Truke Buds Vibe Review: Price, Performance, User Reviews & More Details

Truke Buds Vibe Review: One of the more recent entrants into the TWS market, Truke already offers a pretty outstanding selection of audio equipment. We haven’t encountered a Truke product yet that we didn’t enjoy. The TWS series from Truke should be near the top of your list if you’re wanting to get the most value for your money. Both gamers and music fans are catered to by the company’s TWS library. This year, Truke has released a lot of music.

You can read our review of the Truke A1 from last month here. The business released a brand-new pair of TWS Truke Buds Vibe this month. In contrast to other Truke TWS products, which are made locally, it’s interesting to note that these earphones are made in China. The current cost of Truke Buds Vibe is Rs 1,599. We put them to use for more than a week and took them for a ride. Here is our review of the Truke Buds Vibe.

Truke Buds Vibe Review

Dual Noise Cancellation with up to 35dB ANC and Quad-Mic ENC, 40ms Ultra Low Latency for Gaming, and Bluetooth 5.3 for faster connection are included in the Truke Buds Vibe. It has a 13mm Titanium Speaker driver and four preset EQ modes—Dynamic Audio, Movie Mode, Bass Boost Mode, and Balanced Mode—that can be toggled by pressing and holding the button. Touch and hold the buds for a few seconds to enable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Gaming mode, and Transparent mode. To enable the voice assistant, touch and hold.

Buds can also be used to answer calls. To reset, tap both earbuds six times. The charging case has a 300mAh battery, whereas the earbuds have a 40mAh battery. With ANC, we were able to play music for about six hours. With the case, you can charge your buds three times. The case needs one hour and thirty minutes to fully charge.  The sound is loud and clear, and the bass is deep. At this price point, ANC is effective. The gaming mode has good call quality.

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Truke Buds Vibe Review Details

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Price And Availability

The market for truly wireless buds has been blessed by a new trend: the democratization of active noise cancellation, or ANC. It used to be a feature that only high-end products had, but now people with budgets under Rs 2,000 are using it. The Truke Buds Vibe TWS, the most recent offering, only costs Rs 1,599. The earbuds also come with Bluetooth 5.3, four preset modes, and a playtime of up to 48 hours. All of this is contained within a bizarre transparent case.

The Buds Vibe comes in black, blue, and yellow. We have ours in a pleasing shade of blue.

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Truke Buds Vibe Review

Dual Noise Cancellation with up to 35dB of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Quad Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation are provided by the truke Buds Vibe ANC. These earbuds give you a high-quality audio experience no matter where you are thanks to their ability to block up to 90% of background noise. No matter if you’re on a train, flight, in the office, or outside, you can listen to your music or make calls without being interrupted. Additionally, the earbuds come with a transparency mode that allows you to clearly hear your surroundings without having to remove them or pause the music. To switch between Transparency Mode and ANC On, simply tap and hold the right earbud for two seconds.



The rectangular case that houses the Truke Buds Vibe has a transparent lid and resembles the OPPO Enco Air 3. With just a flick of your thumb, you can open the buds’ case by yourself, resulting in a loud and satisfying click. The case’s lid is made of thinner, flimsier plastic, which catches scratches before chalk dust does on a chalkboard. The novelty of the LCD battery level indicator is at the front. A charging port for Type-C is located at the bottom. Strong magnets hold the buds in place inside the case. The top of the buds has a long stem with contours to help with touch controls, which can sometimes be too sensitive. For instance, even a light touch can pause a song while inserting an earbud.


In order to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit, the ear tip is curved and angled. Although Truke did not specify their weight, they were light and simple to transport. We used these buds for exercise and jogging throughout our review, and they held in place well in our ears. Due to their IPX5 protection, the earbuds can only withstand water splashes.

