Top 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time

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Nobody in the game comes close to their records when you compare the stats of the two of them. Therefore, when we compare the players from different generations, ranking the greatest of all time will be exceedingly difficult. To rank the top 10 MotoGP riders of all time, however, we must integrate statistics and data. Therefore, without further ado, let’s check out the top 10 MotoGP competitors of all time.

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Top 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time

The 10 MotoGP riders has mostly been the narrative of the supremacy of two riders Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, who have combined to win 13 championships. Although a few other riders did succeed in the championship throughout those years, few few were able to duplicate the accomplishment. Because of their domination in the sport, many have declared one of these riders to be the best of all time, and in some respects that claim may be accurate. Even while these riders have dominated in the modern era, there is only one rider who stands alone at the top, and it isn’t either of them, as you will quickly discover if you look at history.

One of the most sought-after events worldwide is 10 MotoGP riders MotoGP. Some of the greatest players to ever play the game have appeared in it, and today we’ll discuss about those players. MotoGP riders rider to win the competition was Harold Daniell in 1949, the year the game was first played. Since then, we’ve witnessed legends like Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi rule several sports. Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez are the two greatest athletes of the current era. Their rivalry undoubtedly made MotoGP an exciting sport to witness.

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Top 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time

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Top 10 MotoGP Riders Detail

Event NameTop 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time

About Top 10 MotoGP Riders

The oldest kind of motorsport is MotoGP. In 1949, the inaugural World Championship took place. Due to the Second World War, the tournament, now known as the FIM, was originally scheduled to begin in 1938 but was postponed and began in 1949. The MotoGP Grand Prix had four single classes in the inaugural season. The inaugural champion in the premier class was Leslie Graham. The three giants, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki, engaged in heated competition in the 1980s.

The Most Winning MotoGP Riders Of All Time

Since 2001, the MotoGP has mostly been the narrative of the supremacy of two riders: Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, who have combined to win 13 championships. Although a few other riders did succeed in the championship throughout those years, few few were able to duplicate the accomplishment. September 2021 update The MotoGP is regarded as the pinnacle of two-wheel racing. If you enjoy watching MotoGP and motorcycle racing in general, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added additional riders and details to this list. Because of their domination in the sport, many have declared one of these riders to be the best of all time, and in some respects that claim may be accurate.

Kenny Roberts

Wayne Rainey

Jorge Lorenzo

Eddie Lawson

Mike Hailwood

John Surtees

Geoff Duke

Mick Doohan

Marc Marquez

Valentino Rossi

Giacomo Agostini

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The 10 best MotoGP riders Squads Story

The calendar was quite busy despite having the fewest races since 1998. With four taxing periods of races on three consecutive weekends, the remaining 14 were squeezed into only 18 weeks. The key event was Marc Marquez’s absence, who was the dominant figure. His title defense came to an abrupt halt during the postponed first round.

Joan Mir – Ecstar Suzuki

At the age of 23, in his second season in MotoGP, Majorcan Joan Mir came dangerously close to becoming the first rider in the history of the premier class to win the championship without taking first place in a single event. At the challenging little Ricardo Tormo track outside of Valencia, he corrected that in the third-to-last race. It was a good victory that displayed tact, perseverance, opportunism, consistency, and the required pace. It captured his entire season. Others took the pole positions and best laps, while others won more races. Nobody, however, earned more top-three finishes. In the chaos, Mir was the most level-headed. Likewise, his motorcycle. It moves swiftly, handles easily, and is simple to use.

Franco Morbidelli – Petronas-SRT Yamaha

 Yamaha motorcycles outperformed all other bikes in terms of race wins and top-three finishes. The most recent M1 model, however, was defective and erratic, and the majority of its riders saw their championship ambitions crash to the ground in a series of setbacks. Franco Morbidelli outperformed the other three in overcoming this. This year began similarly. The roles were unexpectedly changed as the race went on and Frankie added three victories to his other excellent finishes.

Fabio Quartararo – Petronas-SRT Yamaha

How Fabulous Fabio has fallen. too frequently literally He must nonetheless be positioned in the top echelon due to his speed and potential while still young. The French rider was Marquez’s closest follower in 2019 and frequently the only one who could overtake him early on. He had recently turned 21 and was anticipated to enter his prime in racing in 2020. At Jerez, he began with two convincing victories in the races. Six races later, in Catalunya, he would win again with a wide margin. He also finished with four pole positions out of a total of eight starts on the front row.

An otherwise sure-fire campaign was destroyed by what transpired in the meantime. At round five’s Styrian GP at the Red Bull Ring, where he finished 13th due to brake issues, things started to go awry. The following time, he slipped. The M1 may be unbeatable in situations where riders could take use of its smooth, fast corner speeds.

