The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023, According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Best Cities in the World – Are you looking to move to a new city in the coming years? If so, you’ll want to check out our list of the 25 best cities in the world 2023. These cities have all been carefully picked based on their wealth of cultural and entertainment options, as well as their overall quality of life. Whether you’re interested in experiencing the city life or searching for a place to retire, these cities will have something for you. So whether you’re planning your next vacation or looking for your next permanent home, make sure to check out our list!

Are you having trouble making decisions about your trip abroad for the holiday season? We are not to blame! There are so many wonderful places to visit worldwide. Resonance Consultancy, a real estate, tourism, and economic development consulting firm, has just released its list of the world’s best cities for 2023 to assist you in your endeavor.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023

No matter where you live, there’s a city out there that would be perfect for you. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best cities in the world 2023. We’ve taken into account a range of factors, including population growth, economic stability, and quality of life. Whether you’re looking for a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culture or an exciting metropolis with endless opportunities, this list has something for everyone. So read on to find out which city is the perfect fit for you!

We will never begin a story without mentioning the “pandemic pause” again, but today is not that day. For the best cities in the world, things are still changing. In search of the ideal location for work, living, and recreation, the global population has resumed mass migration over the past year. In search of cheaper pastures, hundreds of thousands left major metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, and Rome; In the meantime, LinkedIn reports that one out of every six job listings is “remote,” which is contributing to a sort of global existential crisis. Is this the end of the big city as we know it?

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023

Looking for a place to call home? Check out our list of the 25 best cities in the world 2023! Based on a number of factors including quality of life, job and housing options, and more, this is an excellent place to start your search. Whether you’re a couple looking to raise a family or a single person looking for an exciting city to call home, these cities have something for everyone. So read on to learn more about the top 25 cities and why they’re worth considering.

The world is moving fast and the cityscape is changing faster than ever before. In this blog post, we’re unveiling our list of the 25 best cities in the world by 2023. Based on a number of factors including economic growth, quality of life, and cultural attractions, these are the cities that will be leading the pack. So whether you’re looking for a new home or just want to explore a new city, be sure to check out our list!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The city, which is 170 miles northwest of Mexico City and is a marriage of neo-Gothic and Spanish-colonial architecture, is a design lover’s dream. One reader commented, “The intrigue of the houses hidden behind the doors.” San Miguel de Allende’s history and growing culinary renown also captivated readers, with many respondents describing it as simply “magical.” Our respondents also raved about the city’s walkability and ease of navigation, noting that “everywhere you look there are amazing sights and beauty and history.” San Miguel de Allende has captivated our readers, one of whom wrote, “From the rooftop restaurants to the central El Jardn and the Museo Histórico.” San Miguel is an incredible city with beautiful architecture, a rich history, warm people, and delicious restaurants.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

London, England

“Despite much-warranted hand-wringing about the flight of talent and capital due to the pall of Brexit (and the follow-up specter of an airborne pandemic), London is hanging in just fine,” says Resonance, “relying on a dipping currency to attract investment and, of course, previously priced-out tourists.” This is the case despite the fact that there was a year in which England’s longest-reigning monarch passed away and there were three prime ministers in likewise, new residents New wealthy residents who now have the means to accomplish a significant goal on the multimillionaire bucket list: property in the world’s best city. London has brought in the most foreign direct investments into technology from international companies since 2018, surpassing New York, Singapore, and Dubai, according to fDi Markets, the foreign investment tracker of the Financial Times.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Paris, France

According to Resonance, “what returning visitors find is a city that has codified pedestrianism and alfresco living.” Mayor Hidalgo ordered that the 60,000 parking spaces loaned to restaurants for outdoor seating simply remain in order to prevent cars from regaining control of Parisian streets as pandemic urban pilot projects diminished, as was the case in many other cities. The transformation is most pronounced along the Seine River, in the tourist district of Paris, near the Notre Dame Cathedral and city hall. In a city with dozens of historic locations deserving of the honor, this is now Paris’s town square because of the reduced automobile traffic.

