Amazfit Band 7 Review: Price, Performance, User Reviews & More Details

Amazfit Band 7 Review: We were certain that the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 (Review) would be the standard for smart bands in 2021 when we wrote our review of it last year. However, Xiaomi has not launched its successor, the Mi Smart Band 7, in India this year for reasons that are only known to the company. The debut of Amazfit’s first fitness band in India aims to fill that void. The fitness band, which is called the Amazfit Band 7, is loaded to the brim with features like support for voice commands and even an app store. Can the Amazfit Band 7 defeat the Mi Smart Band 6, which is so popular? Here’s what I think of the fitness band after using it for a few weeks.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of competition in the budget activity tracker market, with devices like the Xiaomi Band 7 and Huawei Band 7 demonstrating that you have to be very good to get a look-in and that there are apparently no original ideas when it comes to naming devices. I’ve been testing the new Amazfit Band 7 to see if it’s worth the money because it’s trying to get to the top of the pack.

Amazfit Band 7 Review

One of the companies that set the standard for low-cost wearables in the Indian market is Amazfit. Amazfit appears to be moving into the fitness band market with the Amazfit Band 7, despite the fact that the Mi Smart Band series continues to hold the throne. Previously, Amazfit focused on budget smartwatches. It has a lot to offer, including built-in Alexa, a wider display than its predecessor, and a long battery life. Since Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 7 hasn’t been released yet, this seems like a good time for Amazfit to enter the Indian market. But will it be able to challenge Chinese tech giants’ dominance? Let’s see in our review to find out.

Health and fitness tracking appear to be inherently more expensive as a result of the rise of smartwatches. Even fairly straightforward watches with only the most fundamental sensors typically cost a lot. When “Fitbit” was synonymous with fitness trackers, there were numerous budget options; however, as the number of convergence devices has increased, many appear to have vanished. Amazfit is here. Although the company was founded in 2015, it already offers a wide range of inexpensive activity accessories. In addition, the Amazfit Band 7 is a tracker in the style of a bracelet that is less expensive than more expensive smartwatches. With it, you can track your steps and other performance metrics as you work toward your fitness goals.

Amazfit Band 7 Review

Amazfit Band 7 Review Details

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Price And Availability

Amazfit’s first fitness band for the Indian market is the Band 7. It replaces the Band 5 and has a competitive price tag of Rs. 3,499. The Amazfit Band 7 is available in three colors, in contrast to the Mi Smart Band 6, which is only available in one color: white, pink, and black However, the color of these straps, which hold the black rectangular unit in place, is all that matters. Because you are unable to purchase the straps separately for any of Amazfit’s other smartwatches, you will need to make an educated decision when purchasing the band.

Amazfit Band 7 Review

The market for inexpensive fitness trackers in the United States is fairly small. Apple doesn’t make a compact tracker, Xiaomi and Huawei don’t officially sell their Bands here, and Fitbit and Garmin trackers are expensive, especially when you factor in Fitbit Premium. These are the top-selling wearable brands. In the United States, only the Amazfit Band 7 properly fits into this cheap but reliable niche until the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 arrives.

Design and Display

The Amazfit Band 7 costs Rs. 3,499, making it competitive with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. It is available in pink, black, and white colors. We’re carrying a black colorway. It appears to be quite basic and traditional. You should experiment with the other two colors if you want to show off the band. If you are not satisfied with the colors that are offered, we discovered a number of third-party straps on Amazon and other online stores. The design of the Amazfit Band 7 is the same as that of any fitness band. It has a TPU strap and a capsule that is slightly rounded but clearly rectangular-shaped. It also has a buckle that is a little unusual this time around. Even after a few minor drops, the polycarbonate capsule did not crack or scratch. It is well built.

