Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Price, Performance, User Reviews & More Details

Apple Watch Series 8 Review: At this year’s “Far Out” launch event, Apple introduced the “Ultra,” a brand-new Apple Watch model that has been a major topic of conversation. It has better hardware, is larger and chunkier, and was made with a very specific group of users in mind. The Apple Watch Ultra also managed to surpass the standard Apple Watch Series 8 in this regard. There are some improvements over the previous Series 7, but not nearly as many as we had hoped for. Is it worth it to upgrade to the new Apple Watch Series 8 or should you stick with the Series 7?

We’ve been testing the new Apple Watch Series 8 for a week and a half to see if it’s worth upgrading to. All indications point to a very minor update in Series 8. Apple added a temperature sensor and a car crash detection feature to it, and watchOS 9 powers it, making this an important upgrade. Aside from that, though, anyone who has seen a Series 7 episode will recognize this update right away. It keeps similar plan, variety choices and cost at 399 US Doller. This watch isn’t for everyone, but if you already have an Apple Watch that’s been around for more than three or four years, the Series 8 has a lot going for it.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Review

At the Cupertino giant’s major launch event, the Apple Watch Ultra was given a lot of attention—and it was rightly so—but that doesn’t mean the regular Watch didn’t get some attention as well. The Apple Watch has moved on to Series 8, which looks like a small improvement but does include a temperature monitor and a new feature that can save lives called crash detection. That the design does not change is, in my opinion, both a positive and negative thing. Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Apple Watch Series 8.

However, there are only a few new features for this year. Ovulation tracking is done with a temperature sensor, and a more sophisticated gyroscope can tell when you fall off your bike (scary). The software, not the hardware, contains our favorite new components. While you run, you can see a lot more pages of stats with the Apple Watch Series 8. If you don’t want the clutter, you can ignore them because the primary screen remains unchanged.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Review

Apple Watch Series 8 Review Details

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Apple Watch Series 8 Price And Availability

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in two case finishes—aluminium and stainless steel—and two case sizes—41mm and 45mm. Connectivity is an additional aspect to consider when selecting an Apple Watch. The GPS model or the GPS + cellular model are your options here.

The Apple Watch Series 8 with the 41mm aluminum case begins from Rs. Rs. 45,900 for the GPS model 55,900 for the model with GPS and cellular. The Series 8 with a 45-millimeter aluminum case costs Rs. For the GPS model, 48,900, and for Rs. 58,900 for the model with GPS and cellular. The treated steel models of the Apple Watch Series 8 are just accessible in GPS + cell, and are evaluated upwards of Rs. 74,900 for a 41mm base case.


Apple Watch Series 8 Review

The Apple Watch utilizes components of hardware and software to provide a solid overall experience, much like the tiny, innumerable components of a quartz watch, each of which seamlessly integrates into the mechanism and plays its own crucial role in keeping things ticking. The Apple Watch is a benchmark for a device that helps complete an ecosystem and fits in, adding value to the chain in its own unique way. It encompasses health, fitness, and smarts. The Apple Watch Series 8 ought to be the standard option for iPhone users seeking a high-end lifestyle smartwatch. However, Apple believes that it would be ideal for each ecosystem component to be able to attract new users on its own.


The new smartwatch has a curvier chassis and thinner display bezels than the Apple Watch 7, making it nearly impossible to tell the two apart. This screen, which is 20% bigger than the Apple Watch Series 6’s, is streamlined for highlights like Generally In plain view, the new watchOS 9 countenances and a QWERTY console for sending messages. Yes, the Apple Watch Series 7 has provided me with these features for the past year. However, I’m going to assume that people upgrading from older Apple Watch models will consider the redesign to be a significant advancement. Prepare for more usable screen space if you decide to upgrade from an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 4.