Even after the Right Bank summer event in Paris ended, thousands of people gathered on the riverside promenade night after night. In a city that has long been criticized for being pricey and exclusive, the Paris-Plages urban beach initiative welcomes picnicking and other low-cost access.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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New York City, United States

According to Resonance, major improvements to NYC’s international gateways are a stylish way to welcome visitors back. New terminals have been built at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. “With the new Terminal B at LaGuardia alone boasting 35 gates,” they all appear to be in good shape. “Back on the ground, Moynihan Train Hall is a new 17-track expansion of Penn Station that, if you squint, could be mistaken for a future transit hub in northern Europe,” Moynihan said. Also, if you haven’t heard of the biggest hotel that opened in the city this summer, read AFAR’s review of the new Aman, which costs 2,60,000 Rs per night.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Tokyo, Japan

“The Japanese government maintains its goal of 60 million visitors and $136 billion in tourism revenue by 2030, despite the pandemic and subsequent derailment of Japan’s plans—or perhaps because of them. It’s not as crazy as it seems: According to Resonance, the country experienced record levels of tourism for seven consecutive years and is now able to accommodate even more visitors to Tokyo as a result of the expansion of the international terminal at Haneda, the main airport for the city. Japan’s recent reopening to international travelers has sparked a lot of excitement, and given that it is ranked as the best shopping city in the world, wallets are likely to open upon their return.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is riding high from Expo 2020, which actually took place from 2021 to 2022. Expo 2020 is a six-month, multibillion-dollar world fair that showcases nearly 200 nations with futuristic pavilions and seemingly never-ending cultural celebrations. Now, the UAE hub wants to keep its visitors coming back for more: By 2025, Dubai wants to be the most popular tourist destination in the world, with 25 million visitors. The addition of a United Airlines direct flight between Newark and Dubai in March 2023 ought to be beneficial.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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Barcelona, Spain

Take a look at Passeig de Sant Joan, which Time Out recently ranked as one of the world’s best streets. According to Resonance, Sant Joan is one of the first green corridors in Spain. With its bicycle lanes, expansive sidewalks, greenery, and sprawling outdoor seating, it was designed for self-propelled mobility and exploration. Extra benefit: Mercat de l’Abaceria, the adored food market in the city, is also located there (at least until it moves into more permanent quarters later this decade).

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Rome, Italy

Few cities offer the opportunity to experience Western history like Roma. Resonance asserts, “If you have an hour, Palatine Hill alone invites you into two millennia’s worth.” According to Resonance, “a dozen other museums and cultural landmarks have also just reopened or been unveiled for the first time.” The reopened Mausoleum of Augustus and the Casa Romana, a residence built in the fourth century and located beneath the Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco, should not be missed. The Museo Ninfeo, which tells the story of the ruins of a… let’s call it a “vacation property” for Roman emperors, is one of the newcomers.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Madrid, Spain

According to Resonance, Madrid has “bounced back on its feet deftly, continuing a much-needed investment in its abundant (but long-dormant) infrastructure and public assets that is fueling the Spanish capital’s city-building legacy like few eras before,” moving up from the tenth position. Madrid’s beautiful measures to combat pollution and climate change include a 47-mile urban forest network with nearly half a million new trees that will connect the city’s existing forest masses and reuse abandoned sites between roads and buildings. This may be the most significant development. It is anticipated that this “green wall” will, upon completion, aid in the absorption of 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and reduce urban heat gain.”

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


Singapore’s reinvestment in research, talent, and corporate headquarters recruitment guarantees that the country will continue to have a sustainably wealthy population for decades to come. According to Resonance, this is the reason why the city-state continues to rise among the world’s most prosperous cities. The city-state known as The Little Red Dot received high scores for both Safety and Foreign-Born Population; It is best known for its famous street food from hawker stalls, its airport terminal that looks like a garden, and the recently reopened Raffles Singapore hotel, which has been welcoming travelers since 1887. According to Resonance, you should keep an eye out for the outcomes of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which include “more than 800 miles of bike lanes and the recently reopened nine-mile Rail Corridor.”

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Femke Halsema, the visionary mayor of the smallest city in the Top 50, is a tiny but powerful dynamo to keep an eye on. Resonance claims that she was the first non-interim female mayor in the city’s history. Her administration is co-authoring a future of accountability for everyone who calls the enticing Dutch capital home through its practical stewardship of a place and its citizens that are frequently abandoned to the tourist euro.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


The first three months of 2023 saw a nearly 94% decrease in Prague’s tourism compared to 2019. This coincided with the demand for new rules of engagement. The city is making thoughtful and long-term decisions as it returns to ensure that its #4-ranked museums (ahead of places like New York) and #3-ranked attractions (only behind London and Tokyo) continue to be accessible to the people who supported them when tourism declined. Open-air stages and galleries resembling those of Paris can now be found in places like the apadlo embankment on the Vltava River.