The capsule’s mold ensures that it stays flush and does not simply fly off when you flail your arms. When necessary, the capsule can be removed from the strap to swap straps or simply clean it. The clasp fits well, however it takes two or three attempts to see as your fit. It is somewhat cumbersome and requires more work than is necessary. While attempting to insert the buckle into the desired adjustment hole, we occasionally ended up pulling some of our arm hair. In order for the strap to fit our average-sized wrists, we needed to use the last few adjustment holes.

Design 1

Since there are no actual buttons on the band, all functions must be performed on display. While we’re at it, we should mention that the band has a 1.47-inch AMOLED display on the front and thick bezels everywhere—especially on the bottom. The band has a rectangular shape, in contrast to the Mi Smart Band 6, whose design features a more rounded shape. The display on the Mi Smart Band 6 is slightly larger than that on the Amazfit Band 7. The AMOLED display has a pixel density of 282 ppi and a resolution of 198 368. It has vivid colors and makes the content on it stand out well. Because the display is sufficiently bright and the text is also legible on the screen, using the band outside is not at all problematic. The oleophobic coating helps to prevent fingerprint smudges from appearing on the display.

The heart rate, SpO2, and stress sensors are located at the watch’s back. There are likewise several attractive charging pins here. Since the Amazfit Band 7 can withstand 5 ATM of water, diving with it shouldn’t be a problem. Because it weighs only 28 grams without the strap, we frequently overlook the fact that we have a band on our hands.

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Software and Performance

The Amazfit Band 7 is no exception to the trend of feature-rich fitness bands and smartwatches from Amazfit. We were impressed with the features and value of the Amazfit GTS 4 smartwatch when we reviewed it recently. The Zepp OS that powers the Amazfit Band 7 is very similar to the software that powers the Mi Smart Band 6. There are more than 50 watch faces to choose from, and the band can hold up to five of them. The Zepp Health app contains the remaining information. Even though the user interface is quite useful for a small screen, it is not the most attractive available. It is common knowledge that it is challenging to fit multiple elements into such a limited screen estate. The band can unfortunately show a limited amount much at a solitary time, and the substance on it can look clogged, particularly action information.

The notification bar, which is quite detailed and somewhat reminiscent of the GTS 4’s, can be accessed by swiping down on the home screen. You can access the notifications tab by swiping right, and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant is accessible by swiping left again. The activity tab appears when you swipe right from the home screen. You can access all of the band’s features by swiping up, including PAI, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, workout tracking, and sleep tracking. The Amazfit Band 7 can display notifications and receive them, but there is no reply option. It is also able to display alerts for incoming calls, but you are unable to answer them.

We discovered a lot of inconsistencies in the call notification feature, despite its continued utility. In addition, the band fails to display the name or even the phone number, which defeats the purpose. WhatsApp calls cannot be answered, which is a huge disappointment. In terms of messages, we also discovered some instability here due to the band’s tendency to occasionally miss notifications, particularly from messaging apps like WhatsApp. Due to the software’s inability to detect touches, scrolling through the user interface may not always feel fluid. On the off chance that you ask us, we would’ve jumped at the chance to see an actual button on it for certain trade offs to the structure factor.

To pair the band with your smartphone, you will need the companion app from Zepp Health. It has a steep learning curve in exchange for a very detailed user interface. In our Amazfit GTS 4 review, we went over the app in detail. You can read that review here to learn everything it has to offer. The Amazfit Band 7 supports Amazon Alexa, as previously stated. Most of the time, it doesn’t work at all. The band can listen to your requests through a microphone, but there is no speaker, so you have to read the responses off the screen.

A fitness band’s primary function is to accurately record workouts and provide data. There are more than 120 sports modes available on the Amazfit Band 7, ranging from the standard activities of walking, running, and cycling to ball sports, winter sports, water sports, and many more. We went on numerous walks with it, and it does its job well. The Amazfit Band 7 was only off by nine steps when we manually counted them, which is acceptable. It displays a plethora of information, including your heart rate, workout duration, distance, calories burned, and more. The band records your way with the assistance of the matched cell phone, as it doesn’t have GPS underlying.

