How To Screenshot On Mac The ultimate guide 2024?

How To Screenshot On Mac: For many new Apple users, especially those who migrated from Windows and are accustomed to this Print button, the answer to how to take screenshots on Mac is not immediately obvious. Taking a screenshot on a Mac only takes a few key presses, but the fact remains that recording the screen on a Mac has never been so intuitive. How To Screenshot On Mac.

For example, recording a video of your screen, along with various key commands for taking screenshots of windows and small selections, has long been possible only through QuickTime Player. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to take screenshots (and record videos) on your Mac, as well as some handy tools to make Apple screenshots easy.

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How To Screenshot On Mac

How To Screenshot On Mac

Take high-quality screenshots on any Mac computer and modify or share them however you like. You have the option to capture the entire screen, a window, or part of it. Shift, Command, and Number keys are used in all Mac screenshot techniques.

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  • Press and hold Shift + Command + 3 to take a screenshot of your entire Mac screen.
  • If you only need to capture part of the screen, use Shift + Command + 4. The cursor changes to crosshairs. To screenshot an area, click, drag, and release to take the screenshot.
  • To take a screenshot of a specific Mac window, press Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar.

The cursor’s crosshairs will change to a camera icon. To take a screenshot, mark another window with your cursor and then click. Still, Apple’s native screenshot tool only gives you five options for capturing your Mac’s screen. As you read on, you will find that there are many other third-party apps.

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Best screenshot app for your Mac

If you’re looking for a snipping tool for Mac that can do more than that, like taking scrolling shots, you’ll find that the native tools can’t do that. Clean shot X is unbeatable here. The app has been tuned for over 50 different modifications, making it the ultimate screen recording tool for Mac. Clean Shot X can be used to capture screens such as windows, full screens, regions, scrolling content, as well as capture videos and his GIFs. You can hide all desktop clutter and turn off desktop notifications while capturing everything on your desktop. Once you have a nice screenshot, open it from the overlay window that opens and start editing. You can annotate, blur or draw on specific parts. Clean Shot X lets you customize almost everything. How To Screenshot On Mac.

I have to mention some less-obvious but cool features like self-timer, screenshot pinning, and internal cloud. Want to record something with a delay? Clean Shot X features a self-timer to help you choose the right moment. Pin it to your desktop if you want the screenshot to stay on your screen. Finally, save your screenshots to the internal Clean Shot Cloud and get an instantly shareable link.

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Screenshot on Mac with the screenshot Menu

On macOS Mojave and later, you can open the screenshot menu to choose how you want to capture your screen, or use dedicated keyboard shortcuts for each action. B. Capture a window or selected area. MacOS versions released before Mojave do not have a screen capture menu, but have commands to capture part or all of the screen. For Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey users, you can use Command + Shift + 5 to bring up the screenshot menu where you can:

  1. capture the whole screen
  2. Capture the selected window.
  3. Capture Selected Part
  4. Full screen recording
  5. Record the selected part.

To the right of this menu is an Options button that allows you to choose where to save your MacBook’s screenshots and video output. In other words, someone looking for a simple answer to the question “How do I take a screenshot on a Mac?” may bring about.

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Print screen of a Selected Area

Remember when we talked about shortcuts? Let’s get back to the details.

  1. Shift, Command, and 4 are three keys that must be held together.
  2. Drag the crosshairs to select the portion of the screen you want to capture.
  3. Press the Esc (escape) key to stop taking a screenshot.
  4. Release the mouse or track pad button to take a snapshot.
  5. Click a thumbnail to change the screenshot displayed in the corner of your screen. Alternatively, wait for the screenshot to save to your desktop.

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How to screenshot a specific section or window on Mac

Now let’s capture a window or menu.

  1. open the window you want to capture.
  2. Then hold down Shift, Command, 4, and Spacebar. The mouse pointer changes to a camera icon. If you want to stop taking the screenshot, press the Esc (escape) key.