During the pandemic, Náplavka, with its former ice storage spaces concealed within the retaining walls of the river, was reborn as a lively urban market and series of pop-up bars. The compact, walkable fairy tale spirit of Prague can still be found in its century-old cobblestone streets and (publicly accessible) hilltop Prague Castle. Salm Palace, home to the National Gallery’s exhibition spaces, has also emerged from lockdown after being completely renovated. The Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace in Old Town, among other classics, has recently reopened and is eager to be admired.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Los Angles

The City of Angels is back in the kitchen. According to Adam Burke, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, “L.A. is the best food town in America because it is also among the most diverse.” 220 languages are spoken here by Angelenos from 140 countries. People are returning to L.A.’s more than 100 municipalities to enjoy the #11-ranked restaurants. The ascendant infrastructure of the city is also very hot. The NFL’s Rams and Chargers will play their home games at the new SoFi Stadium, which opened last fall and is the largest in the league. In Hollywood fashion, the home-town Rams won the inaugural season in February 2022.

The fact that all nine of LAX’s terminals are undergoing a $14.3 billion modernization, which includes the Automated People Mover train, which is scheduled to open in the coming year, is another significant story. The opening of the visually stunning Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and its ongoing three-floor Stories of Cinema exhibit, which focuses on the histories of filmmakers and their works, put L.A. at number 21 on the list of museums to visit. It is not surprising that it ranks second worldwide for Google searches.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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Berlin is a city where you can be anything you want to be just by having a place to live. It has remnants of a fragile past mixed in with the present. The city has been welcoming waves of Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion for decades, with mixed results, just as it has for newcomers from all over the world seeking a new life. The outcome: urbanity and self-expression that had deteriorated over the past 30 months due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic However, as the sun comes out and public health measures become less stringent, the entire city is once again gathering outdoors, in parks, beer gardens, and increasingly at street parties and parades.

Berlin is also ranked sixth for museums, a position that is expected to rise as a result of this year’s flurry of new openings and renovations. In the heart of the city, the new Humboldt Forum now houses two major museums: the Museum of Asian Art and the Ethnological Museum. The world of the samurai to video games will be represented in the collections of a dozen additional museums that are scheduled to open. The anticipated Museum of the Twenty-First Century will be one of Europe’s best in 2026.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Hong Kong

Visitors and residents alike are captivated by Temple Street Night Market’s dai pai dong (open-air food stalls) sounds, smells, and tastes, the forest of skyscrapers seen on a hike to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, and the city’s electric pulse. When Hong Kong

residents took to the streets for the first time in April 2019 to protest a law that would allow criminal cases to be extradited to China, the city’s idyllic embrace was shattered. The demands quickly extended to more comprehensive human rights reforms aimed at China’s influence in the region, and recently, Beijing imposed new security laws that temporarily lowered Hong Kong’s safety rating.

It is back at number four globally, a high point of its number seven position in our category for Place.) Despite this, Beijing continues to oppress dissidents and insists that students learn speeches by President Xi. According to a September 2022 report from the Census and Statistics Department, the sharpest annual decline in population since the government began tracking figures in 1961 will occur in 2022 as a result of the political upheaval and crushing pandemic public health measures. It’s no wonder it’s been so popular on Google.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


We are all thinking about Washington because of the shocking events of recent years and the widespread use of D.C. in dramas on large and small screens. Need proof? It had the most Google references of any city over the past year. Few cities are as well-positioned to capitalize on its exposure as this one. According to Elliott Ferguson, president and CEO of Destination DC, $10.3 billion is being invested in the city, 29 hotels are in the works, eight of which will open this year, and phase two of the Wharf is nearing completion. The Pendry DC – The Wharf and the AC Hotel Washington DC Capitol Hill Navy Yard are among those coming online in 2022.

Speaking of The Wharf, the second phase of the enormous Southwest Waterfront development is expected to open in any given month. Market 7, a sprawling food hall featuring Black-owned businesses, is also assisting D.C. in its pursuit of equity in the food and dining industries. The $250 million RiverPoint, two blocks from Audi Field, is the city’s culinary crown jewel. The city’s global ranking of #105 Restaurants, which is middling, will undoubtedly rise as a result of all of this culinary investment.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


If China owns the 21st century (Narrator: Beijing will be the place to watch its rise if it does. The capital city is ranked second for Prosperity, falling to Doha this year for the top spot. It performed well in two aspects of that category: the most Global 500 headquarters and the 26th-highest employment rate worldwide, which has decreased over the past year. The location of the magnificent Ming Dynasty Forbidden City has been subjected to more lockdowns than the majority of the cities in our ranking, and the Chinese government prevents any resumption of “normalcy.” During the shortened 2022 Winter Olympics, the world got a glimpse of Beijing’s splendor, and the brand-new airport got its due.