Audio Performance

Compared to other buds in the same price range, the Truke Buds Vibe feature dynamic drivers measuring 13 millimeters in diameter. These buds have the bass boost sound profile by default because of the larger drivers. By holding the left earbud, you can switch it to balanced, dynamic audio and movie mode. Sadly, there’s no buddy application that assists you with changing the balancer at a sub-atomic level, and that is something we profoundly missed. Even though the earbuds do not have an in-ear detection feature, this is acceptable considering the price. We used these earbuds for a number of music, movie, and gaming sessions, with the volume set between 60% and 70% because the sound becomes distorted after that point.

The Truke Buds Vibe’s overall sound quality is satisfactory for the price. These earbuds appear to focus primarily on the low-frequency response because their intended audience is young people who enjoy fast-paced music. So, if you like Punjabi songs by people like AP Dhillon, Diljit Dosanjh, and Karan Aujla, you’ll like the whole thing. However, the Buds Vibe’s high and midrange frequencies require improvement. The sound output and clarity of the vocals could have been improved. Multiple instruments in electropop songs like Sia’s Unstoppable feel a little flat. Dandelions, a song with Ruth B’s powerful vocals, sounded a little muddy. Although Suzume by RADWIMPS initially sounded great, the song’s narrow soundstage became very obvious when the beat stopped.

These earbuds have quick-pair Bluetooth 5.3 functionality, making pairing them simple. The earbuds were ready to pair when we removed them from the case. We did not experience any significant drops, and the connection remained mostly stable. Active noise cancellation is, of course, the buds’ most distinctive selling point. Truke claims to reduce ambient noise by up to 35 dB. The fan’s whirring and some traffic sounds are easily drowned out by the buds, but mixed sounds, like those during a metro commute, can be a challenge. However, entering the ANC mode is difficult; Both earbuds must be held in place for three seconds.

You get almost superhuman hearing in transparency mode, but not in the way you would expect. It tends to focus more on the sounds around you than on your own voice. We did not experience this with any other earbuds. Due to the two microphones in each earbud, the calling quality is excellent. Consequently, not only was our voice clear in a quiet room but also in a crowded metro. The Truke Buds Vibe’s dedicated gaming mode is said to reduce latency to 40 milliseconds. However, after enabling it, we were unable to notice any difference while gaming.

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On the front of the Truke Buds Vibe case is a LCD battery indicator that displays the exact battery percentage in numbers. Although it may occasionally cause battery anxiety, this appears to be very cool. To get right to the point, the case has a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, whereas each of the buds has a charge capacity of approximately 40 mAh. Together with the charging case, a total playback time of 48 hours is claimed.

For each of us, with ANC enabled, the earbuds lasted nearly four hours. After turning off the ANC, we could get another hour out of these. To continue, we needed to charge the case twice per week.


The Truke Buds Vibe TWS earbuds are a great choice for anyone who enjoys ANC and punchy bass. However, if your budget is strictly restricted to Rs 1,500, an additional 100 will go a long way. They have a long battery life, a good sound that is tuned for bass heads, and a good fit. The transparent design would have been another plus for us, but after two weeks of use, its beauty has just vanished. Check out the Redmi Buds 3 Lite (review), which are available at the same price, if you want earbuds with clearer vocals but are willing to give up ANC.

Truke Buds Vibe Review FAQ’S

Is truke buds a good brand?

Unless you are a true audiophile, these earphones offer a solid value for money in their price range. From audio quality, comfort, smart features and multiple EQ presets, it is definitely worth the price and you could consider these.

Is truke a german brand?

The German-origin brand, Truke, has a devout commitment to producing the finest and cutting-edge products, all Made-in-India in its Noida factory.

Does truke earbuds have noise cancellation?

Truke BUDS PRO adopts hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) for optimal performance. It relies on microphones to seek out ambient noises and then blocks the noise.

Which is better noise or BoAt?

BoAt Wearable, is a little closer but Noise is better. Hence 4.5 to Noise and 4 to BoAt.

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