Realme 11 Pro+ Review: Price, Performance, Camera User Reviews & More Details

Realme 11 Pro+ Review: Realme has established itself as a company that is dedicated to offering high-quality smartphones to customers in a variety of price ranges. The company continues this tradition with the Realme 11 Pro series, which provides an appealing bundle at an affordable price point. Particularly, a number of significant enhancements are made to the most popular Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G model. This smartphone aims to captivate users with its distinctive design, 200MP primary camera, 4X lossless zoom, 100W fast charging, and a variety of other features.

The most important question remains, despite the Realme 11 Pro+’s appealing design and impressive specifications on paper: Does it perform similarly well in real-world situations? We put the Realme 11 Pro+ 5G through a lot of testing over a few days to find an answer to this question, and we’ve written a comprehensive review based on our findings. By reading this review, you will learn a lot about how well the device works, which will help you decide if the Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G is the right choice for you.

Realme 11 Pro+ Review

With each subsequent iteration, Realme continues to improve its signature series in terms of capabilities and pricing. Although the company has certainly abandoned its budget-friendly lineage, the lineup still delivers value despite the increased price. Take, for instance, the Realme 10 Pro+, which was reviewed last year and was a mid-range smartphone with looks that rival even the most expensive flagships. This year is no exception because the brand is taking things to the next level by incorporating camera equipment and design. The Realme 11 Pro+ is the first smartphone to have a 200MP ISOCELL GM3 sensor from Samsung and a leather back panel, both firsts for Realme smartphones in India. The Realme 11 Pro+ is priced very competitively at Rs 27,999, placing it in a highly competitive market. Let’s find out in this review whether the phone is worth the money and where it stands in the smartphone market.

This year, we have reviewed approximately four camera smartphones from the OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi stables. All of them shared a few characteristics, including a massive circular camera module, insanely powerful camera sensors, a stitched leather back, and a price that is out of this world. The goal of the Realme 11 Pro+ is to provide you with access to all of these without making you cry. The Realme 11 Pro+ appears to be an exciting new package with its cameras, display, design, and battery capacity, according to the hype generated in recent weeks. However, after using it for more than a few weeks, it feels eerily similar to the Realme 10 Pro+ before it. So, when should I buy one? Find out more in our Realme 11 Pro+ review.

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Realme 11 Pro+ Review

Realme 11 Pro+ Review Details

Article Name Realme 11 Pro+ Review: Price, Performance, Camera User Reviews & More Details
Realme 11 Pro+ Review Click Here
Launch Date June 8, 2023
Price Rs. 23,999
operating  system Android v13
Battery Capacity (mAh) 5000 mAh
Category Tech
Official Site Click Here

Realme 11 Pro+ Price And Availability

There are two versions of the Realme 11 Pro+ 5G that have been released. The price of the phone’s base model, which has 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, is Rs. 27,999. The variant we have is priced at Rs. It has 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. 29,999.

Realme 11 Pro+ Review

The Realme 11 Pro+ is a stunning phone that looks like it belongs in a high-end smartphone. It has choices for elegant design like a back panel made of faux leather and a curved AMOLED screen that are both done perfectly. The handset’s processing power is below average, and the ultra-wide camera could use some work. The primary camera is excellent. The Realme 11 Pro+, on the other hand, is a stylish midrange phone that comes equipped with the majority of features.


From the moment we opened the box, we were impressed by the high-end design of the Realme 11 Pro+. The device has a sleek metal frame, a curved display that draws attention to itself, and a distinctive leather panel on the back with a beige and silver line that runs from the middle all the way up to the camera module. The leather finish not only makes the experience better as a whole, but it also makes it easier to hold the phone in your hand and prevents it from falling out of your hand. Additionally, there are no smudges or fingerprints on the back panel, preserving its polished appearance. The design that Realme created in collaboration with Matteo Menotto, a former designer at GUCCI, sets it apart from other smartphones currently on the market.

