Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service Review in 2023 Features & More

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6- The Coronavirus circumstance and the accompanying lockdown brought about lengthy indoor days for the greater part of us and our cruisers. However, the country has entered the unlock phase, and numerous owners probably intend to transport their scooters or motorcycles to the service center. Regal Enfield’s “Administration On Wheels” drive presents to you the comfort of a help place close to home, and we have previously evaluated it for our perusers. This time however, we took the Illustrious Enfield Himalayan BS6 out to the organization’s Most memorable Store Mumbai Administration Center and here we share our experience.

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6, you might be wondering about the quality of its service. Well, let me tell you, based on customer reviews and personal experience, the service for the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 is top-notch. The authorized service centers are well-equipped with skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of this bike. They use genuine parts and follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your bike is serviced to perfection. Moreover, they provide comprehensive servicing packages that cover everything from routine maintenance to major repairs.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service Review

The Royal Enfield Himalayan most certainly is a decent bicycle, and the additional time you invest energy with it, the more you start feeling a debt of gratitude. It has flaws, and adding more power, less weight, better brakes, and other improvements would have made it even better. However, in the end, all that matters is that it is a straightforward motorcycle that will enchant you with its simplicity, regardless of whether you are a city commuter, a relaxed highway cruiser, or a slog through muddy terrain. If you own a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6, it’s important to stay on top of regular service and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

The service experience for the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 has been generally positive, with owners reporting attentive and knowledgeable service staff who are able to address any concerns or issues that may arise. During routine servicing, technicians conduct thorough inspections, checking everything from oil levels to brake pads, and ensuring that all components are in proper working order. They also perform necessary adjustments and replacements as needed. Overall, the service for the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 is reliable and efficient, providing peace of mind for owners who want to keep their motorcycles running smoothly on both city streets and rugged terrains.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service Review in 2023

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service Review Details

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The 2023 Himalayan has a USB charger built in so that riders can charge their mobile devices. This is an insightful expansion thinking about that most purchasers utilize the Himalayan for visiting. Other than this, there are no other additions to the feature list. In this way, the Himalayan keeps on accompanying a halogen headlamp, Drove tail light, Compass, Sightseer Route framework, switchable double channel ABS and a semi-computerized instrument group.

Near Workshop

Mumbai’s Mahim district is home to the Royal Enfield First Store workshop. In addition to a washing area, delivery area, and customer lounge, the workshop has multiple motorcycle bays. The adjusting and the washing regions are on the ground floor while the client relax is on the principal floor. The parlor is outfitted with an enormous TV that gives a LIVE feed of the help narrows region so the proprietor can neglect the assistance technique. The parlor additionally has bikes and frill in plain view alongside leaflets of Regal Enfield items.

There are all the necessary parts in the service center. Nevertheless, after confirming the service appointment. The manager of the service center contacted us to inquire about the motorcycle’s issues and ensure that the necessary parts were available. The scheduled time for the service was 10 a.m. The motorcycle was immediately sterilized upon arrival, and the technician then gave it a quick test ride. While the bike was being disinfected, every one of the essential subtleties were carefully enrolled and an expected help cost was determined. The registered mobile number received an SMS notification of the service commencement. The issues were also note, and the technician was given all of the information. Our Himalayan experience a wreck bulb. An incidental front brake issue, and a motor slowing down issue at standing by speed.

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Before beginning the service procedure, the technician gave the vehicle a quick wash with water after the test ride to remove any mud or dirt. The Himalayan’s service technician had extensive training and experience.

Although our Royal Enfield Himalayan took longer due to the photography and other issues mentioned above, regular service takes approximately 90 minutes. During the help, parts like motor oil, oil sifter, and oil channel were supplanted; while the spark plug and air filter were taken out, cleaned, and put back in. An oil change is not required for the second service. However, the service advisor will examine the engine and, if necessary, change the oil. Two liters of semi-synthetic 15W50 engine oil are utilized by the Himalayan. A tank design specifically for this purpose was use to dispose of the old oil after it was properly remove. The expert additionally cleaned the brake pad and lubed every one of the switches on the bike to guarantee smooth working.

Things I Like

Web based reserving for a help space is a welcome element, and it ought to speak to the educated proprietors. Our Royal Enfield Himalayan was service right away thanks to multiple bays. And the process began as soon as the vehicle arrive at the shop. The staff was helpful and well-trained to address all of our concerns. Additionally, they were prompt in their actions, and the motorcycle’s issues were quickly resolve.

The help routine was expertly follow, and the specialist didn’t rush through the interaction. He guarantee that every one of the parts were check, clean, and oil/lube (any place primary) before they were rush back to their unique position. The comfortable customer lounge with a television for watching the service process was commendable. As were the sanitization process and other safety measures taken to combat the spreading of COVID-19.

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Service Experience

The service went well, and the technician was able to quickly fix all of the motorcycle’s problems. The restrictions of Administration on Wheels drive were non-existent at the help community. Subsequently, we don’t actually have a ton of negatives to report. The only issue we encounter was a delay in the final wash cause by a water supply issue; however, this is a one-time occurrence and shouldn’t occur again.

Service Cost of RE Himalayan BS 6

– Engine Oil Strainer: Rs 143.99

– Engine Oil Filter: Rs 99.01

– Liquid Gun Semi-Synthetic motor Engine Oil: Rs 678

– Chain Lube and Cleaner Kit: Rs 254.61

– Brake Oil DOT 4: Rs 92.01

– Bulb: Rs 175.99

– Major Kit Front M/C: Replaced Under Warranty

– Consumable Charges for Service: Rs 141.60

– R&R Front Master Cylinder Overhauling (Including Bleeding): Under Warranty in this package

– R&R Head Lamp Bulb: Rs 125.37

Total cost: Rs 1,710.58


The Royal Enfield Himalayan is operating perfectly after the maintenance, and the service experience was pleasant. The staff was useful and knowledgeable with the system, and the Himalayan got all the tender loving care that it expected for quite a while. It was prepare for additional highway and city miles. The problem with the water supply did, in fact, extend the handover period, but that is a singular issue that shouldn’t affect others. In any case, we had a happy with holding up region available to us to unwind while the bike was in the help region. The Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6’s total service cost is shown below.

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service Review FAQ’S

How many km is Himalayan BS6 second service?

10000 Km or 12 months whichever comes first.

Is it worth buying Himalayan BS6?

Depends, what kind of ride you are looking for. If you r looking for an offroader then its a good choice. You can cover long distance without any exertion (I have done 700+ km in a day).

What is the mileage of Himalayan after service?

The mileage of Royal Enfield Himalayan is 39.96 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Himalayan. The claimed ARAI mileage of Himalayan Petrol Manual is 39.96 kmpl.

Which bike has highest mileage?

Which bikes give the highest mileage in India? Bikes with the highest mileage are Hero Splendor Plus (83 kmpl), Hero Splendor Plus Xtec (83 kmpl), TVS Star City Plus (83 kmpl) and TVS Radeon (73 kmpl). Which commuter bike gives the best mileage?

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