Longest sixes of IPL 2024 Faf du Plessis leads with 115-metre maximum

Longest sixes of IPL- The Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some incredible batting performances over the years, with some of the biggest hitters in cricket showcasing their skills. When Longest sixes of IPL comes to the longest sixes in IPL history, there are a few standout performers that have left fans in awe. The current record for the longest six in Longest sixes of IPL is held by Chris Gayle, who hit a massive 119-meter six during a match in 2013. Other notable big-hitters include AB de Villiers, who has hit some towering sixes throughout Longest sixes of IPL career, and MS Dhoni, whose effortless power and precision make him one of the most dangerous batsmen in the game.

If you’re a fan of the Longest sixes of IPL, you know that one of the most exciting moments in any match is when a player hits a massive six. Over the years, there have been some truly epic home runs that have left fans gasping in amazement. If you’re curious about which sixes hold the record for being the longest in Longest sixes of IPL, look no further. To put that into perspective, these three sixes were longer than the length of an Olympic swimming pool! Watching these massive hits is a true spectacle and a testament to the power and skill of these talented players. So the next time you’re watching an Longest sixes of IPL.

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Longest sixes of IPL 2024

Faf du Plessis, captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, hit a massive six against LSG bowlers on Sunday in the Longest sixes of IPL 2024. In the 15th over of RCB’s batting, the skipper tore LSG bowler Ravi Bishnoi out of the park with a 115-meter six-over long on. RCB started off strong thanks to Virat Kohli’s firepower. In the Longest sixes of IPL meantime, after Kohli left, du Plessis took over and played brilliantly. Bishnoi bowled his final over in the 15th over, but Maxwell and du Plessis got rid of him. In the Longest sixes of IPL mean time, he pitched one short and du Plessis planned the ball flawlessly from the center of his bat.

If you’re a cricket enthusiast, you know that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most exciting tournaments in the sport. One of the highlights of Longest sixes of IPL is seeing players hit massive sixes out of the park. So, what are some of the longest sixes in IPL history? According to records, Chris Gayle holds the record for hitting the longest six in IPL history with a whopping 119 meters. Other Longest sixes of IPL notable long sixes include AB de Villiers’ 111-meter hit and MS Dhoni’s 112-meter blast. These impressive feats of strength and skill are a testament to the incredible athleticism and talent of these players. Whether you’re a fan of cricket or just enjoy watching incredible displays of sportsmanship, Longest sixes of IPL Fno denying that these record-breaking sixes are truly a sight to behold.

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Longest sixes of IPL

Longest sixes of IPL Overview 2024

Event NameLongest Sixes of IPL 2024
VenueM. Chinnaswamy Stadium
115meterClick Here
Player NameFaf du Plessis

Longest Sixes in IPL 2024

IPL is known for some of the longest sixes in the game. And if you’re wondering who hit the longest sixes in IPL history, we’ve got you covered. The top three batsmen who have hit the longest sixes are Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni. Gayle holds the record for the longest six in IPL history with a whopping 119 meters. De Villiers comes in second with a 111-meter shot, and Dhoni is not far behind with a 112-meter six. Watching these big hitters smash the ball out of the park is always an exciting sight to behold.


Faf du Plessis, the captain of Bangalore, hit the longest six of the 2024 Indian Premier League on April 10, 2024. In the match between Bangalore and Lucknow at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, Du Plessis hit a 115-meter six.

Faf du Plessis115 mBangaloreLucknowBengaluru
Shivam Dube102 mChennaiLucknowChennai
Nehal Wadhera101 mMumbaiBangaloreBengaluru
Rahmanullah Gurbaz101 mKolkataPunjabMohali
Venkatesh Iyer101 mKolkataGujaratAhmedabad

Longest Sixes in IPL From 2008-2024

South Africa’s Albie Morkel holds the record for raising a ruckus around town six in IPL history. He smashed Deccan spinner Pragyan Ojha for a 125-meter six while playing for Chennai in the inaugural season. The longest six of the season, measuring 117 meters, was hit by Liam Livingstone in the 2024 Indian T20 League match between Gujarat and Punjab. Despite making the top 10, the shot fell well short of Morkel’s record. On the list of longest sixes from the previous year, he was in the top five three times.