A prominent circular camera module with three lenses in a single line occupies the rear panel. A golden ring in the middle of this black camera module brings a touch of opulence to the overall appearance. At the bottom of the back panel, the Realme logo is tucked away. The power button and volume rockers are located on the right edge, while the left side remains uncluttered. The SIM tray, microphone, Type-C port, and speaker grille are located on the bottom edge. The device’s front has a 6.7-inch curved display that looks good. A punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera is positioned at the top of the display. It does not interfere with the immersive gaming or content viewing experience. In addition, Realme has reduced the smartphone’s bezels, resulting in a larger display area that improves content consumption and enhances the smartphone’s appeal.

The Realme 11 Pro+’s vegan leather back panel and curved edges make it comfortable to hold. The device fits comfortably in the hand, and the camera bump can be easily fixed with the box’s protective case. The design as a whole exudes a high-end, modern aesthetic. While the smartphone comes with a cover to protect it, the display does not have Gorilla Glass protection. The device is slightly heavier than its predecessor, the Realme 10 Pro+ (173 grams), in terms of weight at 189 grams. However, once you get the hang of using it, the smartphone feels light and its 8.7mm thickness fades into the background.

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The Realme 11 Pro+’s curved display of the same size continues the trend begun by its predecessor, the Realme 10 Pro+ (review). The Realme 11 Pro+ 5G has a 120Hz-refreshing 6.7-inch FHD+ curved AMOLED display. This display has a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and a peak brightness of up to 950 nits, making it a visually appealing option. There are four distinct color profiles available on the device. The Natural mode presents color tones that are more realistic, while the Cinematic mode slightly enhances colors. Colors are intensified in the Vivid and Bright mode, giving them a more vibrant appearance with a hint of blue. We found the Natural mode to be visually appealing and easy on the eyes during our use. The pleasure of content consumption is made possible by the display’s slim bezels, which further enhance the overall immersive experience.

The Realme 11 Pro+’s HDR-capable display can reproduce 1 billion colors and offers a wide range of colors. However, when viewed in direct sunlight during the summer, the screen’s peak brightness of 950 nits may make it more difficult to see clearly. By watching HDR videos on YouTube, we evaluated the display’s performance. The colors appeared natural and had a commendable dynamic range. In addition, the smartphone has a high refresh rate and features like Eye Comfort mode and Video Color Enhancer. It is important to note that activating these features can shorten the battery’s life, so using the auto mode can help keep the battery working longer. Users of Realme 11 Pro+ have the ability to tailor the refresh rate to their preferences.


The Realme 11 Pro+’s camera setup has attracted a lot of attention because it is the first Realme smartphone to feature a 200 megapixel primary sensor and a 4x lossless zoom. The device has a triple rear camera setup with a 200 megapixel primary camera, an 8 megapixel ultrawide sensor, and a 2 megapixel macro lens. Realme 11 Pro+’s camera performance has significantly improved since its predecessor. Amazing images are captured by the device’s 200MP primary sensor, which is a Samsung HP3 sensor with an aperture of f/1.69 and optical image stabilization. The exceptional clarity, intricate details, and precise color reproduction of these images set them apart. The camera also does a great job of delivering a wide dynamic range.

camera 1

The captured shots accurately depict the subject’s face in which light is both visible and reflected, as well as rendering the subtle shading of creases in clothing, and exhibit noticeable lighting effects. The photos shown above were taken at night. The various hues in these shots appear quite natural. Additionally, there are a lot of details in the primary low-light camera shots. The lighting effect in these shots is pretty obvious. The half of the dummy’s face where light is reflected and the half where light is not visible are well captured. The T-shirt’s creases also clearly depict shade. The camera in Realme 11 Pro+ produces portraits with natural skin tones without artificially enhancing fairness. The example provided shows that this is true.

Although it does not match the primary sensor’s capabilities, the 8MP ultrawide camera also performs admirably in daylight. However, its performance continues to be admirable, leaving little room for criticism. However, the ultrawide camera may exhibit a decrease in image quality in low-light conditions. The forward looking camera of Realme 11 Pro+ flaunts a remarkable overhaul contrasted with its ancestor, with a 32MP sensor supplanting the past 16MP sensor. Performance has improved in tandem with the increased number of megapixels. Detail-rich self-portraits can be taken with the 32MP selfie camera, which also has an impressive color accuracy, contrast, and other features. These selfies also have natural color tones, which makes them more appealing.

