Barbie Box Office Collection, Total Earnings In India And Worldwide, Storyline, Star Cast

Barbie Box Office Collection:- Barbie carry out well on its first 17 days at the box office & earned roughly ₹ 42.22 Cr India net. Here is Barbie’s 18th-day box office collection & Occupancy. Barbie may earn 0.71 Cr India net on its eighteenth day. It is the first time in Hollywood cinema history that a live-action Barbie film has been produced. The Barbie movie, which was released on July 21, 2023, has both male and female fans giddy with excitement.

The Barbie dolls and the Barbie animated films are to blame for everything. Barbie dolls continue to be one of the most popular dolls worldwide, and Barbie toys and animated films are among the most popular among 90s and 20s youngsters. Making a movie on the Barbie dolls will undoubtedly shatter records and be a hit with all the youngsters who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s.

Barbie Box Office Collection

The First time ever in the history of Hollywood Movies to at any time make a live-action Barbie movie. All Barbie lovers both men & women are super thrilled about the Barbie movie, which has been publish on 21st July 2023. It is all because of the Barbie dolls & the Barbie Animated movies. Barbie toys & Animated movies are the best-loved of all the 90s and 20s kids & the Barbie dolls are still one of the best-selling dolls global. Making a movie on the Barbie dolls will certainly be record-breaking & a favorite for all the 90s and 20s kids out there.

Already many Barbie fans have by now booked tickets for the movie and maybe many of you have before now watched the Barbie previews. So the main question is what are the first-day box office collections of the Barbie movie, Don’t worry we are here to response that. We have provided the first-day box office collections of the Barbie movie, the previews collections of the  Barbie Box Office Collection & finally the showdown between Barbie vs Oppenheimer. So unaccompanied by any delay let’s get into it.

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Barbie Box Office Collection

Barbie Box Office Collection Details

Movie Name Barbie
Movie Release Date 0 21st July 2023
Release Worldwide
Directed by Greta Gerwig
Day 1 Collection of the Movie Worldwide $22.3 Million Dollars Estimated
Day 1 Collection of the Movie India 5 Crores Estimated
Category Trending
Official Website Click Here

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Barbie Box Office Collection Day Wise

Day India Net Collection Change(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday] ₹ 5 Cr
Day 2 [1st Saturday] ₹ 6.5 Cr 30.00%
Day 3 [1st Sunday] ₹ 7.15 Cr 10.00%
Day 4 [1st Monday] ₹ 2.3 Cr -67.83%
Day 5 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 2.3 Cr 0.00%
Day 6 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 2.25 Cr -2.17%
Day 7 [1st Thursday] ₹ 2 Cr -11.11%
Week 1 Collection ₹ 27.5 Cr
Day 8 [2nd Friday] ₹ 1.55 Cr -22.50%
Day 9 [2nd Saturday] ₹ 3.05 Cr 96.77%
Day 10 [2nd Sunday] ₹ 3.15 Cr 3.28%
Day 11 [2nd Monday] ₹ 0.8 Cr -74.60%
Day 12 [2nd Tuesday] ₹ 0.8 Cr 0.00%
Day 13 [2nd Wednesday] ₹ 0.85 Cr 6.25%
Day 14 [2nd Thursday] ₹ 0.75 Cr -11.76%
Week 2 Collection ₹ 10.95 Cr -60.18%
Day 15 [3rd Friday] ₹ 0.72 Cr -4.00%
Day 16 [3rd Saturday] ₹ 1.4 Cr 94.44%
Day 17 [3rd Sunday] ₹ 1.65 Cr 17.86%
Day 18 [3rd Monday] ₹ 0.4 Cr -75.76%
Day 19 [3rd Tuesday] ₹ 0.4 Cr 0.00%
Day 20 [3rd Wednesday] ₹ 0.43 Cr 7.50%
Day 21 [3rd Thursday] ₹ 0.35 Cr -18.60%
Week 3 Collection ₹ 5.35 Cr -51.14%
Total ₹ 43.8 Cr

