Himanshu Hooda (IIT Bombay) Biography, JEE Score, Age, Family, State And More

Himanshu Hooda (IIT Bombay) Biography: Gaining admission to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, the country’s leading establishment for engineering and technology education, remains a lifelong aspiration for countless young Indians who hope to become engineers there. Himanshu Hooda, a 23-year-old individual of exceptional talent, is a prime example of someone who has turned this dream into reality by successfully securing a spot at the prestigious engineering institute. Hooda’s remarkable accomplishments came to the forefront when he successfully passed the fiercely competitive Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) examination, achieving an impressive All-India Rank of 205. His outstanding scores also led to offers for the M.Tech program from both IIT Bombay and IISc Bangalore.

This piece provides comprehensive insights into the biography of Himanshu Hooda related to his journey at IIT Bombay, including details about his JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) score, age, family background, and home state. Given the reputation of IIT as a renowned hub for engineering studies in India, many students aspire to complete their education there. In this article, we will delve into the life story of Himanshu Hooda and his experiences at IIT Bombay, showcasing how he diligently pursued and achieved his educational objectives.

Himanshu Hooda (IIT Bombay) Biography

Born to a humble tea vendor in Haryana, this 23-year-old individual overcame a multitude of challenges and financial hardships to achieve his aspiration of becoming an engineer at one of India’s top universities. To ensure his son’s unobstructed path to success in his chosen field, his father, Om Prakash Hooda, secured a loan of Rs 15 lakh. In addition to his studies for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Himanshu also contributed to his father’s tea shop located on the Rohtak-Sonipat route in Sector 3. His family had relocated from the rural village of Mungan to Rohtak in 1990. Himanshu’s academic prowess was evident as he consistently outperformed his peers, achieving 90% grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics during his 12th-grade studies at Mahendra Model School, as reported by Zee News.

Hailing from Rohtak, Himanshu displayed remarkable dedication in his pursuit of clearing one of India’s most challenging exams, the GATE. While some students who undergo years of coaching may struggle to qualify, Himanshu’s hard work paid off. He completed his Bachelor of Technology from YMCA Faridabad in 2022, showcasing his consistent excellence in academics. His passion for learning translated into outstanding scores both in school and college. Himanshu Hooda’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration for students across the nation, demonstrating that success can be attained even with limited resources. Both IIT Bombay and IISc Bangalore extended offers to Himanshu for admission into their M.Tech programs, highlighting his exceptional potential and opening doors for him to further his education.

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Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay

Himanshu Hooda (IIT Bombay) Biography Details

Name Himanshu Hooda
JEE Score 205
Cleared Exam For Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
Age 23 Years
Hometown Mungan, Haryana
School Mahendra Model School
Father Om Prakash Hooda
Father’s Profession Owns a Tea Stall
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Himanshu Hooda Age

In the present era, the younger generation aspires for significant achievements even with just an Intermediate certificate. The current times are marked by heightened competition and soaring life expectations. Amidst this landscape, a regular 23-year-old young man emerges triumphant through unwavering determination.

During his formative years, Himanshu actively contributed to his father’s modest tea stall enterprise. He would prepare and serve tea to customers at their stall situated along Rohtak-Sonipat Road in Sector 3.

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Himanshu Hooda JEE Score

The JEE score is determined after a candidate successfully passes both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations. This achievement opens doors for applicants to pursue engineering studies at the most prestigious universities in the nation.

Scoring an impressive rank of 205 in the JEE examination, he secured a seat at IIT Bombay. Originating from a background where his father runs a local tea business, this individual’s resolute dedication has garnered attention from the media. Having also triumphed in the challenging Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), his remarkable journey is now a focal point of interest and inspiration.

Himanshu Hooda Family

Om Prakash Hooda, the father of Himanshu, operates a tea stall in Rohtak. In contrast to conventional paternal roles, he went above and beyond to provide for his family. In an interview with a media outlet, Om recounted his journey, revealing that he had secured a loan of around 15 lakh rupees and relocated to a rented housing board house. Now that his son, Himanshu, has achieved success, Om can finally find the respite he deserves.

It is widely acknowledged that family serves as an unparalleled pillar of support for an individual. They motivate and aid in the realization of one’s aspirations, making it easier to overcome life’s challenges. While there are cases of individuals succeeding without a strong family support system, our focus here is on Mr. Hooda and his family’s role in Himanshu’s journey to success.

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Academic Career Of Himanshu Hooda (IIT Bombay)

Right from the outset, Himanshu displayed remarkable academic potential. He successfully earned a Bachelor of Technology degree from YMCA Faridabad in the year 2022. Despite encountering numerous challenges, Himanshu consistently stood out in his educational journey, achieving an impressive 90% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics during his final year of secondary school at Mahendra Model School.

With a strong determination to conquer the demanding Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), Himanshu committed himself to preparation immediately after completing his 10th and 12th grades. However, his initial attempts at the examination did not yield the desired results.

Financial Difficulties

Himanshu’s father, a modest tea vendor, encountered significant financial challenges while striving to provide a high-quality education for his son. The family resided in a rental accommodation within a housing authority colony. To secure his son’s education, Om Prakash obtained a loan of Rs 15 lakh. Overjoyed by his son’s accomplishments, Om Prakash expressed contentment and stated that he has no regrets in life, as Himanshu has fulfilled his lifelong aspiration. Om Prakash even fondly recounted how, during his preparation days, Himanshu had written “IIT Bombay” on the walls of their home, serving as a constant reminder of his determination to succeed at IIT-B.

Reflecting on his journey so far, Himanshu shared that throughout his schooling and college years, he consistently contributed to his family in any way he could. He actively assisted his father by serving tea to customers at their tea stall. Interestingly, it was at his father’s tea stall that Himanshu received the news of his successful GATE result.

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Himanshu Hooda State

In the 1990s, Himanshu’s family resided in Mungan Village, Haryana. Eventually, they relocated to another city, primarily driven by educational opportunities and his father’s tea business. Himanshu’s academic journey commenced at Mahendra Model School, where he completed his foundational education. His performance in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) was impressive, securing an approximate 90% score, a testament to his dedicated efforts. As previously mentioned, he pursued his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree from YMCA Faridabad.

Although he faced initial setbacks in the JEE Advanced examination, Himanshu refused to be discouraged. He channeled even greater determination into his endeavors, working diligently to achieve his desired goal.

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