Features That Make Pixel Phones Special : What Makes The Pixel A VIP – A Very Important Phone?

Features That Make Pixel Phones Special: A new Pixel is available in tech town. The Pixel 7a, the cheapest phone in the Pixel 7 line, was unveiled by Google at Google I/O. As is customary, many people were curious about “What exactly is so special about the Google phone range?” when a new Pixel was announced. After all, many people believed that there were other Android-running devices on the market with design and hardware that were comparable to, or even better than, this one. Therefore, what exactly distinguishes the Pixel line from the competition and allows Google to charge a premium for it?

After all, the most affordable Pixel, the Pixel 7a, starts at Rs 43,999, which is significantly more than other phones with comparable specs (like the OnePlus 11R), and the Pixel 7 Pro costs approximately the same as an iPhone 14. In point of fact, the Pixel line encompasses a great deal more than merely the information provided in software benchmarks and spec sheets. These phones are in their own personal zone, which is the explanation there is such a ton of advancement and energy each time one more Pixel is shipped off, whether or not it appears commonly normal on a shallow level.

Features That Make Pixel Phones Special

Software features that are unavailable on other devices help Google’s Pixel phones stand out from the competition. The camera, translation, and the fundamental experience of phone calls are just a few of Google’s Pixel-specific features. If this is your first Pixel, you might not know where to start. There is a possibility that we will learn more about Google’s plans for its Pixel devices at its I/O conference in May. New updates and features for apps and services like Google Photos, for instance, are occasionally announced by the company. Additionally, given that it introduced the Pixel 6A at Google I/O last year, there is a possibility that we will see a Pixel 7A this year.

What distinguishes the recently announced Pixel smartphones from previous Nexus offerings? The software controls it all. Yes, the Pixels will continue to receive monthly security updates and the most recent version of Android; Those are significant factors! However, this is no longer the “stock” Android that Nexus devices were renowned for throughout their history. Over Android 7.1 Nougat, Google has added new features only available on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Most of the changes are just for looks, but Pixel owners will only be able to use some really useful ones. What’s new is listed here.

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Features that make Pixel phones special

Features That Make Pixel Phones Special Details

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What makes a Pixel special? Many things, but these nine stand out:

These hints can help you make the most of your device, whether you want to edit old images or have Google Assistant screen your calls.

Distinct Design – The camera has a bar of its own

One of the most distinctive smartphone designs is found in the Pixel line. The Pixel line has maintained a very distinct yet consistent appearance over the past few years, in contrast to other brands, which alternate between various materials and shapes. The unique camera bar on the back, a metal bar that runs across the back and houses the cameras and the flash, distinguishes Pixel phones worldwide. It makes it clear to the world from afar that you are holding a Pixel.

Innovative color schemes like charcoal, obsidian, hazel, and others are also well-known for the brand. Even the power/display button in some instances had a very distinct color that matched the phone’s color. Additionally, it is one of the few manufacturers still producing phones that are relatively small, such as the A series. The Pixel stands out because of its consistent design language in a world where phone designs are often muddled. Some would call it predictable. Yes, but definitely also distinct. You will never mistake a different phone for a recent Pixel. or the reverse.

Special Processors – Making the opposition tense-r with Tensor

The majority of Android phones come equipped with processors manufactured by Samsung (Exynos), MediaTek (Dimensity), or Qualcomm (Snapdragon). Particularly with Qualcomm and MediaTek, you can find devices with the same processor from multiple manufacturers. The Pixel, on the other hand, is the only one with its own processor. Google decided to produce its own chips for the Pixel line after initially using Qualcomm for the majority of its phones. The Tensor processor series, which is now in its second generation, is the result. This chip is only available in Pixel phones. Pixels are required if you want a Tensor chip!

Better Software-hardware integration – appy times!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “iPhones are special because Apple makes the hardware and software and optimizes both for each other,” but have you also heard it? That also occurs with the Pixel product line. Google used to make the software for the phones in its early days, but Qualcomm made the processor. However, Google is in a position to have closer integration between hardware and software, ensuring that both don’t just say “hello” to each other but also remain in a productive partnership.

The search engine giant has chosen to make its own Tensor chip, which it has so far kept exclusive to the Pixel line. Because of this, Pixels frequently outperform devices that appear to have significantly superior specs. Google only considers its own processor when developing its apps and features. This also means that they rarely run as smoothly or effortlessly on other devices as they do on Pixels!

