Windows 11 Gets Major Update; Brings AI-Powered Bing to Search, Lets You Link iPhone Directly to Your PC

Windows 11 Gets Major Update – Starting today, a major Windows 11 update is available to all users. Anyone can download it manually. This will also be rolled out in the March 2024 Security Updates. This is the biggest update since Windows 11 was released a few years ago. The new update brings some exciting features such as AI-powered Bing search in the taskbar, touch-optimized taskbar, improved Teams integration, new widgets, and more. If you’re interested in the new update, here’s everything you need to know.

Windows 11 continues to improve and gain new features, making it a reliable and stable platform for users. The OS has received positive feedback from users around the world for its performance, reliability, and ease of use. In fact, many people choose to upgrade their PC to Windows 11 over other operating systems because they love using it. Ultimately, we think that Windows 11 is a great choice for both home users and businesses looking for a cost-effective solution in the market today!

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Windows 11 Gets Major Update

Microsoft has announced a Windows 11 update with exciting new features. The taskbar search feature will now include AI-powered Bing, and the Phone Link app will make it easier for iPhone users to connect to Windows 11 PCs. Additionally, Windows 11’s taskbar and widgets have been updated with additional features, and even traditional apps like Notepad are greatly enhanced with multi-tab support. Microsoft has announced that new features will be available to users in the latest Windows 11 update. To check for updates, users can go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.

Windows 10 is receiving a major update, with new features and enhancements for users. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be available to users on October 17th, 2017. This major update brings several new features and enhancements to the platform, including improved security and performance. Some of the key features of this update include improved support for mixed reality devices, the ability to create 3D objects in Paint 3D, and a new tool called Screen Sketch that allows you to draw on your screen.

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Windows 11 Gets Major Update

Windows 11 Overview 2024

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Windows 11 Latest Update Availability

Microsoft has announced that all users can now manually download the latest updates for Windows 11. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing updates manually, you can wait for the March 2024 security update, which includes the Windows 11 update. The Windows 11 latest update is now available to download. This latest edition of the operating system is a huge improvement over previous versions and comes with a host of new features and improvements.

These include the updated Start menu, redesigned user interface, improved security, and more. With Windows 11, users can enjoy a more intuitive and seamless experience as they use their computers. It’s also packed full of exciting new features, such as Microsoft Edge web browser, which brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to the internet. So if you’re looking to upgrade your existing computer or buy a new one, make sure to get the latest version of Windows!

Windows 11 Latest Update: New Features

Microsoft has included some long-awaited features in the latest update of its most ambitious operating system. Let’s see. Windows 11 is the latest operating system for Microsoft’s Windows platform. It was brings a host of new features to users. One of the most notable improvements in Windows 11 is the Edge browser. Edge is faster and more secure than previous versions, and integrates with other Microsoft services like Office and Cortana. Another feature of Windows 11 is its improved security features, which include protection against viruses and malware. This makes it a good choice for businesses who need to keep their data private. Overall, Windows 11 is a good choice for users looking for a reliable and feature-packed operating system.

Phone Link for iOS

One of the complaints from iPhone users using Windows is the need for integration like the Apple ecosystem. Microsoft announced the rollout of his Phone Link for iOS later this year, so no more, but interested users can head over to the Windows Insider blog for a preview. With it, you’ll never miss an important call or message on your iPhone while working on your Windows 11 calculator.

Improved Android Connectivity

Phone Link is a significant update for iOS, but it’s been available to Android users for quite some time. Microsoft added a useful feature for Samsung users. With one click from his Wi-Fi option on his Windows 11 computer, he can now turn on the hotspot on his Samsung smartphone. You can also transfer your web browsing session from your phone to your Windows 11 PC.

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Enhanced Video Calling and Teams connectivity

The latest Windows 11 update brings AI-assisted voice and video enhancements to voice and video calls. Enhance your calls with features like eye contact, background blur, auto framing, and audio focus built into the built-in camera and microphone. The new update also makes Windows Studio effects settings accessible from the taskbar’s quick settings. Seamlessly apply background blur, eye contact, auto-framing, and more to your Teams calls.

Speaking of Teams, the new Windows 11 update has revamped the chat functionality available on your desktop taskbar. Now it’s easier to preview your video and jump into a call instantly, or share your call link with your contacts from any app. You can view all chat conversations and navigate between them in her one window.

Overhauled Quick Assist

Windows Quick Help can help you solve Windows problems remotely. Microsoft has updated this feature with a new laser pointer to highlight icons, menus, or anything else on the screen for your convenience. And now you can quickly and easily access Quick Assist from the Start menu. Another valuable addition is the ability to toggle between full control and screen sharing for a more convenient experience.

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New Widgets

Microsoft also included new widgets in the latest Windows 11 update. Access these widgets by clicking the weather icon on the taskbar or by swiping from the left. Widgets now also support Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass, and partners like Meta and Spotify. This means that with Microsoft Windows 11 widgets you can see all the information and news at a glance. Widgets let you get the latest headlines, stock info, game scores, and more.

Improved Touch Experience

Microsoft designed Windows 10 and 11 as touch-friendly interfaces for tablets, 2-in-1s, and other devices with touchscreen displays. The latest Windows 11 updates improve the touch experience. When the display is detached or in tablet mode, the taskbar is hidden and automatically switches to gesture navigation. There are new touch gestures for opening and closing Start, Widgets, and Quick Settings.

Screen Recording in Snipping Tool

The Microsoft Snipping Tool was one of the most powerful ways to capture screen content, but it required one key ingredient: screen recording. Microsoft has added the ability to record your screen with the Snipping Tool. This means you can now record the process of creating graphics and tutorials on your Windows 11 PC. Before we do anything, all we have to do is go to the Snipping Tools and click Record. Press Windows + Shift + S to launch the Snipping Tool or use Taskbar Search.

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Tabs in Notepad App

The Notepad app in Microsoft Windows 11 is more powerful than ever. The latest update offers an improved notepad with tab support. This means you can organize all your data and text and switch between them seamlessly. Just open Notepad and click the + icon to add a new tab. Whether you’re a programmer who needs to create compliable code without formatting issues, or a content creator who needs to organize their content ideas, the new Windows 11 Notepad can help.

Microsoft added features such as braille display support, improved voice access, new power recommendations to reduce environmental impact, and AI search in the Start menu. Needless to say, this is a loaded Windows 11 update. Download now or wait for the March 2024 security update?

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