Jack Miller – Pramac Ducati

 The Australian, 25, exudes an old-school, rough-and-tumble motorbike racer style, full of natural talent and gung-ho go-for-it attitude. This shouldn’t be used to hide a true commitment to mastering new skills and advancing; the outcomes support this. Thriller Miller has been concentrating on learning how to maintain tyres, play tactics, and turn quick lap times in addition to thoroughly enjoying himself.Four podium finishes and five starts from the front row showed significant advancement, and Jack might have easily fought for the championship had it not been for a run of poor luck that led him to question, “Have I shattered too many mirrors?” He finished eighth in the tight pack of chasers after four no-scores, just three points behind the leading Ducati.

Alex Rins – Ecstar Suzuki

Misfortune in the first round played a significant factor in Suzuki’s more experienced rider’s narrow failure to give the brand a first one-two in the championship in more than 40 years. Rins fell during Jerez qualifying and broke his shoulder, an injury that is exactly as horrible and crippling as it sounds. Being remarkably brave, he only missed that one race, but it was obvious that while he did gradually regain strength, his shoulder continued to bother him for the entire year, and after the last round, he went right back to the operation.Rins, who is one of just a select few riders to have defeated Marquez in a straight match at Silverstone in 2019 and was on line to do so again at Aragon, took another impressive victory.

Pol Espargaro – Red Bull KTM

The 29-year-old Spaniard Espargaro was eager to finish his four years with KTM on a high note as he was recruited to replace Marc Marquez in the driver’s seat at the factory Repsol Honda squad the following year. Since they had joined the new factory entry in 2016, he had been there. In 2020, it became clear that the bike had attained full competitiveness. The younger of two MotoGP racing siblings’ efforts were largely responsible for this. In addition to failing to bring the Austrian marque its first victory, he also failed to bring it its second or third. His five trips to the podium had to suffice as solace. Not for want of effort, either. Two pole positions served as evidence, but two winning opportunities were lost.

Miguel Oliveira – Red Bull KTM Tech3

At Portimao, the first Portuguese Grand Prix since 2012, Portugal’s first victorious grand prix rider repaid pride in the country with a convincing victory. The rider for the satellite team had already won once in his career, in Austria, in a last-corner smash-and-grab. The well-educated and multilingual racer Oliveira has been progressively advancing to the point where he will take over Espargaro’s official KTM ride in 2019. His studies in dentistry were put on hiatus because his repeated success in the lesser classes suggested a lucrative career on two wheels.He is another of the unremarkable kind, and although calling him “reliable” could fit given his solid finishing record, it does not take into account his potential to win races. He is 25 years old. Only three times did he come in outside the top six.

Takaaki Nakagami – Idemitsu LCR Honda

The injury to Cal Crutchlow, a teammate on Marc Marquez’s satellite team, and the abrupt departure of Marc Marquez forced Japan’s sole top-level rider into a leadership position at Honda. The 28-year-old had been viewed up until that point as somewhat of a grace-and-favor Honda candidate, as evidenced by the fact that, out of four riders, he alone owned the previous year’s V4 RC213V. On that bike, though, Nakagami came out of the shadows to prove that he was the most improved rider of the year. Marquez had used that bike to dominate the championship. Four first-time appearances on the front row of the grid, including one pole position, were among the accomplishments.

Andrea Dovizioso – Ducati Racing Team

Dovi beats over fellow strong hitters Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi of the Yamaha factory team for the final spot thanks to some heartfelt congratulations. Dovi, like Vinales, only had one victory (Rossi’s highest finish in a bad year was one third), and he undoubtedly seemed intimidated by younger riders. Six times he missed qualifying to join the top 12 on the grid, and only once did he excel at the Red Bull Ring, where a straightforward circuit layout favours the brute horsepower of the Ducati. He complained throughout the year about difficulties adapting his style to Michelin’s new and grippier rear tyre. However, Dovi, 34, is an experienced tactician and well-controlled campaigner whose steadiness paid off in the championship.

Alex Marquez – Repsol Honda

Describe the pressure. After already struggling with the stigma associated with his giant-killing brother and coming under fire for allegedly benefiting from nepotism, Alex Marquez was left to effectively manage MotoGP’s most prestigious factory team by himself. He performed admirably in his first MotoGP season, which was challenging. Eventually. With one victory apiece in Motos 3 and 2, Alex, who is three years Marc’s junior, has matched his older brother’s total of victories thus far. However, neither of them displayed the dominance that some would have anticipated, particularly in light of early family remarks to the effect of “Alex is faster than Marc was at his age.” Compared to Marc’s 26 victories in five years, the lesser classes produced 12 in eight years.

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Who are the Top 10 Riders in MOTOGP?


Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez

If you thought 2020 was horrible, Marc Marquez’s 2020 was even worse, and 2021 did not get any better. During the first race of 2020 at Jerez, the Spaniard fractured his numerus and required surgery. He also underwent multiple surgeries to attempt to address the remnants of a *awkward sigh* awful disaster after a pretty serious infection, a second surgery, and yet another surgery. Putting clinical reports aside, Marquez may be the best talent in motorcycle racing history. If the man is in good health, he will continue to prevail in this contest. Like him or not, we should all wish him a swift recovery for a very straightforward reason: every rider on the grid is well aware that winning is not the same as placing first.