Barbie Earnings Day Wise 1, 2,3 

Day  Barbie Earnings Day 1, 2, 3 Wise 
Barbie Earnings Day 1 $20 Million
Barbie Earnings Day 2 X-X
Barbie Earnings Day 3 X-X
Barbie Earnings Day 4 X-X
Barbie Earnings Day 5 X-X
Barbie Earnings Day 6 X-X

Barbie Box Office Collection Day 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Barbie, a comedy film with fantasy elements, was directed by Great Gerwig and written by the same. The film had its global release on July 21st, 2023. It has received an overwhelming response from viewers, and the total collection of Barbie on its first day at the box office can be found out. The movie was made with a substantial budget, and the day-wise collection of Barbie will become available once the movie runs successfully. To learn about Barbie reviews, worldwide collection, and star cast, please refer to our article. This fantasy comedy film is based on the beloved Barbie dolls. Through this article, you will be updated on the earnings of Barbie at the box office and other related information.

Barbie Box Office Collection World Wide

Barbie, a live action film based on the American Fantasy comedy film and directed by Greta Gerwig, was released worldwide on 21 July 2023. The movie centers around the Barbie fashion dolls created by Mattel. Initially announced by Universal Pictures in 2009, the development of the film began in 2014 when Sony Pictures acquired the film rights. This is the first live action film to be released following various computer animated and streaming television films. Margot Robbie stars as Barbie, while Ryan Gosling portrays Ken. After their expulsion from Barbieland, Barbie and her fellow women embark on a journey. Barbieland was a place where they all lived independently and confidently. The movie revolves around Barbie and her diverse range of characters.

Barbie Movie Total Earnings

When discussing the Barbie Box Office Collection, it is possible to anticipate its performance once it has been running successfully for a day or two. By the end of each day, one can determine the total earnings made. However, the movie faces stiff competition from Opennheimer, which was also released on the same day. These two films belong to different genres, with one being a comedy fantasy and the other a biographical movie. As for the budget, it was produced within a total of Rs 145 million dollars. If the movie’s collection exceeds this budget, it can be deemed a superhit.

Barbie Collection Media Reports

The fantasy comedy movie is based on the character Barbie, which was originally created by the American toy company Mattel. Following its release, there is much anticipation regarding the box office collection of Barbie on its first day. To remain informed, please refer to the table below for all the movie details.

Barbie Vs Oppenheimer Collections

For the beyond couple of months, the discussion of the world is about the significant film industry fight among Barbie and Oppenheimer. The Barbie film was coordinated by Greta Gerwig and Oppenheimer is coordinated by Christopher Nolan. The two films have Epic storylines and beginnings Oppenheimer was coordinated by Christopher Nolan based on the maker of the primary Nuclear Bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer.

Which is the very first nuclear bomb made and utilized, which was dropped on Nagasaki Japan. Though Barbie film is a parody movie which was coordinated by Greta Gerwig with Noah Baumbach in view of old Barbie design dolls by Mattel and it is the primary true to life film of Barbie film after various Barbie energized motion pictures. So both have a few best storylines and fanbases, so what are the assortments of both of the motion pictures on their most memorable day?

So assuming that you check out at the main reviews assortment of the Barbie film. The Barbie film has made a sum of $22.2 million bucks from just its reviews. Though Oppenheimer has made $10.5 million Bucks from a sum of 315 theaters. at the point when we take a gander at the first-day film industry assortment of Oppenheimer in India it has made a sum of 13.50 Crores, and overall it is attempting to make $15.9 Million bucks and the Barbie film assortment in Inids is 5 Crores and overall it has expected to make 30 Million Bucks.

Barbie Movie Storyline

Barbie film is an American dream satire film, which was coordinate by Greta Gerbig with Noah Baumbach and depends on the old Barbie dolls by Mattel. The greater part of the 90s and mid 20s kids watched the vivified renditions of Barbie motion pictures which were a youngster’s #1 film, particularly for young ladies and presently without precedent for history, the Barbie film has been deliver in true to life on 21st the July 2023.