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An octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset based on a 6nm fabrication process powers the Realme 11 Pro+. The smartphone supports virtual 8GB RAM and has up to 1TB of onboard storage and up to 12GB of RAM. The smoothness of the performance is ensured by all of this. It is able to complete all of the daily chores without lag throughout the day. Calling, browsing social media, browsing the web, multitasking, and other activities We used a lot of apps at the same time, and there were never any problems.

Whether playing casual games like Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga or more challenging ones like COD Mobile and Asphalt 9, the Realme 11 Pro+ demonstrates that it is a capable gaming device. However, it is suggested that the graphics settings be set to maximum or Very High while maintaining the highest possible frame rates for the best gaming experience with heavy games. Realme 11 Pro+ has a 2900mm2 vapor chamber cooling system and an X-axis linear motor to ensure a smooth gaming experience. During prolonged gaming sessions, this combination effectively regulates the device’s temperature, preventing overheating and improving overall performance. Even in demanding conditions, this cooling mechanism helps to maintain a stable gaming performance.

Regarding the software, Realme 11 Pro+ comes with the Realme UI 4.0 skin, which is based on Android 13. Even though the new Realme UI’s design is very similar to that of ColorOS, the interface is slightly better, which makes it easier to use. Because it comes pre-install with apps like Moj, Facebook, and Glance, there is a lot of bloatware, some of which can be removed. A split screen, flexible windows, Quick Launch, Quick Return, and other special features contribute to improved performance. Additionally, there are new media controls, new themes, fingerprint sensor animation, and other features included in Realme UI 4.0. The Realme Lab section includes a sleep capsule, a heart rate sensor, dual mode audio that can be connected wirelessly and wired together, and a lot more.

While we are discussing execution, the cell phone likewise accompanies an in-show finger impression sensor which is fast and responsive. The speakers also work well and can be heard even in a room with a medium size. The Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G does not have any issues with the calling experience; in fact, even with other 5G smartphones, the call connects in two to three attempts. Since the switch to the 5G network, this has happened a lot. Voices on both ends can clearly be heard once the call is connected.

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The Realme 11 Pro+ 5G has a 100W fast charging battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. Battery Health, Performance Mode, Optimized Standby, and App Freezer are just a few of the options in the battery settings menu that can be used to extend battery life. We put the phone through its paces by using it for 30 minutes to play games, browse social media, call, and browse the web, among other activities. Despite all of these activities, the smartphone’s battery lasted all day, with 25% remaining at the end. The battery will also easily last until evening if you use it a lot.

The fast charger for the phone is 100W. The smartphone’s battery was only 5% charged when we plugged it in, but within just 10 minutes, it had charged to 50%, and in just 27 minutes, it had been fully charged.


Given its competitive mid-range price point, Realme 11 Pro+ is a compelling option for individuals who place a high value on design and camera capabilities. Even though the smartphone performs well, it may not provide the most powerful chipset available in this price range to those looking for it. However, Realme 11 Pro+’s slightly larger display will be a welcome addition for users who enjoy consuming content on larger screens. Realme 11 Pro+ stands out from the competition when it comes to photography thanks to its impressive camera setup, which includes a 4x lossless zoom capability for improved detail. The device has a lot of camera competition and produces results that are satisfying.

Realme 11 Pro+ Review FAQ’S

What is the refresh rate of Realme 11 pro?

Realme 11 Pro series flaunts a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a Full HD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.

What is the peak brightness of Realme 11 Pro Plus?

20,000 levels of brightness.

Is Realme 11 Pro Plus wireless charging?

The Realme 11 Pro Plus doesn't have reverse or wireless charging support, you have to rely on the 100W wired charger to refuel the Li-Po 5000 mAh battery. Following this, you will obtain a 6.7 inches AMOLED panel with 1B colors. Also, the display has a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+, and 950 nits brightness.

What is the processor of Realme 11pro plus?

Realme 11 Pro Plus is a Android v13 phone, speculated price is Rs 34,990 in India with 200 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Rear Camera, Octa core (3 GHz, Dual core, Cortex A78 + 2.6 GHz, Tri core, Cortex A78 + 2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A55) Processor , 5000 mAh Battery and 8 GB RAM.

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