Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best: Fallout Shelter, Fallout 76, Fallout New Vegas

Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best: The Fallout game series has experienced a resurgence in popularity since the launch of its TV adaptation on Amazon Prime Video. The show has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also achieved something that many game-to-movie or TV adaptations struggle with – maintaining loyalty to the source material while captivating a new audience. By staying true to the expansive world of the game, the adaptation has successfully introduced a whole new generation to the captivating universe of Fallout. This successful transition from game to screen underscores the timeless appeal and storytelling potential of the Fallout franchise.

The Fallout series is a beloved franchise that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. The post-apocalyptic wasteland setting, rich storytelling, and immersive gameplay have made it a standout in the world of gaming. As we delve into the mainline entries of the Fallout series, it’s important to note that personal preferences may vary. Some fans swear by the classic isometric games, while others have a soft spot for the 3D iterations.

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Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best 2024

Each entry in the Fallout series brings something unique to the table. Fallout 1 and 2 are revered for their deep narrative and strategic gameplay, setting the foundation for what was to come. On the other hand, Fallout 3 introduced players to a fully realized 3D world filled with memorable characters and moral dilemmas. Fallout: New Vegas expanded on this formula, offering a branching storyline influenced by player choices. Fallout 4 brought improvements in gameplay mechanics and visuals, allowing players to craft their own settlements and explore a vast open world teeming with activities.

Most recently, Fallout 76 took the series in a new direction with its online multiplayer focus, dividing opinions among fans. Ultimately, ranking the mainline entries in the Fallout series comes down to personal experience and attachment to each game’s unique features. Whether you prefer the isometric classics or the modern 3D titles, one thing is certain – the world of Fallout continues to captivate players with its blend of retro-futuristic aesthetics and thought-provoking narratives.

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Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best

Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best Details

Article NameRanking Fallout Games From Worst To Best
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Fallout Shelter

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release date: 2015


While Fallout Shelter may not align with traditional expectations of a Fallout game, it offers a unique gaming experience tailored for mobile devices. Rather than venturing into the post-apocalyptic wasteland, players are tasked with managing and maintaining a Vault along with its dwellers. Despite deviating from the conventional gameplay of the Fallout series, Fallout Shelter remains a compelling option for gamers, especially considering its free-to-play model.

The strategic elements involved in running a Vault and ensuring the well-being of its residents provide an engaging challenge for players. Although it may not deliver the same exploration and narrative depth as other Fallout titles, Fallout Shelter stands out as a noteworthy addition to the franchise’s gaming portfolio.

Free to playNo specific end-goal
Cute visualsNot a true Fallout experience

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Platforms: PC

Release date: 2001

Fallout Tactics, as the third installment in the series, diverges from the typical gameplay style seen in its predecessors. This game centers around a squad from the Brotherhood of Steel and introduces a unique combat system that sets it apart from the RPG-focused gameplay of the previous titles. With a primary emphasis on combat, Fallout Tactics offers a fresh perspective on the series, aligning well with its Brotherhood of Steel theme. Despite its innovative approach, the game did not receive widespread acclaim and faced criticism for its complexity.

It’s worth noting that Fallout Tactics should not be confused with Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, a game that faced considerable backlash and is often disregarded by fans of the franchise. The distinctiveness of Fallout Tactics lies in its tactical combat mechanics and strategic squad-based gameplay, providing a different experience for players within the Fallout universe. While it may not have achieved the same level of success as other titles in the series, Fallout Tactics remains an interesting departure from traditional Fallout gameplay.

Interesting take on FalloutComplicated gameplay

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Fallout 76

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Release date: 2018

Fallout 76 was undoubtedly released with a profit motive in mind, as Bethesda aimed to tap into the lucrative multiplayer gaming market. This led to the inclusion of common features seen in modern gaming such as microtransactions, an always-online requirement, and a lack of substantial world-building elements. The game faced heavy criticism upon its initial release for its exploitative practices, subpar quality, and numerous bugs.

However, Bethesda has made efforts to rectify these issues post-launch, gradually improving the overall gameplay experience. While Fallout 76 may have had a rocky start, it has evolved over time and is no longer considered the weakest entry in the Fallout series. The ongoing updates and enhancements have helped salvage its reputation to some extent, making it more enjoyable for both new players and long-time fans of the franchise.

