 Free
DD National 193 Free
DD Bharati 197 Free
DD National HD 698 Free
Star Utsav 2006 1.18
Sony Pal 2422 1.18

DD Free Dish Channel

Dish TV English entertainment channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Zee Cafe HD 502 22.42
Zee Cafe 503 17.7
Colors Infinity HD 504 10.62
Colors Infinity 505 5.9
Star World HD 508 10.62
Star World 509 9.44
Comedy Central HD 513 10.62
Comedy Central 514 5.9
Disney International HD 515 14.16
Star World Premiere HD 530 10.62

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Dish TV Hindi movies channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
&Pictures HD 304 22.42
&Pictures 305 7.08
Zee Bollywood 307 2.36
Zee Action 310 1.18
Colors Cineplex HD 312 5.9
Colors Cineplex 313 3.54
UTV Movies 336 2.36
UTV Action 338 2.36
Zee Cinema HD 339 22.42
Zee Cinema 340 17.7
WOW Cinema One 341 Free
Sony Max HD 342 20.06
Sony Max 343 17.7
ABZY Movies 345 Free
Cinema TV India 348 Free
Sony Max 2 349 1.18
Star Gold HD 352 11.8
Star Gold 353 9.44
ABZY Dhakad 354 Free
Zee Anmol Cinema 355 0.12
Star Gold 2 357 1.18
B4U Movies 360 Free
Star Gold Select HD 381 11.8
Star Gold Select 382 8.26
Maha Movies 387 Free
Enterr10 Movies 407 Free
Manoranjan TV 410 Free
B4U Kadak 411 Free
Star Utsav Movies 2397 1.18
Sony Wah 2414 1.18
Movie Plus 3997 Free

Dish TV English movies channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
&Prive HD 538 22.42
&Flix HD 540 22.42
&Flix 541 17.7
MNX HD 542 10.62
MNX 543 7.08
Sony Pix HD 544 17.7
Sony Pix 545 11.8
Movies Now HD 546 14.6
Movies Now 547 11.8
Star Movies HD 548 22.42
Star Movies 549 14.16
Romedy Now HD 565 10.62
Romedy Now 566 7.08
MN+ HD 576 11.8
Star Movies Select HD 577 11.8

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Dish TV Sports channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Star Sports 1 HD 602 22.42
Star Sports 1 603 22.42
Star Sports 2 HD 604 22.42
Star Sports 2 HD 605 7.08
Star Sports 1 HD Hindi 606 22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi 607 22.42
Sony Ten 1 HD 610 22.42
Sony Ten 1 611 22.42
Sony Ten 2 HD 612 20.06
Sony Ten 2 613 17.7
Sony Ten 3 HD 614 20.06
Sony Ten 3 615 20.06
Sony Six HD 622 22.42
Sony Six 623 17.7
Euro sport 630 4.72
1 Sports 635 4.72
DD Sports 639 Free
Star Sports Select 1 HD 645 22.42
Star Sports Select 1 646 22.42
Star Sports Select 2 HD 647 11.8
Star Sports Select 2 648 8.26
Star Sports 3 649 4.72
Star Sports First 2349 1.18

Dish TV Hindi news channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
ABP News 650 Free
Zee News 651 0.12
Zee News+ 652 0.12
India TV 653 Free
Zee Hindustan 654 0.12
Aaj Tak 655 0.89
Republic Bharat 656 Free
TV9 Bharatvarsh 658 Free
NDTV India 659 1.18
News Nation 660 Free
News 24 661 Free
News18 India 663 0.12
Aaj Tak Tez 677 0.3
Sudarshan News 679 Free
Lok Sabha TV 695 Free
Rajya Sabha TV 697 Free
DD News 699 Free
India News 4012 Free

