Bajaj Chetak Review 2024 Frist Ride, Features, Specification & More

Bajaj Chetak- This Chetak is not a “Bajaj.” It’s simply a Chetak in light of the fact that Bajaj accepts that the Chetak has a more grounded brand review and there’s a ton of feelings connected to it. However, the brand-new Chetak is a firecracker. Also, it is savvy. It’s high-end. It is quite aspirational due to its many features. However, one thing it does not have is an exhaust sound, which will pique the interest of many considering the “Hamara Bajaj” day. That’s exactly what Bajaj wants. Bajaj Chetak is a popular electric scooter that has been making waves in the market.

With its sleek design, powerful performance, and eco-friendly features, the Chetak is definitely worth considering for anyone in search of a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. One of the standout features of the Chetak is its electric motor, which provides smooth acceleration and quiet operation. The scooter also boasts a long-lasting battery that can be charged at home or at charging stations, making it convenient for daily use. In addition to its impressive performance, the Chetak also offers a comfortable ride with its ergonomic seating and ample storage space.

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Bajaj Chetak Review

Bajaj Chetak utilizes a sheet mineral body bureau that gives an exceptional touch, while the level streaming lines, Drove lighting and bearing signs with resulting sparkling like very good quality vehicles add to its ingenuity. In addition, it includes Bluetooth-enabled, entirely digital instrumentation with numerous features. The electric motor in the Bajaj Chetak derives its power from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3 kWh and an IP67 rating. With 16Nm of high torque, its motor has a power grade of 4 kW (peak) and 3.8 kW (continuous).

The Chetak comes with a long-lasting battery that allows for a decent range on a single charge, making it suitable for both short commutes and longer rides. The scooter also offers features such as regenerative braking, which helps to extend the battery life. In terms of performance, the Chetak delivers quick acceleration and responsive handling, making it easy to navigate through traffic. It also comes with modern conveniences like a digital instrument cluster and smartphone connectivity options. Overall, the Bajaj Chetak is a reliable and eco-friendly option for those looking for an electric scooter that combines style, performance, and practicality.

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Bajaj Chetak Review of Frist Ride, Features, Specification in 2023

Bajaj Chetak Review Details

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Motor Performance

Let’s start with the Chetak’s heart. The 3.8kW ceaseless electric engine and the IP67-evaluated lithium-particle battery are made by Bosch and imported from Germany. The scooter has IP67, which means it can survive about 30 minutes in water up to one meter deep. Additionally, this rating indicates that dust will not enter the powertrain. In Eco mode, Bajaj claims a maximum riding distance of 95 kilometers. The maximum velocity is restricted to 70kmph and a full charge requires five hours.

When it comes to charging, the Chetak has a built-in charger underneath the seat. The charging cable is neatly tucked away inside the front storage compartment, which is accessible by opening it with a switchgear that has been carefully crafted. This charger can be plugged into any power outlet with 5 amps. However, there is currently no fast charging option.

The Chetak has a metal body and is built on a steel frame. It is equipped with 12-inch tubeless alloy wheels provided by Bajaj. There’s a solitary sided front suspension and a monoshock at the back. The front brake is a disc, and the rear is a drum brake. Additionally, a regenerative braking system is available. The Chetak, like the majority of other Bajaj bikes, has backlight switches.


There’s a large group of it. The Chetak’s round instrument cluster is its most appealing feature. It has an all-LCD display and a theme of black and white. It feels great to look at the fonts, layout, and movement of icons. A nice touch are the sequential LED indicators. The headlamp is completely Driven. There’s a Drove DRL too which has been flawlessly incorporated on the gathering.

The front storage compartment has a feature known as “soft-open.” That implies the compartment cover doesn’t simply drop down in a jiffy. Rather, it descends gradually. Similar to other scooters, the seat does not collapse when opened. There is a lock mechanism in Chetak, and you can only use your hand to close it all the way until it is closed.

The Chetak gets smartphone network also. Utilizing the versatile application, you will actually want to follow the riding propensities, alongside GPS route and a few highlights that will assist you with finding the bike in a jam-packed area. On the off chance that, you don’t want to do that, you can essentially press the button on the key coxcomb, and a sound and signals will let you know the specific area of the bike.

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Ride Experience

The Chetak electric also known as e-Chetak rides like some other petroleum fueled bike. The seating design is upright and comfortable. There’s lots of room to keep your legs (and some gear) on the plank of flooring. The seat is adequately huge to oblige two standard size grown-ups. In addition, there are sufficient storage spaces to accommodate the half-face helmet and a few other small items. Additionally, the ride quality is comfortable and a little plush. The scooter is easy to maneuver through traffic because of its balanced design. In addition, the scooter has a reverse mode that makes it easy to get out of tight spots. So in the event that the e-Chetak acts like a typical bike, for what reason is everybody going ga over it? Indeed, you find the solution when you curve that gas pedal.

At first, the sudden surge of torque without any surrounding sound feels odd. However, once you get used to it, a new world awaits you. The eco mode is where things are a piece quiet, slow and furthermore the most productive. Here, you want to utilize somewhat more choke than you would require, to some degree at first at traffic lights. The Chetak behaves well once it is moving and can be seen passing most of the other two-wheelers in its path.

Additionally, there is a sport mode that makes it faster and more exciting. You need to involve the game mode while climbing a flyover as the slope and the heaviness of the rider pumps the brakes when in eco model. Chetak has an interesting drive mode. Here, the Chetak continues flipping among eco and sport, contingent upon the choke reaction. This is a very decent element, however every time the bike changes to an alternate mode, there’s a sound blare that bothers you after some point. The brakes are effective. Although the power isn’t as strong as we’d like, it stops the scooter quite well.


This Bajaj is available in five colors and comes in two variations for Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom Pune). It faces competition from the more recent TVS iQube and Ather 450.


The Chetak is an intriguing item. It looks great. Has the ookmph to blow some people’s minds. Additionally, the performance is acceptable for city use. It is the ideal vehicle for city commutes with a range of 95 kilometers. Additionally, the Chetak’s features are useful and simple to use. Therefore, our initial perceptions are quite positive. We would like to investigate further, but Bajaj will provide us with the scooter for longer than a few hours.

Bajaj Chetak Review FAQ’S

Is Bajaj Chetak worth buying?

With a range of approximately 70km, the Chetak is suitable for urban travel, although careful consideration should be given for longer distances. Additionally, the top speed of 70kmph is an important factor to consider. For individuals seeking a high-quality scooter for city riding, the Chetak is an excellent option.

What is the mileage of Chetak per liter?

Bajaj Chetak gives around 49 kmpl mileage.

What is the top speed of Old Chetak?

The Chetak Electric, formerly known as the Bajaj Chetak, is a motor scooter manufactured by the Bajaj Auto Company in India. It runs on a 4.2 kW BLDC Motor and is equipped with a 2.89 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. With a maximum speed of 63 km/h (50 mph), the scooter has an impressive range of 90 km.

Is Chetak electric heavy?

The Chetak weighs roughly 130kgs.

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