The familiar digital crown and side button can be found on the side of the Apple Watch Series 8 and are used in conjunction with the touchscreen to navigate the device. The Apple Watch Series 8’s design is still quite user-friendly, even though it would be neat if it had an action button on the side like the Apple Watch Ultra.  Midnight, Silver, Starlight, and Product Red are the Apple Watch Series 8 colors. Despite my ambivalence regarding their demise, the Blue and Green watches are no longer available. In addition, you can personalize your Apple Watch by selecting the best bands for your style.

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Skin Temperature Sensor

Let’s examine the skin temperature sensor that Apple adds in this version in more detail. Apple’s health suite uses the skin temperature sensor to track sleep and track exercise. When it comes to sleep, variations from the overnight baseline temperature may aid you in monitoring the outside influences on your typical rest. Consider travelling or staying out late. The Apple Watch Series 8 can forecast my ovulation windows if I were attempting to conceive using my wrist temperature and other period tracking data.It has been demonstrated that variations in wrist temperature are reliable predictors of possible ovulation.

On the other hand, if you have a condition that affects your cycle, the overnight wrist temperature data might help you feel more confident. I have polycystic ovarian disorder, or PCOS (which was really featured in the Apple Ladies’ Wellbeing Study), so keeping a “typical” ovulation cycle is something that requires specific way of life propensities on my part. If the data from my wrist are off in a particular month, it could mean that I need to take better care of managing my symptoms. Important information: Since calibrating this feature takes at least a month, I’ll have to come back with more information about my experience.

Regarding privacy, end-to-end encryption is used to protect all cycle tracking data, and data can be wiped whenever desired. You can decide with whom you share information about your health. For instance, you might want to tell the doctor helping you with your fertility about your period. In the future, Apple might employ skin temperature as one of the measures to determine stress, much like the Fitbit Sense 2. Others have suggested that it might also be utilized to identify fevers. All we can do is wait and see.

Crash Detection

Crash detection is not a new feature of the Apple Watch Series 8, but unfortunately, car accidents do happen. I hope no one ever tests it. While Apple Watch has had emergency SOS and fall detection features for some time, crash detection is a new safety feature made possible by Series 8’s upgraded motion sensors. In addition to an improved gyroscope and accelerometer, the Apple Watch Series 8 contains two brand-new motion sensors. Together, these can sample motion four times faster than before, allowing the watch to precisely detect a crash as it occurs. In addition, in the unfortunate event of a crash, the Apple Watch will contact your emergency contacts and automatically call emergency services. It’s a somber thought, but getting help sooner could mean the difference between life and death.

I’ll also point out that crash detection is one of the ways the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE (2022) compare, proving that safety can be improved for less money. I just wish this were also available as a feature on the Apple Watch Ultra; more on that in a moment.

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Battery Life With Low Power Mode

A feature I’ve wanted for a long time is included in the Apple Watch Series 8: mode of low power. Yes, earlier models of the Apple Watch had Power Reserve, which allowed you to see the time even when the watch was almost dead. The Apple Watch’s new low power mode, on the other hand, uses a handy setting from the iPhone to turn off some features that use a lot of power while keeping the device mostly usable. From the control center, turning on Apple Watch low power mode is simple and prompts you to select which features are compromised. The Always-On Display, continuous health sensor readings, and cellular connectivity will be temporarily lost. You can set low power mode to turn off automatically after one, two, or three days, depending on the situation.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a battery life of 18 hours when used normally. The watch can operate in low power mode for up to 36 hours. Even though I normally charge my Apple Watch in the morning, I discovered that using low power mode for even a few hours during the day extended its battery life well beyond 24 hours. The Series 8 can be charged in the same way, with a fast charger taking it from 0 to 100 percent in about an hour and eight minutes of charging before bed providing eight hours of sleep tracking. I’d like to point out that the new AirPods Pro 2 can now be charged with the Apple Watch’s magnetic charger, allowing users of both products to consolidate their cables.