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Dish TV English news channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
ET Now 751 3.54
CNBC Prime HD 754 1.18
CNBC TV18 755 4.72
NDTV 24*7 761 3.54
India Today 763 1.18
WION 765 1.18
Times Now World HD 766 5.9
Times Now 767 3.54
CNN News18 769 0.59
Republic TV 771 Free
Mirror Now 773 0.59
DD India 779 Free

Dish TV Kids channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Cartoon Network 953 5.02
POGO 955 5.02
Sonic Nickelodeon 958 2.36
Discovery Kids 960 3.54
Nick HD+ 974 11.8
Nick 975 7.08
Disney Channel 977 9.44
Marvel HQ 979 4.72
Gubbare 980 0.77
Hungama TV 981 7.08
Baby TV HD 982 1.18
Disney Junior 985 4.72
Nick Junior 987 1.18
Sony Yay 989 2.36

Dish TV Infotainment channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Discovery HD 802 7.08
Discovery 803 4.72
Animal Planet HD 805 3.54
Animal Planet 806 2.36
National Geographic HD 808 11.8
National Geographic 809 2.36
Discovery Science 812 1.18
Discovery Turbo 814 1.18
History TV18 HD 819 8.26
History TV18 820 3.54
Nat Geo Wild HD 822 5.9
Nat Geo Wild 823 1.18
Sony BBC Earth HD 828 11.8
Sony BBC Earth 829 4.72
Epic 830 2.36

Dish TV Lifestyle channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Zee Zest 903 1.18
FOX Life HD 914 1.18
FOX Life 915 1.18
TLC HD 918 3.54
TLC 919 2.36

Dish TV Music channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Zing 451 0.12
MTV 455 3.54
B4U Music 457 Free
MTV Beats HD 458 1.18
MTV Beats 459 0.12
VH1 585 1.18
9XM 4033 Free
Mastiii 4013 Free

Dish TV Devotional channel

Channel Name Channel Number Price (In Rs)
Divya 1051 Free
Sadhna TV 1059 Free
Hare Krishna 1061 Free
Satsang 1065 Free
Sanskar TV 1067 Free
Ishwar TV 1073 Free
Aastha 1077 Free
Shubh TV 1079 Free
Santwani TV 1081 Free
Peace of Mind 1087 Free
Jinvani TV 1105 Free
Arihant 1107 Free
Paras Gold 1109 Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dish TV channels are most popular among Indian viewers?

The most popular Dish TV channels in India include Star Plus, Sony Max, Colors Bangla, and Zoom. These are the channels that are included in the most popular Dish TV packages in India. To watch these channels online or on your mobile phone, you need to subscribe to their respective packages. Other popular Dish TV channels in India include ESPN chenna, FX HD, Hotstar Movies & Tv, Filmz HD.

What are the top Dish TV channels in India?

When it comes to Indian television, there are so many amazing channels to choose from. Some of the top Dish TV channels in India are Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors, and Sony Max. You can explore their programming schedules online or on your television set. And if you're interested in watching them with an extra layer of convenience, you can find monthly and yearly price plans for all these channels as well.

Is Dish TV good for watching HD channels?

While Dish TV is a great option for watching HD channels, it may not be the best choice if you are looking for an all-in-one service. This cable provider does not include many exclusive premium channels that are typically included with other providers like DirecTV or Sling TV. In addition, there has been some controversy about the quality of Dish TV's optics and signal. So, while this service may offer good value for those on a budget, it might not be ideal if you're looking to get high-quality broadcast television.

Which services of Dish TV are the most popular in India?

Dish TV is one of the most popular cable TV providers in India and its services are often preferred over those of other providers. Some of Dish TV's most popular services include Hopper, which allows you to watch live television programming on multiple devices at once, and Sling Orange, which offers a variety of customizable channels that you can access without contract obligations.


So, now that you know everything there is to know about Dish TV Channel list in India 2023, it’s time to put the knowledge to use! By checking out the Dish TV Channel list with number and price, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing your favorite dish TV channel. Make sure to bookmark this page so you always have the latest Dish TV Channel list in India. Thanks for reading.

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