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Uma Harathi N (UPSC 3rd Rank) Wiki: Uma Harathi N, hailing from Telangana, achieved the impressive accomplishment of securing the third position in the UPSC 2022 exams, the results of which were unveiled on May 23, 2023. The announcement brought elation to numerous aspiring civil servants across the country. Uma Harathi N stands as a shining exemplar among the successful candidates, showcasing her remarkable academic foundation and the unwavering support of her family and friends. Her aspiration centers on contributing to the realms of education and women’s empowerment. She ardently believes in embracing failure as a natural part of the journey, advocating for acknowledging and learning from one’s setbacks.

Interestingly, the top rankings in the UPSC CSE results have witnessed a significant presence of women candidates, with 6 out of the top 10 and 14 out of the top 25 spots occupied by women. This trend of women’s dominance in the top positions has persisted for the past two years. The coveted first rank was secured by Ishita Kishore from Uttar Pradesh, followed by Garima Lohia in second place. Uma Harathi N’s name is prominent in the top three list due to her remarkable achievement of clinching the third rank. For a deeper understanding of her life journey, readers are urged to peruse the full article, which not only delves into Uma Harathi N’s biography, age, state, and educational background but also explores her strategies that led to her success in overcoming the UPSC challenge.

Uma Harathi N (UPSC 3rd Rank) Wiki

First and foremost, we extend our warmest congratulations to Uma Harathi N for achieving the remarkable All India Rank (AIR) 3 in the Union Public Service Commission examinations. Her accomplishment and unwavering commitment are truly praiseworthy. Looking at the broader UPSC result context, it’s notable that out of the top four ranks, three are secured by women. Specifically, Ishita Kishore clinched AIR 1, Garima Lohia secured AIR 2, Uma Harathi N attained AIR 3, and Sriti Mishra achieved AIR 4. Uma Harathi N was born in 1995 in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, into an educated and affluent family. Her father, N. Venkateshwarlu, presently holds the position of Superintendent of Police in the Narayanpet district, while her mother is a homemaker. As of 2023, Uma Harathi is 28 years old.

In her UPSC examination, Uma Harathi N selected Anthropology as her optional subject. After completing her studies, she engaged in a brief stint of around 6 months working online at a Civil Services Coaching Institute. Subsequently, she embarked on a 15-day Cultural Exchange Program in Japan. This article is dedicated to tracing Uma Harathi N’s life journey, highlighting how she adeptly managed her pursuits and showcasing her dedication and strategies that led to her exceptional performance. Anthropology was her chosen optional subject, and her approach encompassed several key aspects. She devoted substantial time to staying updated on current events, effectively managed her study schedule, engaged in productive activities, consistently practiced through tests, employed strong writing skills for her answers, and most importantly, maintained a positive mindset while nurturing self-confidence.

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Uma Harathi N (UPSC 3rd Rank)

Uma Harathi N (UPSC 3rd Rank) Wiki Details

Name Uma Harathi N
Age 28
Roll Number 1019872
Number of Attempts 5
Category Wiki
Instagram Id

Uma Harathi N (UPSC 3rd Rank) Wiki Biography

Uma Harathi N, originating from Telangana, achieved a notable accomplishment by securing the third rank in the 2019 UPSC Civil Service Examinations. As a resident of Telangana, Uma Harathi N holds a degree in civil engineering. Her family’s steadfast support is worth noting, with her father currently holding the position of superintendent of police for the Narayanpet district, and her mother dedicating herself to homemaking. Fortunately, her father has wholeheartedly endorsed her choice to pursue a career in the civil services.

Birth Place Nalgonda, Telangana
Age 28
Exam Qualified UPSC CSE 2022
Rank in UPSC CSE 2022 Third
Post 1st Preference Indian Administrative Service
Roll Number 1019872
Total Marks 1060
Medium of Exam English
Cadre 1st Preference Telangana
Total Number of Attempts Five
Optional Subject Anthropology
Caste Velama
Category Other Backward
Class (OBC)

Uma Harathi N Age

Reports suggest that Uma Harathi N’s age is estimated to be around 27 or 28. She is a highly diligent individual, showcasing unwavering determination. Demonstrating remarkable perseverance, she succeeded in securing the third rank (AIR 3) in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, marking her fifth attempt. Her journey exemplifies her tenacity, as she encountered numerous challenges during her preparation and multiple attempts. Despite these obstacles, her diligent efforts ultimately bore fruit, showcasing the power of her hard work and dedication.

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Uma Harathi N State

Uma Harathi N’s upbringing and early life took place in the state of Telangana. Notably, when reviewing the top 25 list of this year’s UPSC results, a significant presence of 14 women and 11 men can be observed. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, held annually, employs a three-stage selection process consisting of preliminaries, mains, and interviews, aimed at appointing officers for roles such as IAS, IFS, and IPS, among others. It’s interesting to note that the individuals occupying the top All India Rank (AIR) positions opted for diverse optional subjects, each presenting distinct experiences along their journeys.

