Insurance Start-Up Breaks Down Covid Impact on Insurance Market

Insurance Start-Up Breaks Down Covid Impact: The insurance industry in India is undergoing radical upheaval. Several insurance start-ups have emerged to reduce the complexity of the insurance sector in order to keep up with the evolving needs of today’s millennials. One of them is Global-India Insurance Broker’s Pvt Ltd (GIIB), a company situated in Mumbai. These companies have focused on areas such as remote claims processing, digital underwriting, and contactless customer interactions agility and adaptability in the insurance industry, and start-ups that have embraced these qualities have been able to navigate the challenges and find success in this new landscape.

Abhay Deep, the founder and managing director of the business, claims that the flurry of activity may be ascribed to their smooth paperless and multi-product interface, API connectivity with insurers, and AI/ML-based solutions that allowed them to better serve their customers. The GIIB IT team is hard at work developing and innovating new, cutting-edge technologies to wrest a larger piece of the burgeoning insurance business, according to Abhay Deep in an interview with Outlook Money. taken from Edit.

Insurance Start-Up Breaks Down Covid Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound and lasting impact on nearly every facet of our lives, and the insurance industry is no exception. Insurance companies around the world have had to adapt rapidly to a shifting landscape, as the pandemic has introduced new challenges, risks, and opportunities. In this article, we will explore how an innovative insurance start-up has dissected the COVID-19 impact on the insurance market, shedding light on the evolving trends and strategies within the industry.Insurance start-ups have faced numerous challenges due to the impact.

The pandemic has disrupted traditional business models and forced companies to adapt quickly in order to survive. Many start-ups have had to reassess their risk assessment strategies and reevaluate their offerings to meet the changing needs of customers. Additionally, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has led to a decrease in consumer spending, which has had a direct impact on the insurance industry. However, despite these challenges, some insurance start-ups have been able to thrive during this time by leveraging technology and innovation to provide new and relevant solutions.

Insurance Start-Up Breaks Down Covid Impact

Insurance Start-Up Breaks Down Covid Impact Overview

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Identifying New Risks

One of the key contributions of this insurance start-up has been its ability to identify and quantify new risks introduced by the pandemic. Traditional insurance policies did not anticipate nor adequately cover the unique challenges posed by COVID-19. Business interruption, supply chain disruptions, and event cancellations are just a few examples of risks that have come to the forefront.

The start-up’s data analytics and risk assessment tools have allowed insurance companies to gain a better understanding of these emerging risks. By doing so, insurers can now offer more tailored coverage options to businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic.

Enhanced Digitalization

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies across industries, including insurance. The start-up recognized the need for insurers to swiftly adapt to remote work and digital customer interactions. They have developed innovative digital platforms and apps that streamline policy purchasing, claims processing, and customer service. Moreover, they have encouraged insurers to invest in data-driven decision-making processes, helping them better assess risks, price policies accurately, and improve customer experiences through personalized offerings.

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Health & Life Insurance Evolution

The pandemic’s focus on health and well-being has led to a shift in the way people perceive insurance, particularly health and life insurance. The start-up has played a crucial role in promoting the development of insurance products that address specific COVID-19-related concerns. For instance, new health insurance policies have emerged, offering coverage for telemedicine services, COVID-19 testing and treatment, and even mental health support. Life insurance products have also been adapted to provide additional coverage in case of pandemic-related fatalities.

Assisting in Risk Mitigation

The start-up’s proactive approach has not only helped insurance companies respond to the pandemic but also assisted in risk mitigation efforts. By analyzing data related to COVID-19 outbreaks and trends, they have empowered insurers to implement proactive risk management measures. For instance, insurers can use this data to advise policyholders on health and safety protocols or offer incentives for businesses that implement strict preventive measures. Such measures not only reduce risks but also contribute to public health efforts.

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How has the pandemic impacted the insurance business?

The landscape of the Indian insurance industry has been drastically changed by the pandemic. As opposed to being seen as a push product, insurance is increasingly seen as a draw product. Customers are now asking insurers for the first time about the best protection options for their needs. In addition to this, the digitalization of the insurance industry—from claim filing to marketing to policy issuance—has been a critical component of its growth. In the new normal, digitization will make insurance companies more focused on the needs of their customers, affecting every aspect of the customer experience, including the speed of claims processing and fraud detection. The industry’s expansion, particularly in the life and health sectors, was fueled by policy holders’ unreserved adoption of digital processes.

The long-term effects of Covid’s financial impact, which will mostly affect insurers, will take time to manifest. The specifics of each company, such as the types and combinations of business they underwrite, their pricing, the wording of their policies, and their reinsurance coverages, will probably determine how it works.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the insurance industry, but it has also sparked innovation and adaptation. This insurance start-up’s ability to break down the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance market has been invaluable in helping insurers understand and respond to the evolving landscape. As the pandemic continues to influence the insurance sector, we can expect further innovations and transformations. The collaboration between insurtech start-ups and traditional insurers will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry, ultimately benefitting both insurance providers and policyholders.

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