Happy Lohri 2024 Wishes, Images, Status, Quotes, SMS, Shayari

Happy Lohri 2024: The first major celebration of the new year is Lohri. On January 14, 2024, Lohri is celebrated this year. This festival is celebrate with great pomp almost everywhere in the country, but in some parts of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, and other places, it is especially celebrated. Just a day before Makar Sankranti, Lohri is celebrated. On the Lohri festival, a new crop is harvested. Wood and cow dung cakes are used to light a fire outside the house in the evening, and the harvested crop is first offer as an offering. During this festival, delectable dishes are prepare. Giddha and costumed worship of Lohri’s fire are commonplace.

On the occasion of Lohri, you can send greetings to friends and family. You will find beautiful Lohri 2024 greetings and wallpapers here, which you can share with your loved ones on Facebook and WhatsApp to say “congratulations.”

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Happy Lohri 2024

People are eagerly anticipating the Lohri festival in January, when they can dance around bonfires, beat the cold, and enjoy delicious popcorn, rewaris, and peanuts with loved ones. Shawls, sweaters, and hats cover people as they dress in their traditional attire. It’s probably the biggest celebration of the new year.

The joyful day, also known as the harvest festival, also signals the beginning of spring and the end of winter. Additionally, Lohri is regard as the shortest day of the year. Lohri is mostly celebrated in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, where it is primarily a Punjabi festival. The first Lohri of a newlywed couple or a baby is celebrated with great pomp and circumstance for many Punjabi families. This year, the precise date of Lohri’s celebration – January 13 or 14 – is in dispute. Drik Panchang claims that the Lohri festival will take place on Saturday, January 14, 2024. It is observed in the Paush or Magh month prior to Makar Sankranti.

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Happy Lohri 2023

Happy Lohri 2024 Details

Article NameHappy Lohri 2024 Wishes, Images, Status, Quotes, SMS, Shayari
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Happy Lohri 2024 Wishes

Welcome to the year 2024! We hope this year brings you all the happiness and success you can hope for. With the coming of a new year, comes a chance to reflect on past years and make resolutions for the future. We want to remind you that it’s never too late to change your life for the better, and there are many ways technology can help make that happen. So let’s make some happy Lohri 2024 wishes together

  • May all the sorrows be burnt in the fire of Lohri,
    May happiness always come in your life.
  • Get ready for Bhangra-Giddha
    It’s time to celebrate Lohri
    now everyone gather
    Let’s celebrate Lohri together.
  • Popcorn with peanut filling,
    Happiness in the heart and lots of love for loved ones,
    Happy Lohri festival to all of you.
  • There is no festival, no one is our own,
    The festival is the one which everyone celebrated together.
    Like sesame seeds are found in jaggery,
    In the same way, you also mix with each other.
  • Jaggery sweet happiness and lots of love,
    Happy Lohri festival to you.

Lohri Images

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Happy Lohri 2024 Status

Happy Lohri 2024! Here’s to all the wonderful things this auspicious festival will bring – from celebrations with friends and family to overtime at work, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! In case you’re wondering what to make of this auspicious occasion, here are five ideas on how to celebrate Lohri in style. Bon appetit!

  • May the bonfire you light on Lohri fill your life with warmth and brightness.
  • Happy Lohri. May the coming year be as bright and joyful as this festival.
  • Lohri is the festival of good food, family and fun – and I hope this year brings you all three in abundance. Happy Lohri
  • On this auspicious festival of Lohri, I wish you and your family peace and prosperity. Happy Lohri!
  • Days of joy, weeks of happiness and months of prosperity – these are my wishes for you on this auspicious festival.

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Happy Lohri 2024 Quotes

Happy Lohri 2024! This festival is celebrated all around the world with different customs and celebrations, but one thing that is always common is the celebration of love and joy. Here are some quotes to help you celebrate this happy season!

  • “If the harvest did not return more than was sown, there would be no benefit to be gain by sowing a field of wheat.”
  • “There would be no advantage to be gain by sowing a field of wheat if the harvest did not return more than was sown.”
  • “Enjoy this Lohri to the fullest and don’t forget to put Rewri, moongfali and popcorns in the Lohri fire. This will definitely bring good luck for you.”
  • “Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.”
  • “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
  • “You must give to get, you must sow the seed before you can reap the harvest.”
  • “Wish that the warmth of Bonn fire, the sweetness of Gur and Rewri at Lohri remain with you n forever.”
  • “Living to see the harvest is not always given to the sewer. In faith, all work that is worth something is complete.”

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  • May the warmth of the bonfire stay with you forever and fill your life with positivity and happiness. Sending warm wishes to you and your family on the occasion of Lohri!
  • May the fire of Lohri burn all your sadness and fill your life with happiness and joy.
  • This Lohri may make all your dreams come true and you achieve everything you want. Wishing you a cheerful Lohri!
  • The divine light of happiness will fill your life with glory and good luck. Stay blessed and keep shining like a star always. Happy Lohri!
  • Let’s do bhangra and gidda to lighten up and bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones on the day of Lohri. Happy Lohri 2024!
  • May the Lohri bring you days of happiness, weeks of laughter, months of good luck and years of prosperity. Wishing you a cheerful Lohri!
  • May God bless you with an abundance of joy, success and pleasant surprises. Happy Lohri!
  • May this Lohri you get an opportunity to explore every joy of life and turn all your dreams into reality. Hope that all your efforts result in great achievements. Happy Lohri!
  • May you receive all the happiness the whole universe has to offer. Happy Lohri 2024!
  • Hope this festive season brings joy to you and your loved ones; and may all your wishes come true this year. Happy Lohri!
  • Enjoy this festival with the sweetness of rewri, moongfali, and popcorn and spread happiness. Happy Lohri 2024!
  • Let the Lohri bonfire light up all the darkness and sadness and give warmth to this beautiful festival and make this a memorable night to remember. Happy Lohri!
  • May this Lohri be delightful and beautiful as you are! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lohri 2024!
  • Sending love, warm hugs and greetings to you and your family on the auspicious day of Lohri!
  • Hope this Lohri gives you a chance to get closer to your loved ones and become a reason for a smile on their face. May God shower you with blessings and abundance in the year ahead.

Happy Lohri 2024 Shayari

Happy Lohri 2024 Shayari! It’s the perfect time to celebrate the arrival of spring with some inspiring words. Here are five cards that will make your Lohri celebration even more special.

  • लोहड़ी का प्रकाश…जैसे जैसे लोहड़ी की आग तेज़ हो,वैसे वैसे हमारे दुखों का अंत हो,लोहड़ी का प्रकाश आपकी ज़िन्दगी को प्रकाशमय कर दे..
  • ट्व‍िंकल ट्व‍िंकल यारां दी कार,खड़के गलासी इन द बार,पंजाबी भंगड़ा ते च‍िकन फ्राई,तुवानु लोहड़ी दी सब जो पहलां बधाई
  • मूंगफली दी खुशबू ते गुर दी मिठास,मक्की दी रोटी ते सरसों दा साग,दिल दी खुंशी ते आपनों दा प्यार,मुबारक होवे तुहानूं लोहड़ी दा त्यौहार ।
  • गन्ने दे रस तों चीनी दी बोरी,फेर बनी उसतों मीठी-मीठी रेवड़ी,रल मिल सारे खाइये तिल दे नाल,ते मनाइये अस्सी खुशियां भरी लोहड़ी
  • मक्की दी रोटी ते सरसों दा साग, सूरज दिया करण,खुशियां दी बहार, ढोल दी आवाज ते नचदी मुटियार,मुबारक होव सरकार लोहड़ी दा त्यौहार..

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