Formovie X5 Review: Design, Specifications, Features, Viewing Experience And Sound

Formovie X5 Review: If you don’t keep a close eye on the global projector market, you probably haven’t heard of this brand before. This is because Formovie products have not yet been available in India. After establishing itself on the international stage for several years, the Chinese brand has only recently entered the Indian projector market. The projector market in India has grown significantly since the pandemic, and given the rising demand, it’s not surprising that more companies are ready to serve Indian customers.

Formovie X5 Review 2024

To give you some background on Formovie, it was founded in 2016 and is a company in the Mi ecosystem that Appotronics and Xiaomi jointly invested in. Up to this point, Formovie has delivered in excess of 50 items including laser televisions, laser projectors, LCD projectors, and Drove projectors.

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The fact that Formovie projectors use ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) as their light source, which is typically utilized in laser projectors in movie theaters for brighter and more vivid images, is the primary selling point of these projectors. The viewing experience is superior to that of standard projectors with this display. I can now tell you whether you should buy the brand’s X5 portable laser projector, which costs a hefty Rs 2,45,000, or choose another option after spending enough time with it. Let’s get started on the review without further ado.

Formovie X5 Review

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Formovie X5 Review Details

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The X5 accompanies a superior conservative plan and is accessible in only one tone – Silver Blue. The projector only measured 217 x 210 x 167 mm and weighed 3.98 kg, which surprised me. However, this laser projector’s features and specifications defy its diminutive size. While the sides of the projector are shrouded in what Formovie depicts as “Denmark Kvadrat reused fiber wrapping fabric,” at the front, it includes a “Star glass board.” The projector has a high-end appearance and can easily blend in with the decor of your room.

You get a power button on the top, while the back sports the following ports for connectivity:

  • One USB 2.0 port
  • 2 HDMI 2.1 (eARCx1 and 4K-120HZx1) ports
  • One Audio port
  • One Ethernet port(100M network port)
  • One S/PDIF port

The remote for the Formovie X5 has excellent build quality. In any case, the regulator shockingly doesn’t have an info button (to permit change of info source), which isn’t simply normal however a significant choice on any remote. Because of the shortfall of this button, changing the info source is a passionate assignment and you need to over and over go to the fundamental menu settings to make it happen.


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Specifications and features

The Formovie X5 is a long-hurl laser projector that backings to 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) goal with the assistance of DMD 0.47-inch chip from Texas Instruments and accompanies ALPD 3.0 as the light source. ALPD, which represents Progressed Laser Phosphor Show, is a light source innovation that joins the advantages of both laser and phosphor light sources to improve the presentation of projectors. The outcome is a dynamic and splendid picture. In addition, this technology is intended to offer a wider color gamut and improved color accuracy in comparison to conventional lamp-based projectors. The X5 accompanies HDR backing and elements MEMC (Movement Assessment and Movement Pay) for further developed picture lucidity. The X5 is evaluated at 2,450 CVIA lumens, according to the organization, which is another estimation standard as of late taken on by a few Chinese producers. This should not be confused with ANSI lumens, which have long been the global standard for measuring brightness. The organization has guaranteed that the projector presents to 4500 ANSI lumens of pinnacle brilliance and covers every available ounce of effort of the Rec.709 variety range. Be that as it may, numerous specialists have discredited this, and the most generally recorded top splendor of this projector is around 2200 ANSI lumens, and that implies it’s an expert. The X5 accompanies a toss proportion of 1.27:1 and an ideal projection size of 60 crawls to 180 inches (in spite of the fact that it can project a lot bigger picture assuming you place it far enough from the screen). For projection change, you get omnidirectional auto-revision for the cornerstone, self-adjust, and programmed drapery arrangement. You get a smart light-sensing feature that changes the brightness based on what’s around you.

The projector has a MediaTek 9669 chipset, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, and 128GB of eMMC memory as its fundamental specifications. The X5 has a power input range of 100-240V @50/60Hz and a power consumption rating of less than 200W. It has two built-in (12W+6W) DENON speakers with Dolby Audio and DTSHD support (more on the sound quality later). Taking everything into account, you get Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0/BLE support. This game mode has a low latency, but the input lag for 2160p/60 Hz signals is 39 milliseconds. One thing to remember is that the projector (even the variation sold in India) forces the FengOS 3.0 brilliant stage to leave the crate.

