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BGMI BGMS Points Table:- The final day of League Week 2 Of the BGMI Masters series BGMS season two has finish. A total of 12 teams from the league too connect the top four teams from super weekend one to full in super weekend two. Along with that total number of WSG giving control the final day and Secure the seventh location in BGMI masters 2023 according to BGMS Points Table Day. In this post, we are going to tell you regarding where you can check their BGMS Points Table Day, what is the process to login the point table of day 1 & how to check the point table of day 4. To know all about BGMI BGMS Points Table Day stay with us on this post at end.

BGMI BGMS Points Table is an essential resource for fans and players of the popular mobile game. It provides a comprehensive overview of the points accumulated by teams throughout the tournament, allowing fans to track their favorite teams’ progress and compare their performance against other teams. The table includes information such as the number of matches played, wins, losses, and points earned, giving a clear picture of each team’s standing in the competition. With this valuable information at their fingertips, fans can engage in passionate discussions and debates about the strengths and weaknesses of different teams and make predictions about future outcomes.

BGMI BGMS Points Table

Team 8 Bit kicks off the day with a The Speculator winner chicken dinner with a total number of 11 points & team gods Ryan dominates the Sanok map. Enigma assert The last match of the day and secured the position of 11th in BGMS Points Table. The 3rd day of BGMI Master series season two finish with three exciting matches. There were interesting matches at BGMI. On day 3 Numen Sports give a demonstration of their dominance & secured fourth place in BGMI BGMS Points Table. With only three league two matches remaining, the club have three chance to qualify for super weekend 2. You can also examine the point table as specified in the below section.

The BGMI BGMS Points Table is a comprehensive and up-to-date record of the performance and standings of teams in the BGMI BGMS tournament. It provides valuable insights into the overall performance of each team, including their total points, number of matches played, and their position in the rankings. This table serves as a valuable resource for fans, players, and analysts alike, allowing them to track the progress of their favorite teams throughout the tournament. With its detailed information and easy-to-read format, the BGMI BGMS Points Table is an essential tool for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest developments in this exciting esports event.

BGMI BGMS Points Table

BGMI BGMS Points Table Details

Title BGMI BGMS Points Table
Year 2023
Category Sports
Teams 24
Season 2
Matches 12
Official Website Click Here

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BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Format

24 teams are divided into three groups of eight, and over the course of four days of BG Mi competition, 24 teams will compete in a round robin format. There will be a total of twelve matches played during the qualifying week, all of which will be three per day. The super weekend to and along with this, which is scheduled to begin on August 18 and end on August 20, 2023, will be qualified for by the 12 best teams in addition to the top four teams from super weekend one. As a result, the match was going to be fascinating.

BGMS Schedule

Following the competition of the league of the second week, all 16 teams for super weekend two of the BGMS season have been finalized in accordance with the schedule. The subsequent super end of the week will be played from 18 August 2023 to 20 August 2023.  It was already made available, as scheduled. From August 14 to August 17, 2023, 24 teams competed for 12 spots in the super weekend 2 during the league week to round.

BGMS Points Table Day 3

BGMI BGMS Points Table Day 3 you can find on the website. Entity gaming and Lucknow giants also returned to their original form and sealed the eighth and 12 the sport respectively according to the march. The eighth and 12th of sports respectively and teams all somehow found themselves in the safe zone and gained high seats in BGMI BGMS Points Table second weekend. However we have given the point table that you can see in the above section.

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BGMS Points Table Day 4

BGMI BGMS Focuses Table Day 4 given in the beneath. So you can break down the group and their working as per their focuses as given in the underneath. We have proactively given the nitty gritty depiction of BGMI BGMS Focuses Table, in the event that you like this post, do impart to your loved ones.

  • Velocity Gaming – 107 points
  • Insane Esports – 95 points
  • Gladiators Esports – 86 points
  • Gods Reign – 86 points
  • Numen Esports – 82 points
  • Team 8Bit – 78 points
  • WSG Gaming – 78 points
  • Team Entity – 77 points
  • Marcos Gaming – 75 points
  • Orangutan Esports – 73 points
  • Enigma Gaming – 67 points
  • Lucknow Giants – 61 points
  • Medal Esports – 61 points
  • Team Soul – 61 points
  • Godlike Esports – 59 points
  • OR Esports – 58 points
  • Blind Esports – 46 points
  • OneBlade Esports – 43 points
  • True Rippers – 42 points
  • Chemin Esports – 42 points
  • Global Esports – 42 points
  • Team X Spark – 40 points
  • Revenant Esports – 34 points
  • SPY Esports – 32 points

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BGMI BGMS 2023 Points Table

We have specified the point table that you can see of the BGMI master series 2023.

  • Velocity Gaming – 101 points
  • Insane Esports – 87 points
  • Gladiators Esports – 70 points
  • Numen Esports – 58 points
  • Team Entity – 58 points
  • Lucknow Giants – 57 points
  • Godlike Esports – 56 points
  • Gods Reign – 56 points
  • Team 8Bit – 52 points
  • WSG Gaming – 48 points
  • OR Esports – 44 points
  • Team Soul – 44 points
  • Marcos Gaming – 43 points
  • OneBlade Esports – 42 points
  • True Rippers – 41 points
  • Enigma Gaming – 40 points
  • Orangutan Esports – 39 points
  • Global Esports – 37 points
  • Medal Esports – 35 points
  • Revenant Esports – 30 points
  • Team X Spark – 28 points
  • SPY Esports – 27 points
  • Blind Esports – 27 points
  • Chemin Esports – 24 points


In conclusion, the BGMI BGMS Points Table is a valuable tool for players and fans alike to track the performance of teams in the tournament. It provides a comprehensive overview of each team’s standings, including their points, matches played, wins, losses, and net run rate. By analyzing this data, one can gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each team and make informed predictions about their future performance. The Points Table serves as a source of excitement and anticipation as teams battle it out on the field to climb up the ranks and secure a spot in the playoffs. Overall, the BGMI BGMS Points Table adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament and enhances the overall viewing experience for fans.

FAQ About Check BGMI BGMS Points Table Online?

What is the new points table system of BGMI?

Under the previous point system, the team that secured the Chicken Dinner was awarded 15 points. However, the new system reduces this value by 5 points. The second-place finisher now receives 6 points instead of the previous 12, while the third-place finisher receives 5 points.

Where can I find the BGMI BGMS Points Table?

We have given the point table of the final match.

What are the number of teams BGMI BGMS Points Table season 2?

There are a total number of 25 teams in season two.

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