Beautiful worldGameplay mechanics not suited for multiplayer
Poor world-building

Fallout 1

Platforms: PC, Mac

Release date: 1997

The inaugural Fallout game that initiated various elements now closely associated with the series, such as the setting, lore, dialogue choices, Power Armor, S.P.E.C.I.A.L, and more. The isometric perspective added depth to the game world, while interacting with individuals offering distinct side missions became a fundamental aspect of the series’ gameplay.

GenesisGameplay hasn’t aged well

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Fallout 2

Platforms: PC, Mac

Release date: 1998/2002

In Fallout 2, Interplay Productions adhered to the principle of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” maintaining similar graphics and gameplay options from its predecessor while delving deeper into the game’s lore. The introduction of The Enclave as primary antagonists added a new layer of complexity to the series, enriching the world-building aspect.

Additionally, Fallout 2 expanded on various aspects of the game’s lore, providing players with a more immersive experience. The improvements in overall gameplay showcased the evolution expected in a sequel, enhancing the player’s journey through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. This approach not only honored the foundation laid by its predecessor but also elevated the gaming experience for fans of the franchise.

Improved upon the 1st game in every wayGameplay
Arguably the best Fallout game in the series

Fallout 3

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release date: 2008

When comparing this game to Fallout 4, the decision was undoubtedly a difficult one. Ultimately, this choice prevailed as the more logical option. Fallout 3 marked the series’ initial venture into 3D and real-time action, a transition that Bethesda flawlessly executed. Despite the evolution in gameplay mechanics, the essence of the beloved lore remained intact. Bethesda ingeniously retained a hint of the traditional turn-based combat by introducing VATS combat, pleasing both old and new fans alike.

The Capital Wasteland served as a captivating backdrop for the game, almost becoming a character in its own right. However, it fell slightly short in comparison to the allure of subsequent locations featured in the series. The success of Fallout 3 not only solidified its place in gaming history but also set a high standard for future installments within the franchise. The seamless blend of captivating storytelling, immersive gameplay mechanics, and nostalgic elements resonated with players worldwide, making it a standout title in the Fallout series.

Excellent switch to 3DCombat wasn’t that great
Keeps the lore intactCapital Wasteland isn’t as fun as subsequent settings

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Fallout 4

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PC

Release date: 2015

Fallout 4 serves as an excellent introduction to the series for newcomers, featuring streamlined dialogues and a well-developed main character. The standout feature is the captivating map, offering a vibrant and impactful portrayal of the post-apocalyptic world. Additionally, players can enjoy the new feature of constructing their own base.

Beautiful worldGameplay might be too simplified
Base building is an interesting new additionBugs
Eases new players into the game world

Fallout: New Vegas

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release date: 2010

Similar to Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas enhanced what made Fallout 3 exceptional. It offers enhanced gunplay and questlines, along with a compelling protagonist motivation: Revenge. The game is set in New Vegas, filled with engaging NPCs and quests that are unforgettable, like the scientist with a ‘theoretical degree in physics’ and a child with a ‘toy gun’ capable of summoning a laser from space. This RPG is widely regarded as one of the best ever created.

Great settingBuggy
Interesting characters and quests

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When it comes to ranking Fallout games from worst to best, each game brings its own unique experience to the table. From the vault management challenges of Fallout Shelter to the multiplayer dynamics of Fallout 76 and the immersive storytelling of Fallout New Vegas, there’s a Fallout game for every kind of player. Whether you prefer solo exploration or teaming up with friends, the Fallout series offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences that cater to different preferences. So, whether you’re a seasoned wasteland survivor or just starting your journey. There’s a Fallout game waiting for you to dive in and explore its post-apocalyptic world.

Ranking Fallout Games From Worst To Best FAQ’S

Which Fallout game is considered the best?

Veterans of the Fallout series consider New Vegas the best game, despite its age, for a reason.

Is Fallout 4 better than Fallout 76?

Fallout 76's main storyline is much better today than it was upon its release, there isn't a whole lot of substance to it.

Was Fallout 1 popular?

Fallout was a commercial success, selling 600,000 copies worldwide.

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