Daxing International Airport, designed by Zaha Hadid and costing $12 billion, opened at the end of 2019, just in time to close when the pandemic struck. Officials at the airport say that high-speed rail, intercity services, and express trains from the downtown to the airport will all stop right beneath the terminal, making it easy to get to Beijing’s raging downtown quickly. In our Airport Connectivity subcategory, the city is already among the top ten.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

Las Vegas

Because tourism is Southern Nevada’s primary source of revenue, COVID-19 wiped out Las Vegas like few other cities. Therefore, a trip to Vegas in 2022 is a pilgrimage into American urban resilience. After all, Vegas is home to the world’s seventh-best weather and the world’s top three attractions. According to local statistics, there were over 2.6 million visitors to the city in February alone, a 70% increase from the previous year but a slight decrease from 2019. New properties like the $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas are welcoming them. It has three hotels, a 27,000-square-foot Awana Spa, and a 5,000-seat theater. It opened in the middle of 2021.

In the gilded fog of Vegas construction, the fact that places like the Wynn were extensively renovated during the pandemic at a cost of $200 million is almost lost. More than $15 billion in new investment is still in the works, including the completion of the much-anticipated Fontainebleau in 2023 and the $2 billion MSG Sphere that is currently being built behind the Venetian. This is in addition to the fervor of build-out that has been present over the past two years.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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With one of the first serious COVID-19 outbreaks outside of Asia, Milan’s quest to become the best Italian metro got the world’s attention in the wrong way. The financial center of Italy was badly affected, but it quickly recovered. Let’s begin with practical livability: of any Italian city, Milan scores most elevated in the Item class, which incorporates the quantity of value historical centers (it positions #15 around the world). With the Duomo and dozens of other life-affirming urban treasures, it propels its Sights & Landmarks ranking to #6 globally and #11 in our overall Place category. Its bucolic and historically adored sense of place is also responsible for its ranking.

With TripAdvisor reviews placing it in the top ten, its meticulous urbanity is admired worldwide. However, there is work to be done prior to the 2026 Olympic Games in Milan, which is home to the banks, stock exchange, fashion, and design industries that generate Italy’s GDP. The Isola-Porta Nuova, a laboratory of daring, sustainably minded architecture known as both “New Milan” and “Little Manhattan,” and maintaining alignment with the city’s new districts, such as the airport and transit hubs, are two examples.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


Diversity and education are the driving forces behind Toronto’s top 25 ranking this year. The city’s eponymous university, the University of Toronto, is ranked #9 globally, and its residents are ranked #20 among the world’s most educated. An economy that already has the seventh-highest number of Global 500 head offices—up two spots from last year—will be greatly boosted by all that talent, which is about to significantly increase as a result of Canada’s acceptance of skilled immigrants. Amazingly, the largest city in Canada only appears to be getting started: A study by the Centre for Urban Research and Land Development named it the fastest-growing metropolitan area in all of North America last year.

The University of Toronto’s prediction that it will be behind only New York City and Mexico City in terms of North American population in less than 50 years receives less attention. Thankfully, it is not all work. New hotels like the W are opening, as well as elevated High Line-like parks and Paris-like swimming spots, and the century-old Massey Hall just reopened for performances after a C$184 million, three-year renovation.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


Sydney would likely compete with Paris and London for global visitor supremacy if it weren’t so (relatively) isolated. It’s the good life’s sunny, laid-back manifestation. Take the residents as an example: Sydney has been growing by more than 80,000 per year, according to the numbers in the area. Of course, this was before the city went through multiple COVID lockdowns, the most notable of which was the 107-day one in 2021 that sparked dozens of protests. The pull of the city’s golden beaches, big-city harbor, and the mellow, generous, and welcoming residents who call this spectacular location home is evident in the staggering growth of the city.

Sydney’s expansive outdoor spaces, which are ranked 14th globally, likely assisted residents in coping with the severe lockdowns and early stages of the pandemic, with some green spaces receiving double the usual number of visitors. Who will come to town next? In October 2023, the annual entertainment and technology summit known as SXSW will launch in Sydney. The city continues to invest in road projects, including 12 miles of road tunnels to connect the city to its growing suburbs and public rail transportation, which is expected to have 32 stations by 2024, despite soaring housing costs caused by high demand.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


Mumbai’s juxtapositions are frequently as overwhelming as the variety of activities available to visitors. How is it possible that one of the largest slums in the world is located in the same city that is known for its commercialism and Bollywood and is ranked 24th for the most Global 500 companies? Before you get too excited, it’s best to eat somewhere in a city with restaurants ranked in the top 10 worldwide. After that, it’s on to the sights. The city is ranked 36th for Sights & Landmarks because of the Taj Mahal Palace, Chhatrapati Shivaji train station, and Gateway of India arch, all of which are global cultural icons. However, this is also a location with speakeasies with live music reminiscent of New Orleans and craft breweries that rival Munich’s. Ambition for the world is everywhere.

