Rapper Naezy Biography: Age, Family, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth

Rapper Naezy Biography: Rapper Naezy has garnered significant attention recently and has become a trending topic. His appearance on Bigg Boss 8 Season 3 has sparked widespread curiosity, leading people to seek more information about him.
Known for his distinctive style of hip hop rap, Naezy is renowned as one of the most prominent singers in his genre. Hailing from India, he has produced a diverse range of songs that have resonated with audiences.

His musical prowess was further showcased in the 2019 movie “Gully Boy,” where his talent and dedication to the craft were prominently featured. Naezy’s rise to fame highlights the growing popularity of hip hop in India and underscores his influence on the music scene. As fans continue to show interest in his work, it is evident that Naezy’s unique voice and captivating performances have solidified his position as a standout artist in the industry.

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Rapper Naezy Biography 2024

Naezy, whose real name is Naved Shaikh, rose to fame due to his distinctive and genuine approach as an Indian rapper. His breakthrough track “Aafat” garnered immense popularity for its fearless lyrics and original sound, striking a chord with audiences. Naezy’s life story and musical journey served as a significant influence for the Bollywood movie “Gully Boy,” further elevating his status in the industry. Rumors suggest that he may participate as a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, contributing to his increasing fame and fan base.

Naezy’s rise to stardom is not just about his music but also about his background and the challenges he has overcome. His biography delves into his early life, struggles, and the path that led him to success in the music industry. Understanding Naezy’s personal experiences and artistic evolution provides valuable insights into his artistry and the messages he conveys through his music. As interest in Naezy continues to grow, fans are eager to learn more about his journey, achievements, and future projects.

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Rapper Naezy Biography

Rapper Naezy Biography Details

Full NameNaved Shaikh
ProfessionRapper, Singer
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1993
Age31 (as of 2024)
Place of BirthMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height170 cm
Weight60 kg
Chest Measurement40 inches
Waist Measurement30 inches
Biceps Measurement12 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
SchoolA Convent School, Mumbai
CollegeGuru Nanak Khalsa College, Mumbai
QualificationNot extensively available
Debut Song“Aafat” (2014)
Notable WorksContributed to the 2017 Bollywood film “Bank Chor”
Inspiration for the 2019 film “Gully Boy”
Father’s OccupationWorks in Dubai
Marital StatusUnmarried
AffairsNo information available
Favorite RappersTupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, Sean Paul
Net Worth (in Rupees)Around Rs 7 crores
Net Worth (in Dollars)Around 1 million dollars
Official WebsiteClick Here

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Rapper Naezy Biography

Naved Shaikh, popularly known by his stage name Naezy, is a prominent Indian rapper renowned for his rap singing prowess. Born on August 10, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Naezy has garnered widespread acclaim for his musical talents. With a career primarily focused on singing and rapping, he has established himself as a leading figure in the Indian music industry.
Growing up in Mumbai, Naezy completed his schooling at a Convent School before pursuing higher education at Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Mumbai. While details about his educational qualifications are scarce, it is known that he follows the Islamic faith.

Having gained immense popularity for his music, Naezy’s fan base continues to grow exponentially. His participation in popular reality shows like Bigg Boss, currently hosted by Anil Kapoor, has further elevated his status as a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Naezy’s journey as a rapper exemplifies talent, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and lyrical prowess, Naezy remains a celebrated icon in the realm of Indian music.


The individual in question is not only involved in completing each other’s tasks but also possesses specific physical attributes. Standing at a height of 170 cm and weighing 60 kg, their body measurements include a chest circumference of 40 inches, a waistline of 30 inches, and an arm length of 12 inches. Their eyes and hair are both dark in color.

Commencing their career as a singer, they made their debut in the music industry with the song “Ab Aafat” in 2014, later showcasing their talent as a singing artist in Bollywood by contributing to the movie “Bank Chor” in 2017. When it comes to personal life, there is no record of any marriage or romantic relationships. While details about their parents remain undisclosed, it is known that their father is employed in Dubai. In terms of interests and inspirations. This individual holds revered rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, and Sean Paul in high regard.

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Gully boy is based on Which Rapper

“Gully Boy,” the 2019 film, provides a glimpse into the lives of Mumbai rappers Divine and Naved Sheikh. Who have risen to prominence in India’s hip hop scene. Starting from humble beginnings, both artists have overcome adversity to achieve great success. Despite facing housing insecurity in Mumbai, their undeniable talent and captivating performances garnered widespread acclaim, propelling them to the peaks of their careers.

The film captures the essence of their journey showcasing. The struggles they faced and the passion that drove them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Divine and Naved Sheikh’s story is not just about musical success. But also about resilience determination and the power of artistic expression to transcend boundaries. Their rise from obscurity to fame serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere highlighting. The transformative potential of pursuing one’s passion with unwavering dedication.

Naezy Meaning in Hindi

Naezy, the renowned rapper, derives his stage name from his real name, Javed Sheikh. The term “Naezy” originates from Arabic, where “Naveed” signifies the bearer of good news. This name holds significance in Hindi as well. Naezy has garnered immense popularity through his electrifying stage presence and captivating performances solidifying. His status as a prominent figure in the music industry. His unique moniker adds to his allure and sets him apart in the world of rap and hip-hop.

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Naezy Net Worth in Rupees

Rapper Naezy has amassed a net worth of approximately Rs 7 crores. Which translates to around one million dollars in wealth. This estimation takes into account his earnings from music, performances, and various collaborations within the Indian music industry. His success in these ventures has significantly contributed to his substantial earnings. With his participation in Bigg Boss, a popular reality show. It is expect that his reach and popularity will soar even higher. Potentially leading to further financial gains and opportunities in the future.

Rapper Naezy Biography FAQ’S

Who is Naezy in Bigg Boss?

Rapper Naved Shaikh, also known as Naezy, dropped some interesting truths while in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house.

Who is Rapper Naezy?

Rapper Naezy's real name is Naved Shaikh and his nickname is Naezy. His profession is mainly known as a singer where he does rap singing.

What is the net worth of Rapper Naezy?

Rapper Naezy's net worth is around Rs 7 crores.

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