WatchOS 9

If you haven’t already tried low power mode on one of the watchOS 9-supported devices, check out our guide on how to update your Apple Watch. However, despite the fact that they are not “exclusive,” there are a few watchOS 9 features that stood out when using the Apple Watch Series 8 in particular. In watchOS 9, the fitness tracking interface on the Apple Watch underwent a significant redesign. During a workout, you can now monitor your heart rate zones, automatically switch between multisport events, and create custom workouts. I liked seeing my zones for cardio and HIIT workouts because I favor heart rate-based training for effective recovery. As with the best fitness trackers, everything felt responsive and accurate.

I also love the new interface of the workout app, which shows your Apple Watch rings. Before, I would frequently leave the app to check my progress. Naturally, I can also see my rings on my iPhone or iPad screen during each class when I exercise with Apple Fitness Plus. The exercise platform, which costs $9.99 per month, recently made it possible to exercise without an Apple Watch; however, wearing one definitely enhances the workout experience.

The brand-new Medications app is another watchOS 9 feature that I use every day. My Apple Watch Series 8 began notifying me at the same time each day to record my intake as soon as I set up my medications in the Health app on my iPhone. It even adapted to my new time zone and alerted me to potential interactions that I ought to be aware of. I’m always looking for the best apps for the Apple Watch, but there are a few that I’ve been loving lately that I thought you might want to try when you get a new watch. SwingVision is a great tennis training program, and Headspace has helped me meditate daily in small doses. Additionally, my favorite app for staying hydrated is WaterMinder.

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Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Apple Watch Ultra: How they compare

The $799 Apple Watch Ultra is unlike any other smartwatch we’ve ever seen from Apple. Size, design, and features are among the many distinctions between the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. In addition, the majority of the time, it makes sense why the Apple Watch Ultra has certain features that the Apple Watch Series 8 does not: With the Apple Watch Series 8, I don’t intend to dive deep seas anytime soon. The siren, on the other hand, is one Apple Watch Ultra feature that I believe Apple should have tried to include in the Series 8.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s new speaker system enables the siren to be as loud as 86 decibels on the larger watch.Not only in the great outdoors, but also in the city where I live, personal safety is a major concern. Fortunately, the redesigned compass app found on the Apple Watch Ultra is available on the Apple Watch Series 8. I was able to save my points of interest (also known as photo ops) on a recent hike, and the new trackback feature got me back to my car successfully.

Although many of the best Garmin watches and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro both have these GPS features, the Apple Watch Series 8 is now easier to rank among the best sports watches for basic outdoor activities. Having said that, the Apple Watch Ultra might have more features for adventurers. Soon, we will publish a comprehensive Apple Watch Ultra review and provide our verdict.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is sufficiently superior to the Series 7 thanks to the skin temperature sensor, crash detection feature, and low power mode, but the design and watchOS 9 — neither of which are “exclusive” elements — are what truly elevate the user experience. For users of the Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5, or simply anyone who wants a fully featured Watch experience, I believe the Series 8 is the ideal upgrade option. It will also be a fantastic option for people with medical issues like aFib that the Apple Watch Series 8 can assist monitor. Do I wish there were a few more changes? I maybe, but the Apple Watch Series 8 has everything the majority of people with an iPhone might require in a wristwatch. The Apple Watch continues to set the bar for wearable technology even in the face of increasing competition.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review FAQ’S

Is Apple Watch Series 8 worth buying?

The skin temperature sensor, crash detection feature and low power mode make the Apple Watch Series 8 better enough than the Series 7; however, I will say the design and watchOS 9 neither exclusive assets are what make the experience as great as it is.

What is the point of Apple Watch Series 8?

Apple Watch Series 8 has an innovative sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep, so you can see changes over time. Cycle Tracking uses this data to provide a retrospective estimate of when you likely ovulated, which can be helpful for family planning.

Which is better Apple Watch 7 or 8?

Apple Watch Series 8‌ is a very minor upgrade over the Series 7, with the body temperature sensor and Crash Detection being the only significant changes, meaning that it is difficult to recommend upgrading.

Does Apple Watch 8 have a camera?

No, the device does not have a camera. However, there is a Camera app on the device. You can set your iPhone's camera timer for a photo using the app on your Watch.

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