State Bank of Travancore 2024 Interest Rate For FD, RD, Forex Calculator

State Bank of Travancore 2024 Interest Rate For FD- A Fixed Deposit (FD) account is the first option for any prudent investor in India. A traditional savings account with a higher interest rate than a standard savings account is called a fixed deposit account. Because it promises a guaranteed return and is free of volatility and market risks, it is regarded as a secure and dependable option for investing. Opening an FD account is the easiest way to earn a fixed interest income if you have some spare cash. Because it guarantees a return in contrast to other riskier investment options, fixed deposits (FD) are a popular investment strategy in India. You can choose how much you want to deposit and how long you want to deposit it in an FD account, which is a benefit.

The typical tenure of a fixed deposit can be anywhere from seven days to ten years. The deposit amount and duration, among other factors, are taken into consideration by banks when determining their own interest rates. The average annual interest rate in India is between 4% and 8%. The deposit’s principal and earned interest are credited to the bank account specified on the application form when the FD is opened when the deposit matures. Even for an investor who is making their first investment, the documentation procedure is straightforward and painless.

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State Bank of Travancore 2024 Interest Rate For FD

A fixed deposit is when your money goes into a savings account that can give you a fixed income. Both the interest rate and the time period for which the money is deposited cannot be changed. Opening a fixed deposit account is the safest way to protect your investments for people who are wary of taking risks. State Bank of Travancore offers a return of 5.75 percent annually for deposits made between one month and 45 days, rising to 7 percent annually for deposits made between 46 days and three months. The interest rate goes up with the deposit period, so the returns are set at 7.25 percent per year for a holding period of three to six months. In addition, for holding periods of six months to less than one year, it drops slightly to 7% per year.

The interest rate for a bank account held at the State Bank of Travancore (SBT) is 2024% per annum. This is a fixed rate and does not change regardless of the performance of the bank or the market conditions. The SBT was established in the early 20th century and is headquartered in Trivandrum, the capital city of Travancore-Cochin, a state in south-western India. The bank is a state-owned financial institution that provides services to its domestic customers as well as to foreign investors and businesses operating in the state. As one of the largest banks in South Asia, the SBT has access to a wide range of financial products and services, including loans and deposits, insurance, investments, and more. The SBT also provides banking services to many private companies and individuals throughout Travancore-Cochin.

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State Bank of Travancore 2023 Interest Rate For FD

State Bank of Travancore 2024 Interest Rate For FD Details

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About State Bank of Travancore FD

State Bank of Travancore (SBT), an auxiliary of the State Bank of India (SBI), is a significant financial organization in Kerala. Established in 1945, the bank has gone through large amounts over the course of the years to fabricate a broad organization of around 1,200 branches and 1600 ATMs that range across 18 states and three association regions. The bank offers fixed store plans at a financing cost of 5%-7% per annum to both homegrown people as well as non-occupant Indians (NRIs). As loan fee varies between various periods, you should get to know the financing costs of the multitude of periods to be aware regarding when and with how much store you can accomplish your speculation objective.


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Features & Benefits State Bank Of Travancore Fixed Deposit

  • Serious loan costs are presented with adaptable FD residencies to suit your money growth strategy.
  • FD record can be opened on the web or by visiting your closest State Bank Of Travancore branch.
  • No cap on the Most extreme Measure of FD
  • FD Residencies: 7 days to 10 years
  • Different interest payout choices like month to month, quarterly, and so on.
  • Credit/Overdraft against FD office is accessible up to 85% of the FD sum.
  • Simple and quick liquidity choices are accessible.
  • Selection office is accessible.
  • Tax break of sum up to Rs 1,50,000, through charge saving term store conspire
  • Part withdrawal office and auto-reestablishment offices are additionally accessible
  • Senior residents can appreciate higher financing cost when contrasted with normal residents
  • NRE, NRO and FCNR store office is presented by the bank.

Types of State Bank of Travancore 2024 Interest Rate For FD

There are two ways to calculate interest on a fixed deposit at SBT or any other bank:

  • Simple Method for Interest: The interest is calculated on the initial deposit’s principal if the SBT FD rates or any other bank’s interest rates are used in this calculation. The principal will always serve as the foundation for the SBT FD interest rates, regardless of how often they are calculated.
  • Method for Compounded Interest: The initial deposit (principal) and the interest received thereon are taken into account when calculating the FD interest rates at SBT or any other bank using this approach. The interest rate on FD in SBT is calculated and compounded annually using this strategy. The amount of the benefit that a depositor receives will be added to the principal and used to calculate interest.

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Domestic Term Deposits (Below Rs.2 crore)

The interest rates for domestic term deposits of less than Rs.2 crore are given below:

TenorsInterest Rates for PublicInterest Rates for Senior Citizens
7 days to 45 days3.00%3.50%
46 days to 179 days4.50%


180 days to 210 days5.25%5.75%
211 days to less than 1 year5.75%6.25%
1 year to less than 2 years6.80%7.30%
400 Days (AMRIT KALASH)7.10%7.60%
2 years to less than 3 years7.00%7.50%
3 years to less than 5 years6.50%7.00%
5 years and up to 10 years6.50%7.50%

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Domestic Bulk Term Deposits (Rs. 2 Crores and above)

The interest rate for domestic term bulk deposits of Rs.2 crore and above are as given below:

TenorsInterest Rates for PublicInterest Rates for Senior Citizens
7 days to 45 days4.75%5.25%
46 days to 179 days5.50%6.00%
180 days to 210 days6.00%6.50%
211 days to less than 1 year6.25%6.75%
1 year to less than 2 years6.75%7.25%
2 years to less than 3 years6.50%7.00%
3 years to less than 5 years6.00%6.50%
5 years and up to 10 years6.00%6.50%

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State Bank of Travancore Fixed Deposit Calculator

Are you unaware of your proposed deposit amount’s final value? Make use of the fixed deposit calculator, which will use the deposit amount, interest rate, payout or compounding option, and deposit period to calculate the exact amount. So enter these details and you’ll get the expected amount in front of you. This will only assist you in selecting the most profitable time to invest.

State Bank of Travancore Fixed Deposit Form

Accessing the application form, which can be found at the bank’s website or at the branch, is required for opening a fixed deposit account at State Bank of Travancore. After accessing the form, you must fill it out and sign it with information like your name, date of birth, and addresses. Prepare the necessary identity and address verifications, which you must provide with the form to the bank staff. The bank will open your fixed deposit account with a specific number after conducting thorough research.

Documents Required

  • Completed Fixed Deposit Account Opening Form,
  • Cheque, and two passport-sized photographs Identity Documents (Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Photo Ration Card, Senior Citizen ID Card)
  • Address Documents (Passport, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Bank Statement, Certificate, or Post Office ID Card)

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