As a result, as soon as the device boots, you will see the Chinese operating system. However, in order to provide a completely distinct user interface in English, the brand is including an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with the projector, just as it did with the global version. Although I didn’t find this to be a big problem, the primary platform does have one limitation. At the point when I needed to change the projector settings, I needed to change to FengOS settings to roll out every one of the improvements, prior to changing back to Fire television operating system.

This is a major problem because you can’t access the projector menu unless you go to FengOS first, so if you’re watching a live match, you’ll have to miss some parts. The good news, however, is that the projector’s remote can also be use to control Fire TV OS. This evades the issue of keeping the two regulators close by each time you need to utilize the gadget.

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Viewing Experience And Sound

Formovie X5 isn’t your all around average projector. We are discussing an unbelievably skillful gadget that might be utilized to project video in a regular film theater. I’ve embedded a video below that shows this device projecting a whopping 1800 inches of video onto a building with impressive colors and brightness levels to give you a sense of what it can do. Yet, setting to the side the sheer size, we should discuss how it passages in ordinary use. The fact that the Formovie X5 is a long-throw laser projector without a mechanical zoom to increase the size from a short distance is the first thing you need to know about it.

This implies, the farther you go from the screen, the bigger picture you will get. Therefore, if you intend to purchase this projector. You should ensure that there is sufficient room in your room to position. It as far away from the screen as possible to achieve the require display size. According to online calculations, the maximum projection size of 100 inches will require. You to be at least 111 inches away from the screen. Remember that the manual zoom choice is as yet accessible. You can lessen the picture size according to your necessity. Seven picture modes are available on the Formovie X5: Custom, Game, Display, Sports, Standard, Movie, and Showy.

Notably, these picture modes can be use with both SDR and HDR content at the same time. SDR and HDR content cannot, regrettably, be calibrated separately in any of the modes—not even custom. This implies you should do this alignment each time you switch physically. You should custom-tune one of the modes for HDR and another for SDR content. Something that you will see immediately with the X5 is that the picture is more splendid than a portion of different projectors. You can track down in this cost range. Day, View, Night, and Silent are the projector’s available brightness modes. The highest level of brightness is provide by View and Day modes. While the lowest level of brightness is provide by Silent mode. Nonetheless, I viewed the Quiet mode as the most variety exact mode out of the crate.

The color accuracy was very off in other modes, and you either get a green or blue tint. The projector can be use with some ambient light due to its high brightness level. However, in a room with controlled lighting you must position the X5 at the ideal distance and height to appreciate its true quality. With local 4K UHD goal and HDR support, the projector really sparkles as far as picture quality. I confront no banding issues by the same token. The projector’s two built-in DENON speakers (12W+6W) provide sufficient sound for me to not immediately switch to a sound bar.

Well that is a great accomplishment since most projectors with work in speakers in all actuality do require outside speakers. Therefore, I am confident that you would be satisfied with the sound offer here even. If you do not have a sound bar or a speaker system that is capable of handling it. Be that as it may, assuming you truly need a more vivid involvement in a fair speaker arrangement. The numerous network ports on this projector (likewise including an eARC port) come in very helpful.


The Formovie X5 is a great choice for a home theater and has a price. That is very competitive with some of the more expensive projectors. It has bright 4K images and can cast as big an image as you want in the setup you need. With stunningly noisy implicit speakers and a dependable light source, the X5 is a convincing item.

However, you will have to constantly switch to the Fire TV OS because the projector comes pre-installed with a Chinese user interface. Th process is made much more confound by the absence of a committed info button on the projector’s remote. Further, the variety alignment choices are to some degree restricted. Aside from these minor issues, the X5 is a strong projector for entrepreneurs or clients. Who need a home theater arrangement with a huge screen.

Formovie X5 Review FAQ’S

Does the Formovie X5 have 3D?

The X5 does not offer support for 3D.

Is Xgimi Horizon Ultra better than Formovie theater?

The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra and Formovie THEATER are equally good but excel in different room environments.

Who is the manufacturer of formovie?

Formovie Tech is a Mi ecosystem company jointly established by Appotronics Corporation and Xiaomi Technology.

What is the throw ratio of the formovie X5?

With its throw ratio of 1.27:1, the X5 is an optical device that can be placed further from the screen than their ultra short throw projector.

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