Longest Sixes in IPL 2024 Big Hits

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most exciting tournaments in the sport. And if you’re a fan of big hits and long sixes, then you’ll be happy to know that there have been some truly epic shots hit during the tournament’s history. While hitting a long six is always impressive, it’s important to remember that technique and practice are also key factors in achieving such feats. So if you’re looking to improve your own game and hit those big shots, make sure to focus on your form and put in the hours of practice needed to master your swing.

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Longest Sixes in IPL History: Top 10 Biggest Hits

IPL, or Indian Premier League, is a popular T20 cricket tournament that has seen some of the biggest sixes in the game. The longest sixes in IPL history have been recorded at distances ranging from 120-125 meters. Some of the players who have hit these massive sixes include Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni.

Longest Sixes in IPL 2024 With Impressive

If you’re interested in watching some of these impressive shots, there are many online resources available where you can find compilations of the longest sixes in IPL history. Additionally, you can keep an eye out during this year’s tournament to see if any new records are set. Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or just looking for some entertainment, the longest sixes of IPL are sure to leave you in awe.

Longest Sixes in IPL 2024 Players List & Teams

Albie Morkel125 mChennaiDeccan2008
Praveen Kumar124 mBangaloreRajasthan2008
Adam Gilchrist122 mPunjabBangalore2011
Robin Uthappa120 mBangaloreMumbai2010
Chris Gayle119 mBangalorePune2013
Yuvraj Singh119 mPunjabChennai2009
Ross Taylor119 mBangaloreChennai2008
Gautam Gambhir117 mKolkataRajasthan2013
Ben Cutting117 mHyderabadBangalore2016
Liam Livingstone117 mPunjabGujarat2022

1. Albie Morkel- 125 meters (Chennai vs. Deccan, 2008)

More than 15 years later, this is still an unbeaten Indian T20 league record. Pragyan Ojha’s left arm spin was no match for Morkel. The batsman was thrown towards Morkel’s pad, unleashing a monster 125-yard hit deep over midwicket and from Chepauk Stadium. This is his six longest in the IPL to date.

2. Praveen Kumar- 124 meters (Bangalore vs. Rajasthan, 2008)

Praveen Kumar is one of the most surprising names on the Indian T20 league’s list of 6 longest. Despite his big names such as Gale, Kohli and AB De Billiards, it is Praveen who has the longest six-batting streak in his Bangalore team. During a game in the 2008 season, Kumar Yousuf hit Patan after a long on and missed the roof by the width of his hair.

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3. Adam Gilchrist- 122 meters (Punjab vs. Bangalore, 2011)

At Dharamsala, one of the most picturesque stadiums in the world, Gilchrist spotted Langeveldt’s slow ball early on and played one of his signature shots over the central wicket. The ball not only went over the ropes, it could have left the stadium and landed somewhere on the plane.

4. Robin Uthappa- 120 meters (Bangalore vs. Mumbai, 2010)

For the past 15 years, Dwayne Bravo has been one of the most accomplished and successful death over bowlers in the Indian T20 league. However, he was one of the biggest hits he received in tournament history. Robin Utappa spotted a long ball in the stumps early on and hit it with such force that it disappeared deep into the crowd at Wankhede Stadium.

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5. Chris Gayle- 119 meters (Bangalore vs. Pune, 2013)

Not even the train could have stopped Gail that day. It was his great batting, reaching an incredible 66-ball 175*. He hit 17 of his 6s, but the longest he had was a whopping 119 meters. Left-arm spinner Ali Murtaza slotted one of his and Gale’s cleanest swing sent the ball long over Chinnaswamy’s stadium roof.

Longest Sixes in IPL Conclusion

In this conclusion, The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its big hits and long sixes, which leave fans in awe. In the history of IPL, some players have hit truly massive sixes that are worth watching on repeat. The longest sixes in the IPL have been recorded at more than 100 meters, and they were hit by stars like Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni. If you’re a fan of the IPL and want to relive some of the biggest moments from previous seasons, be sure to check out the highlights reels featuring these incredible shots. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast or just love exciting sporting moments, the longest sixes of IPL are definitely worth watching.

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