Other than that, the Amazfit Band 7 likewise has rest checking, and it’s exact and thorough. By sleeping at two distinct times—once at 10 p.m. and once at 4 a.m.—we tested the sleep tracking. It accurately recorded our sleeping and waking hours. If you’ve been sleeping for at least 20 minutes, the band can also record your afternoon naps. However, there were times when the heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring was inconsistent. The disparity in the data stood out when we tested it alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Review). The Galaxy Watch 5 consistently reported a reading of 96%, while the Amazfit Band 7 occasionally reported a reading of 89%.

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Battery Life and Charging

Amazfit has a great history of producing smartwatches with long battery lives. With the Amazfit Band 7, the fitness band division simply continues its tradition. For a wearable device of this size, the band has a battery capacity of 232 mAh. To put things in perspective, the Mi Smart Band 6 has a 125mAh battery, whereas the GTS 4 smartwatch from Amazfit has a 300mAh battery. The company says that the battery can last for 18 days with normal use and 12 days with heavy use. We have been using the Amazfit Band 7 for more than a week with the monitoring activities disabled and the always-on display enabled at all times.

For call alerts and notifications during this time, the band was always connected to the smartphone. The band can easily continue for a few more days if you intend to disable the always-on feature. The Amazfit Band 7’s overall battery life is satisfactory, so you won’t have to rush to charge it at night. Any adapter with a USB-A port can be connected to the included proprietary two-pin charger, which can fully charge the band in just over an hour and thirty minutes. The magnetic charger fits snugly, and you don’t have to take the capsule out to charge it.


The fitness band market is expanding, with companies like Xiaomi leading the charge while Noise, Fastrack, and Boat provide affordable alternatives that are equally as effective. With the Amazfit Band 7, Amazfit seems like it wants a piece of that cake before Xiaomi comes along with its next upgrade. The display on the Amazfit Band 7 is bright and clear, but it is slightly larger. Perhaps something more like the Mi Smart Band 6 would have been preferable. But for Rs 3,499, the Amazfit Band 7 has a display that is always on and a slew of sports modes that every fitness fan will love. The software can sometimes feel sluggish, and the inconsistent health monitoring and notifications can be annoying. The Amazfit Band 7’s battery life is excellent, especially when compared to the competition.

Amazfit’s Band 7 ends up in conflict with a marginally old yet fit Mi Shrewd Band 6. Both bands are very useful in a variety of situations and have a lot of potential. The Mi Smart Band 6 may be your choice if you prefer to see your data and time on a larger screen with a slightly smoother software experience. However, the Amazfit Band 7 ought to end up in your shopping cart if you want a lot of new sports modes, a built-in voice assistant, and a long battery life. Read our review to learn more about the Realme Watch 3 Pro, which offers a smartwatch experience if you have a few extra dollars to burn in addition to calories.

Amazfit Band 7 Review FAQ’S

Is Amazfit Band 7 worth buying?

Amazfit Band 7 is straightforward to use. It has its quirks—such as a lack of buttons for input—that make getting used to it a little tricky at first. But most of the controls are intuitive and easy to figure out.

Is Amazfit 7 accurate?

That's perfect since the display isn't going to show you as much as a larger smartwatch would, anyway. As for accuracy, metrics like step count and heart rate were right on par with other devices I tested during the same period, including the Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin Forerunner 265S.

What does the Amazfit Band 7 do?

The Amazfit Band 7 informs the user of the heart rate, steps, stress level, blood oxygen level, and calories consumed, as well as the PAI value, which is a personal indicator for physiological activity. You can also record the menstruation cycle.

Is the Amazfit 7 waterproof?

The waterproofing level of this device is 5ATM (equivalent to a depth of 50 meters underwater). It permits pool swimming, shoal swimming, and other water activities in shallow waters, but it is not suitable for hot showers, saunas, and diving.

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