Joan Mir

Joan Mir

One of the men to beat on paper. The man to defeat is on target. The World Champion of 2020 has what it takes to continue to be a top contender for many years to come. He’s youthful, athletic, and quite intelligent. Additionally, Suzuki provided him with a nearly ideal bike for the job. The GSX-RR glides over the straightaways and dances around the curves; it is a masterpiece of balance and integrated engineering. Mir has undoubtedly mastered his techniques, but there are two things that will be very different in the future. On the one hand, the child is aware of his elite status and the fact that there are no boundaries; having achieved success once, he is confident in his ability to repeat it.

Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo

If we’re being completely honest, we have to say that Fabio Quartararo’s 2020 has occasionally shown its true colors. Quartararo fell short of expectations for the remainder of the season after a spectacular start in which the Frenchman performed a masterclass for the world to watch. With Quartararo easily won the championship in 2021, the scenario underwent a significant change. There is no denying the boy’s talent. Since he still rides for Yamaha as a factory rider through 2024,
An explosive combination would be Fabio on a top team with a nice bike and the proper people to support him in channeling his skills in the right manner. With his newly discovered consistency, he will compete for podiums every week.

Maverick Vinales

Maverick Vinales

This Maverick boy is a bit of a mystery, isn’t he? He would probably come out on top if we made a ranking of the grid’s fastest riders. Yes, we did say what we said: Vials may be the quickest man in MotoGP in terms of pure speed. The rankings, however, show that you came in 10th, 7th, and 14th. I’ll grant you that the 2020 M1 wasn’t the best motorcycle to ever leave Iwata. But Maverick also occasionally lacked the best attitude. Maverick left Yamaha in 2021 and joined Aprilia as a new squad for a new beginning.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller

You can’t help but adore Miller, one of the funniest, wildest, and brightest boys in the paddock. Undoubtedly, he is a bit of a maverick, a free spirit, and someone who does not fit the moulid, but hey, this is motorcycle racing, so what did you expect? The official one, the red scary thing, has been presented to Jack. Jack has used a Ducati before, but we all know that a real Borgo Pan gale is a whole other animal. The bicycle will be crucial in this situation. Miller is prepared for battle if Ducati is willing to concede that the race track will have bends and turns. He is an experienced rider who is strong and ruthless in battle.

Franco Morbidelli

Franco Morbidelli

Morbidelli would do well to live by the mantra “Frankie says rest.” In the words of his former colleague Valentino Rossi, Franco is a pleasant, well-spoken, and extremely disciplined young man who just thinks about motorcycle racing and keeping to himself. In the 2020 season, Franco’s second leg was nothing short of spectacular. He achieved some success, but more significantly, he demonstrated to the world that he is capable of competing against the big boys. Last year, Frankie had a difficult time making the switch to the official Monster Yamaha squad because of an accident that limited his ability to fully express himself. We are optimistic for a swift return to the top places because the qualities still exist.

Pol Espargaro

Pol Espargaro

Fast? Yes. A wrecker? Yes, also. But according to an old proverb, you can learn to avoid crashes but you’ll never learn how to go quickly. The younger Espargaro secured the favored worst nightmare of the paddock after a strong season at KTM. He partnered with Marc Marquez in the official Respool Honda squad in 2021, one of the most successful teams in recent memory, but sadly could not stand out. There are no justifications in 2022; Pol can be a threat in every race if he is prepared, focused, and dedicated to a consistent season. Is that terrible news? So there are no more justifications, then.

Alex Rins

Alex Rins

He hasn’t lost his touch. Last year, he had a fantastic second half of the season and came very close to giving Suzuki an unprecedented 1-2 in the rider’s championship. He has unmatched confidence riding the Hamamatsu motorcycle. At least a few times this year, we’ll see his name on the podium’s top step. Easy. And we are sure that in 2023, with his new team and bike, he will do well.

Alex Marquez

Alex Marquez

Speaking of raising the bar, huh? Alex has always had a peculiar shade cast over her because of Marc’s continuous comparisons.  We’ll choose option A. Alex is an excellent rider. Fast, aggressive, and most importantly, the boy is a quick learner. HRC may have been a little “too much too young,” but the LCR team should have been a good fit for him. The extremely competent and productive staff led by Lucio Cecchinello ought to have encouraged Alex to develop.

Aleix Espargaro

Aleix Espargaro

The more experienced Espargaro is capable of pulling a few tricks out of his hat. Give him a good bike, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


MotoGP is the oldest Motorsport in the world. The first World Championship was held in 1949. In the first MotoGP championship, the Grand Prix comprised of four solo classes. Leslie Graham won the first premier class title.

In the 1980s, there was fierce competition among the three greats which are Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. Many racers have come and gone but very few have taken the MotoGP world by Storm. Only racers like Mick Dohan, Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi have been able to master the art of MotoGP. Here is a list of 10 great racers who have mastered the sport of MotoGP.

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