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Barbie Box Office Collections Worldwide

Barbie as of now has made huge Barbie Film industry assortments just from its reviews. It has make $1.1 million Bucks on its most memorable sneak peaks which are hung on Wednesday and on Thursday’s review, the Barbie Film has gather a sum of $21.2 Million bucks.

Assuming we incorporate the absolute Barbie Film industry Assortment just from reviews it totals up to $22.3 Million Bucks, which is more than one of the most mind-blowing Wonder motion pictures of the year the Gatekeepers of the System Film which has just procured 17.5 Million Bucks Around the world.

Previews  Total Amount  Locations 
Wednesday Previews $1.1 Million Dollars 500
Thursday Previews $21.2 Million Dollars 3,400
Weekend Collection Expected 100 to 150 Million Dollars 10,000 ( Expected )

Barbie Box Office Collections India

The Barbie Film has previously restored $22.3 Million Bucks overall on its first day and in Quite a while, Barbie Film has made a sum of 5 Crores in appointments. What’s more, the Barbie Film is suppose to contact the characteristic of 30 Million Bucks on the main day of the film around the world. So that is for the overall and extensive assortments on day 1. Remember to have a look at the Oppenheimer versus Barbie Film assortments beneath.

Barbie Box Collections in India First Day 5 Crores
Barbie Box Collections Worldwide First Day $22.3 Million Dollars.
Barbie Box Collections Worldwide First Day Expected $30 Million Dollars

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Barbie Movie Indian Theaters Occupation On Day 1

On Day 1 of the Barbie Movie publish the occupancy of the Barbie movie in the theaters in the Morning show is 25.39%, Afternoon at 38.99%, Evening at 50.20% &  at the late-night show at 51.86%. You can also have a look at the tabular form below for a better understanding of the occupation of the shows in the theaters.

Morning Show  Afternoon  Evening  Night 
25.39% 38.99% 50.20% 51.86%

Barbie Star Cast

The star cast of the movie Barbie incorporate the following renowned names:

  • Margot Robbie
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Greta Gerwig
  • Simu Liu
  • Emma Mackey
  • Will Ferrell
  • Michael Cera
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Hari Nef

Barbie Movie Ratings & Reviews

The new Barbie movie has been released in over 4,200 theaters in North America and is expected to be a hit at the box office. It is projected that the film will earn over $100 million during its opening weekend, surpassing even Christopher Nolan’s latest release. This prediction will be confirmed by the end of the weekend as box office numbers are reported. The success of this film can be attributed to the iconic Barbie brand and its appeal to audiences of all ages.

Barbie Total Budgets

The film was produced with a budget of $145 million, which was entirely allocated towards costumes, design, art, and animation. The movie is expected to be highly successful, surpassing the Barbie Budget once its earnings exceed it. According to reviews, it is anticipated that the film will generate over $110 million in revenue during its opening weekend, based on Barbie Box Office Collection Day 1.

Barbie Movie Globally Collection

Barbie’s success as a movie is highly anticipated because of its intriguing storyline. The Worldwide Barbie Collection is projected to exceed $125 million within the weekend, considering its extensive screening in over 4200 theaters across the US alone. The first day’s earnings are estimated to reach $75 million. To stay informed about the overall collection, it is important to regularly check this post for updates.

FAQ About Barbie Box Office Collection

How Did Barbie Do At The Box Office?

Barbie has made an impressive opening at the first-day box office collections. The Barbie movie made a total of 22.3 Million dollars worldwide on its first day.

Who Directed The Barbie Movie?

Barbie Movie was direct by Greta Gerwig with the help of Noah Baumbach.

What Is Best-Selling Barbie?

The best Barbie-selling doll is the “Totally Hair Doll”. It has sold 10 Million dolls worldwide and it is still the best-sold Barbie doll in the history of Mattel.

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