Check out the daring Chedi Mumbai hotel, which has 312 rooms and a view of Powai Lake and the city’s skyline, in the Powai district to get a sense of the city’s future. In addition to accommodating rising tourism, the expanded Navi Mumbai International Airport will raise the city’s Airport Connectivity ranking to #75. The first bullet train in India will do the same in the region.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide

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Marseille spent billions of dollars cleaning up and modernizing before it was named Europe’s Capital of Culture to get rid of its bad reputation. With a Safety ranking of #79, there is still work to be done, and the city leadership of France’s second-largest city has committed to building new buildings along the waterfront. Don’t miss Norman Foster’s Vieux Port, a pedestrian-only area with a buzzing sense of place on a site that has been here for 26 centuries. At Quai des Belges, a dramatic blade of reflective stainless steel creates a dreamlike canopy and shelter from the sun, which shines almost all year (Marseille is ranked #79 for weather). This is the showpiece.

A pedestrian bridge connects the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, which has a design based on fishnets, to the 17th-century Fort Saint Jean. The recently opened Cosquer Méditerranée is another new ode to the past. Inside it is a full-scale replica of the nearby Grotte Cosquer cave, which was decorated with prehistoric art before it was flooded. The city’s inhabitants are also taken care of: In terms of global income equality, Marseille is ranked 27th.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


When the pandemic first struck, Montreal’s outgoing, two-cheeked, and most of all convivial character was severely affected. The ugly underside of an underfunded system of care that had been the pride of a city that ranked #12 globally for Income Equality was exposed by deaths in senior residences. As a result, major streets in North America’s most European city have been transformed into art- and music-filled outdoor hangouts, and the number of bike lanes has skyrocketed. There is a smoldering indie music scene, digital placemaking, and playful creativity on every street corner in Montreal’s Culture, which is ranked #22. And there’s a lot more going on.

The massive Espace St-Denis in the Latin Quarter will house new restaurants, performance spaces, and the historic Théâtre St-Denis when it opens in 2025. However, the city also has a flair for innovation, as evidenced by the Université de Montréal’s rise to prominence as an artificial intelligence hotbed and McGill University’s global ranking of 27. Record amounts of foreign capital have poured into Montreal’s burgeoning real estate market as a result of the city’s growing tech expertise.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


Denver is increasingly attracting wealthy, healthy millennials because of its secondary-city affordability and coveted lifestyle brand at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. One example is that it is ranked in the top 25 countries worldwide for the most educated people. These people work for big Global 500 companies like Western Union and Molson Coors Beverage, as well as hundreds of start-ups in the new cannabis and wellness industries. It’s no wonder that the Mile High City is ranked 23rd for GDP per capita and 43rd overall in our Prosperity category. However, Denver works as hard as it plays.

Today’s obsession with the outdoors is matched by a dedication to the arts amid 300 days of sunshine annually. The Martin Building of the Denver Art Museum recently underwent a lengthy, multi-year renovation that included the opening of a brand-new restaurant by Denver chef Jennifer Jasinski, who has won numerous awards. Denver was even named “the Street Art Capital of the Country” by AFAR magazine due to the city’s international street art festival, Crush Walls. In the coming years, the city’s ranking of #61 for Culture will only get better.

The 25 Best Cities in the World 2023 According to tourist and Experts Step by Step Full Guide


In the past year, we’ve reviewed hundreds of cities around the world and compiled a list of the 25 best cities in the world in 2023. From high-income and cosmopolitan cities to eco-friendly havens and affordable metropolises, this is an exhaustive list of some of the most fascinating and livable places on Earth. Whether you’re looking for a new home or just want to know which cities are poised for success in the next few years, read on to discover all you need to know about these amazing destinations.

The world is changing fast, and so is the way people want to live. Cities all over the globe are vying for attention, and the best ones are starting to stand out. In this blog post, we’re looking at the 25 best cities in the world 2023. We’ve analyzed a range of factors, including economic stability, lifestyle options, and quality of life. And we’ve come up with a list of cities that are sure to appeal to anyone looking for a truly unique and exciting experience. So whether you’re planning on moving soon or just want to know which cities are trending right now, read on!

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