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Camera wizardry – Pixels go beyond megapixels

The Pixel line from Google has a reputation for being an expert in photography. This comes not only from the Pixel phones’ hardware and camera sensors but also from Google’s software expertise. In point of fact, the Pixel line popularized the term “computational photography” long before other brands, particularly those from Cupertino, adopted it. Consequently, Pixel phone cameras deliver performance that frequently defies their own specifications. Because of Google’s software algorithms, for instance, the digital zoom on many Pixel phones is comparable to the optical zoom on others. Pixel phones also have a reputation for capturing an incredible amount of detail, with some claiming that the cameras sometimes show details that the photograph didn’t even know existed. Don’t judge a book by its cover, a person by their face, or even a Google camera by how many megapixels or how big its sensor is!

Smart Software and features – Pixel first stuff

The integration of Google’s hardware and software on the Pixel line frequently results in a number of smart features that are unavailable on other Android phones. Smart Transcription, which converts spoken words into written text, Talk to Type, which lets you compose and edit messages by simply speaking, Clear Calls, which reduces background noise while you talk, Magic Eraser, which lets you remove unwanted objects from an image, and a slew of other features were first introduced with the Pixel and continue to perform more smoothly on Pixel-based devices. While some of these features are available on other Android devices, others are only available on Pixel devices. In addition, they continue to perform best on Pixels in some instances, such as Magic Eraser.

Standard Android – OG Android phone

There are a lot of brands on the market that say their smartphones have stock Android or close to it. However, if you’re looking for the gold standard in terms of pure or stock Android, the Pixel, which comes with OG Android, is the best choice. Many of the new Android features are displayed on the Pixel, which is frequently the first phone to feature them. On Google’s smartphone, this is the software in all its glory.

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Just Android – Bloatware? What bloatware?

If you buy a Pixel, you will only get Android and Android itself, and there will be no third-party apps on your phone. Ads will not appear in any nook or cranny, and you will not receive strange notifications from apps or services that are running in the background without your knowledge. It is completely different from the slightly cluttered experience that many Android phones offer, particularly those with loaded, feature-rich user interfaces and pre-installed third-party applications. Even the wallpapers can sometimes include advertisements. If you’ve never used Android on a Pixel before, you might find it a little barebones, but Android on a Pixel is great for people who like to control their phones and customize them to their liking.

Always Updated – First to get updates

One of the biggest problems in the smartphone industry is when Android updates are released, and many smartphones still use Android 10 today. A Pixel, on the other hand, is not like that. Since Pixel is a Google product, Google is the lord and master of Android. As a result, Google updates its devices more frequently and quickly than the majority of other Android phones. There is not a plot here. With the Pixel, Google has control over both the hardware and software, making it easier for the company to release updates than with other brands, which is unfortunate. Therefore, if you own a Pixel, you can rest assured that you will be among the first to receive the most recent security patch or Android update.


In this conclusion, Pixel phones are known for their unique features that set them apart from other smartphones on the market. One of the most notable features is the camera, which consistently ranks among the best in the industry. With features like Night Sight and Portrait Mode, Pixel phones make it easy to capture stunning photos even in low light or with a shallow depth of field. Another feature that sets Pixel phones apart is Google Assistant, which can help you get things done faster and more efficiently with just your voice. In addition to these standout features, Pixel phones also receive regular software updates directly from Google, ensuring that they always have the latest security patches and new features.

Features That Make Pixel Phones Special FAQ’S

What's special about Google Pixel?

Pixel phones receive Android updates ahead of Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers. Additionally, Google assures that every Pixel device will obtain three significant Android updates. The Tensor chip developed by Google features some of the most cutting-edge machine learning abilities available on the market today.

What is best thing in Google Pixel phone?

The Pixel 7 Pro was selected as the ultimate Google Pixel phone due to its comprehensive features, including a high-resolution 120Hz display, a dedicated telephoto camera, and a larger battery.

What can a Google Pixel do that other phones can t?

You can now start dictating what you want the Assistant to type. Additionally, the feature offers a much smarter voice typing experience than your typical voice-to-text services.

Why Google Pixel is not famous in India?

It is believed that Google failed to sell its Pixel devices in India due to its Soli Radar chip on the front, which utilised the 60GHz frequency band banned for commercial use in India.

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