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if you want to know about Tomato Fever Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, and Precautions then all the details have been discussed here. You just read this page till the end and gather the information about this virus and its treatment. Tomato fever is an unexplained virus seen mainly in the Indian state of Kerala. Furthermore, it is unknown whether the condition is caused by viral fever or a side effect of chikungunya or dengue virus infection. According to a source, Days after a girl died after she blushed from a local eatery due to a Shigella infection in Kerala, sudden cases of a new fever affecting children below five years of age have been reported. According to media reports, more than 80 children under the age of five are suffering from a rare type of viral infection called ‘tomato flu’, and the number is expected to rise.

Tomato Fever/ Flu

Preliminary reports on the infection stated that tomato flu is a rare type of viral infection, while others have said that it is a result of the dengue fever of chikungunya. Quoting Kerala’s health department, the reports cited at least 82 confirmed cases of ‘tomato flu’ in Kollam – a city known as the business hub – Neduvathur, Aanchal, and Aryankavu. All the confirmed cases have been reported from government hospitals and as per reports, the number could be higher if cases are counted from private hospitals. As a precaution, the Anganwadi facilities have been closed and the authorities have started awareness campaigns in the districts.Tomato Fever Symptoms

Tomato fever has had the most significant impact on the cities of Kollam, Neduvathur, Aanchal, and Aryankavu, all of which are located in Kerala. As a preventive step, Anganwadi facilities have been closed, and officials have started awareness campaigns in small areas to raise awareness. In India, it is a very common type of fever in which children under the age of five experience fever or fever without a diagnosis. Usually, an infected child experiences rashes and skin irritation along with a feeling of dehydration; Blisters also occur on the body parts due to infection.

Tomato Flu Virus Info

Virus Name Tomato Flu
Affected Countries India (Kerala) as well as Worldwide
Disease Discovered In Process
1st Case in India Kerala
Affected People suffering from any disease
Discovered by India
Spread Not Specified

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Tomato Flu Detected in Kerala – Information Here

It is a type of unknown fever found mostly in Kerala and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, this flu is affecting children under the age of five which is really dangerous. To know in detail about this disease, we talked to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician of Sahara Hospital, Lucknow. They told us that the flu was causing blisters and some red rash all over the body. This is also a possible cause; It is called tomato flu. According to our health expert, this viral flu could be related to Chikungunya or Dengue as most of the symptoms observed give similar evidence. It seems like there are many diseases all around us waiting to attack us at some point.

This time another virus has been detected in Kerala which actually affects children below the age of 5. So far more than 80 cases have been reported and this flu has been named tomato flu. It is a type of unknown fever that has affected children in many parts of Kerala. According to reports, this number is predicted to climb further with the increase in flu. Stay tuned and read this article to know everything about this viral flu affecting children in Kerala and surrounding areas. The Government of Kerala has become alert about this disease. The health department has been alerted. Steps are being taken to eradicate this disease. Let us know the symptoms and treatment of this disease.

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Tomato Fever Symptoms

According to the doctor, in some cases, patients have problems with skin irritation, rashes, and then dehydration. These Tomato Fever Symptoms do not go away even after a week of treatment. However, the marks of the rash gradually go away. Apart from this, there is a lack of water in the body. Kerala has the highest number of cases of tomato fever. It is not yet clear whether this disease is a disease caused by the effect of chikungunya or dengue or a new disease.Tomato Fever Symptoms

Talking about the symptoms of this disease, there is a red rash or rash on the body and face of the victim. There is a burning sensation on the skin. Don’t feel thirsty. The mouth starts drying up. Symptoms like high fever, body ache, and joint pain start appearing. The color of the hands, knees, and hips begins to change. Some common symptoms are given below.

  • Dehydration
  • Skin Irritation
  • High Fever
  • Red Blisters on the skin
  • Tiredness
  • Rashes
  • Swelling in the Joints
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Discoloration of hands, knees, and buttocks
  • Runny nose

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Tomato Fever Preventive Cure

  • If you notice any of these symptoms in your child’s body, you should take him to the doctor immediately.
  • It is recommended that children who are suffering from this specific disease drink plenty of fluids to keep their bodies hydrated.
  • The skin of the face and neck should not be scratched or rubbed.
  • Since it is a contagious condition, people should keep a safe distance between themselves and the affected person.
  • Keeping the patient and those around him clean is very important to his health and well-being.
  • Adequate rest is essential during and after the treatment period.

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