Sajad Bazaz Wiki, Biography, Family, Early Life And Career, Link With ISI, Govt Action, Net Worth And More

Sajad Bazaz Wiki: Sajad Bazaz, formerly the chief manager of Jammu and Kashmir Bank, was dismissed from his position in August 2023. The reason for his dismissal was based on allegations of his involvement with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and associations with terror organizations. Notably, Bazaz was concurrently working as a correspondent and columnist for Greater Kashmir, a prominent English daily in the region.

For comprehensive details about Sajad Bazaz’s background and history, readers are encouraged to explore the provided updates. The article also covers an incident that occurred at Jammu & Kashmir Bank, offering additional insights. Interested individuals are advised to peruse the entire article for a comprehensive understanding. The piece furnishes information on various aspects, including Sajad Bazaz’s biography, family background, purported links with ISI, actions taken by the government, and an estimation of his net worth.

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Sajad Bazaz Wiki

Following a startling incident at Jammu and Kashmir Bank, there is a heightened interest in delving into the biography of Sajad Bazaz. We are dedicated to furnishing all-encompassing information about him. Sajad Bazaz has primarily been recognized for his role as the chief manager of J&K Bank. However, current developments suggest a potential association with the ISI. Recent news has emerged concerning the dismissal of the Chief Manager from his position at J&K Bank.

Bazaz’s career trajectory showcased promise. In 1990, he commenced his journey as a Cashier cum Clerk. Subsequently, in 2004, he attained a promotion to a leadership position. It’s noteworthy that in 2004, he was rapidly elevated to a significantly sensitive role. Strikingly, this advancement didn’t elicit skepticism due to the widespread and profound turmoil within the system. These findings have been disclosed in various reports.

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Sajad Bazaz

Sajad Bazaz Wiki Details

Full NameSajad Ahmad Bazaz
Nick NameSajad
ProfessionEx. Chief Manager
Date Of BirthNot Known
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Sajad Bazaz Wiki Biography

Born in Srinagar, Bazaz’s roots trace back to the city. He accomplished his graduation from Kashmir University. His professional journey commenced at J&K Bank in 1990, initially taking on the role of a cashier-cum-clerk. Progressing within the bank’s ranks, he assumed the position of head of internal communication by 2004. Beyond his banking role, Bazaz fostered a fervor for journalism, contributing articles to a spectrum of newspapers and magazines. Notably, in 2016, a distinctive editorial position titled Editor of Greater Kashmir was crafted specifically for him.

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Sajad Bazaz Family

Regarding Sajad and his family, no information has been disclosed by any sources. This absence of information makes it challenging to comment, as the focus has primarily been on Sajad himself and his actions following the incident. While it can be assumed that he likely has parents, a spouse, and children, there have been no indications or mentions of them in relation to this matter.

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz’s connection to Pakistan’s ISI and terrorist organizations was unveiled through investigations conducted by the Jammu & Kashmir criminal investigation department (CID). However, these investigations have not provided any details about his family or their involvement. The focus of the revelations has centered around Sajad and his individual activities.

Sajad Bazaz Link With ISI

Intelligence sources have revealed that Bazaz played a crucial role within the terror network fostered by the ISI and militant groups operating in Kashmir. His purported involvement encompassed facilitating funding, weaponry, and communication for militants. Furthermore, he is alleged to have exploited his journalistic role to disseminate propaganda and false information against India. His network extended to various separatist leaders and terrorist commanders, including Syed Salahuddin, the leader of Hizbul Mujahideen.

According to Jammu & Kashmir’s criminal investigation department (CID), Bazaz was identified as an “embedded asset of the terrorist-separatist networks working on behalf of the ISI.” He was purportedly introduced into J&K Bank in 1990 through Fayaz Kaloo, the owner and editor of the local daily newspaper Greater Kashmir. In the bank, Bazaz was found to possess 68 accounts, all the while maintaining a covert association with Greater Kashmir as a correspondent-cum-columnist. In this dual capacity, he composed articles that propagated Pakistan’s agenda and jihad. This Pakistani deep state operative also maintained connections with terrorist Shabir Hussain Buch, a known associate of Mushtaq Latram, the leader of Al-Umar Islamic terror outfit. Additionally, Bazaz was linked to Masood Azhar, the chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed. These intricate associations and affiliations form the web of his covert connections.

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Sajad Bazaz Govt Action

The investigation conducted by Jammu & Kashmir’s criminal investigation department (CID) has been verified as complete. Initially, Bazaz was removed from his position within the bank due to the findings of this investigation. Responding to this startling incident, the Lieutenant Governor emphasized that both the government and the designated officials involved in the case would demonstrate firmness in their actions. Their determination is directed toward individuals linked to terrorism, those dismantling the government’s structure, and those exploiting government employment for such activities.

The J&K Lieutenant Governor’s official statement underscores the point that irrespective of differing opinions, there exists a provision within the Indian Constitution, formulated by visionaries like B.R. Ambedkar, that permits strong and unwavering action against individuals who pose a threat to the integrity and sovereignty of the State and the nation.

Sajad Bazaz Net Worth

Bazaz’s financial status, encompassing his net worth and assets, remains undisclosed to the public. Nevertheless, certain reports suggest that he possessed multiple properties in both Srinagar and Delhi. Furthermore, it’s noted that he maintained bank accounts in Pakistan and Dubai. He faced allegations of accumulating wealth through illicit methods and exploiting his official position for personal gain.

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