Uma Harathi N Education

Uma Harathi N commenced her early education at Narayana Junior College in Hyderabad. Following this, she completed her 10+2 education at Sri Chaitanya School and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Public School, both situated in Hyderabad. Following her schooling, she appeared for the IIT JEE exam, where she successfully passed the entrance examination. As a result of her achievement, she secured admission to IIT Hyderabad, where she pursued her studies in civil engineering, ultimately graduating in that field.

School Education  Narayana Junior College

Sri Chaitanya School, Hyderabad

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans Public School, Hyderabad

Educational Qualification B. Tech. (Civil)
College IIT Hyderabad

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Success Story of Uma Harathi N

Uma Harathi N’s success narrative stands as a deeply motivating and inspirational account, resonating with many individuals. She achieved victory in the UPSC examination after her fifth attempt. Uma’s steadfast conviction lies in the significance of gleaning insights from one’s setbacks and refusing to be discouraged by them, but rather using them as stepping stones for improvement.

Uma’s journey was far from effortless; it encompassed a series of highs and lows. Prior to realizing her aspiration of cracking the civil services exam, she encountered four instances of disappointment. She attributes a significant part of her triumph to group study sessions with her companions, which played a pivotal role in her accomplishment. Throughout her preparation voyage, her parents remained steadfast pillars of support, refraining from inquiring about the duration it would take for her to conquer the exam.

Preparation Strategy of Uma Harathi N

Uma Harathi N, who secured the third position (AIR 3) in the UPSC exams, adhered to a straightforward and effective preparation approach. According to Uma, maintaining a focused approach and avoiding getting overwhelmed by the plethora of study materials available in the market is essential. Here are several tips imparted by Uma Harathi N to aid in your preparation for the UPSC 2024 examination.

  1. Comprehend the UPSC Syllabus: A comprehensive understanding of the vast UPSC syllabus is crucial. This understanding forms the foundation for creating a productive preparation strategy.
  2. Work on Previous Year Papers: Solving as many previous year UPSC question papers as possible is highly beneficial. This practice offers insights into exam trends over the last few years and helps you become familiar with question patterns.
  3. Engage in Mock Tests: Regularly practicing UPSC mock tests is advantageous. These tests expose you to a diverse range of questions and subjects, aiding in your readiness for the exam.
  4. Consult NCERT Books: Studying NCERT textbooks from classes 6th to 12th is recommended. These books encompass essential concepts, providing a solid foundation for comprehensive preparation.
  5. Carefully Select Optional Subject: The choice of an optional subject should be made with careful consideration. Avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong subject hastily; take your time in making this decision.
  6. Utilize Online Coaching: UPSC online coaching can furnish you with a structured framework for preparation and instill the discipline necessary to succeed in cracking the UPSC exam.
  7. Embrace a Positive Mindset: It’s imperative to overcome the fear of failure. Stay focused and remain resilient against any obstacles. Understand that failure is a natural part of the journey towards success and should be treated as a stepping stone.

Uma Harathi N’s insights offer valuable guidance for aspiring candidates aiming to excel in the UPSC 2024 examination.

Uma Harathi N Optional Subject in UPSC

Harathi N made a strategic change in her UPSC optional subject, transitioning from Geography in her initial four attempts to Anthropology. She realized that Geography wasn’t the best fit for her and decided to switch to Anthropology. For her Anthropology preparation, she relied on Anthropology Optional books and engaged in discussions with her peers.

Uma emphasized the importance of thoroughly comprehending the Anthropology optional syllabus for the UPSC exam and structuring her preparation accordingly. In her approach, she advocated for a balanced reading approach—avoiding excessive information and focusing on understanding the study material thoroughly. Mindful engagement with UPSC study material emerged as a critical factor in her preparation strategy, and she encourages all aspirants to adopt this practice.

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Uma Harathi N Struggles and Challenges

Uma Harathi N attained an impressive achievement by securing the third rank (AIR 3) in the UPSC 2022 exam. Nevertheless, this remarkable accomplishment was accompanied by significant challenges. Uma faced numerous hurdles and trials before finally succeeding in cracking the exam on her fifth attempt. Her journey underscores the resilience and determination required to overcome obstacles and achieve such prestigious goals.

  • Uma Harathi N’s journey to success was marked by pivotal moments and realizations. In her third attempt, she reached the interview stage but faced failure due to her performance in the Mains exam, where her scores weren’t satisfactory. The trajectory of her preparation shifted dramatically when she failed the Prelims in her fourth attempt. This setback proved to be a turning point.
  • Uma recognized that Geography, her chosen optional subject, wasn’t aligning well with her strengths and goals. Subsequently, she made the decision to switch to Anthropology as her optional subject.
  • Acknowledging the impact of failure, Uma highlighted its role as a catalyst for introspection and personal growth. These failures granted her the crucial space and time for self-reflection, leading to a deeper understanding of herself and her preparation approach. This process of self-discovery played an essential role in shaping her strategies and ultimately contributed to her success.

Uma Harathi N profoundly understands that the path to succeeding in the UPSC examination is far from simple; it’s rife with challenges. However, she firmly advocates for learning from these challenges and setbacks, using them as stepping stones rather than reasons to surrender. Her perspective underscores the importance of resilience and persistence in the face of failures.

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