How to take screenshots using the Touch Bar

Think you can’t live without a Windows-style print screen button? Does your Mac have a Touch Bar? If so, you can create a special button to take a screenshot! Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard
  2. Click Customize Control Strip.
  3. Select a location for the screenshot button in the Touch Bar, drag and drop it there, and save your changes.

Now you can capture your Mac with just the on-screen Touch Bar. Click the screenshot button to open the screenshot menu. Click Save As if you want to change where the screenshot is saved. Choose what to record.
Entire screen, selected area or window. Then move your cursor to take a screenshot.

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Third-party macOS screenshot apps

In addition to the Clean Shot X mentioned above, if you’re looking for something a little more focused on recording your screen, Capo is a good choice. You can also annotate and edit recordings with a familiar iMovie-like interface.

Simply record a quick voice message add an annotated screen capture and view his webcam if you want for your teammates to review at their convenience. Yaw can be integrated with Slack to get notified when someone sends his Yaw. Finally, many advanced media players have screenshot tools. This is very useful when you want to capture specific moments in movies and videos. Most streaming services block screenshot tools, so it’s usually not possible to do this if you’re watching a movie online. Instead, consider using Emelia Player to play media content and capture screenshots on the fly. All of these third-party apps are available on Set app, so you can try them all for free.

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How to print screen on Mac with Preview

Preview is Apple’s native image and PDF viewer and is probably an important part of your workflow. Screenshot tools let you capture a portion of the screen, a window, or the entire screen. The advantage of taking a screenshot in Preview is that the screenshot you take will automatically open in a new preview window so you can edit it (resize, add annotations, etc.).

How to take a screenshot on Mac using Preview? It’s easy. From the app’s menu, select File > Take Screenshot > Select the portion of the screen you want to capture > Take Screenshot. From there, you can freely edit the screenshot and save it anywhere on your Mac.

MacOS screenshot organization

If you take a lot of screenshots, you’re probably used to seeing your Downloads folder and desktop cluttered with images like “Screenshot 21/36/2019-XX-XX”. It’s not particularly useful for checking all images, especially if macOS tends to shorten filenames significantly.

It’s possible to use Finder in combination with Preview to show all caps, but it’s still not a satisfying visual experience. One of the best solutions is Photo Bulk, a bulk image editor for renaming, resizing, and compressing photos in bulk. Simply drag and drop the screenshots you want to rename, enter a name for the group and click Start. All renamed images are neatly placed in their own folder.

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How to share Apple screenshots

But even after solving the problem of how to take snapshots on Mac, sharing those screenshots with colleagues and friends isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Instead of emailing files back and forth or uploading everything to a public Google Drive, consider a solution like Drop share. As the name suggests, sharing screenshots (and other files) is as easy as dropping them into the appropriate space.

Drop share connects to a number of leading third-party cloud apps, but you can also use your own Drop share cloud if you prefer. This is useful if you want to share your Mac screen recording separately from other sharing activities.


In this blog, we will be discussing different methods of taking screenshots on a Mac and how to make them look their best. We will also provide tips on how to take screenshots easily and efficiently, as well as the best screenshot apps for your mac. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable screenshots on my Mac?

Do the following to re enable Mac screenshot hotkeys On your Apple Menu, go to System Preferences Keyboard and choose a layout. In the keyboard window, click the Shortcuts tab. Click Screenshots in the shortcut tab If there are any shortcut boxes you want to re enable, check them all. Close the window

How do you take screenshots on Mac when it is not allowed?

When it isn't permitted take screenshots on your Mac. Several programs and applications will run slower or cease to operate if you do not shut down your Macbook for a while. Many issues can be fixed with a simple restart and you'll save yourself a lot of stress. Press down the power button and choose Restart. Look in the shortcuts tab on your keyboard. You may have enabled it at one point and then disabled it. Grab is a program that may be used. Click grab and then capture your screen by clicking Application and selecting Utilities

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