Is Michaels Open On New Year’s Day 2024?

Is Michaels Open On New Year: The well-known craft retailer Michaels is based in the US. If you enjoy doing crafts, the store likely has all the stationery you’ll need. The company carries a wide variety of craft supplies, including scrapbooks, knitting needles, paper, home décor, frames, and much more. The store’s unique selling point is that it also holds workshops for interested consumers in prominent areas. If you intend to go to Michaels this New Year, be sure to: Does Michaels remain open on January 1? On this page, you may find out if Michael is open on New Year’s Day or not. This data has been carefully selected for you by us. Cheers to reading!

Yes, Michaels is open on New Year’s Day. In fact, there are many locations open on New Year’s Day to serve the holiday crowds. Michaels is open on New Year’s Day! This year, we’re offering our customers the chance to shop online and pick up their orders in-store. Plus, we’ve got a whole range of special deals available on New Year’s Day. Check out our website for more information.

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Is Michaels Open On New Year

Most holidays, Michael is typically open, if not during regular business hours, then at least with modified hours. Almost every day of the year, the business welcomes consumers with open doors. On Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, the store closes entirely. Michaels’ New Year’s Day hours will be impacted because there will be numerous events and parties happening throughout the city, and people will be busy attending them. Michael’s New Year’s Day hours have changed, so be sure to verify them before going.

The regular store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM. The store opens on Sundays at 10 AM and closes at 7 PM. But, Will Michaels be open on January 1st, 2024? Yes, the store is open on New Year’s Day but just for a short period of time. On January 1st, the store will be open on weekend hours, starting at 10 AM and closing at 7 PM. So, if you intend to visit the store, keep the hours in mind.

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Is Michaels Open On New Year

Is Michaels Open On New Year Details

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Is Michaels Open On New Year

On New Year’s Eve, Michaels is also open, however it might close sooner because to the festivities. You should wait to go shopping for craft supplies to make New Year’s decorations until you are aware of the store’s shortened hours. As we mentioned previously, Michaels’s New Year’s Hours will be impacted, and you can anticipate that the store will close considerably earlier than usual. Therefore, it is wise to schedule your Michaels shopping for the day before or the day after.

Do you still have a question about whether Michaels is open on New Year’s Eve? The answer is yes, however before going directly, you should inquire about the opening and closing times with your local store. Additionally, not all of the stores may operate at the same hours. On holidays, only the more popular venues may be open later, closing early the less popular ones. So, the times may change depending on your site.

If you were looking for Michael’s New Year’s Eve hours, they are available here. On New Year’s Eve, Michael’s will be open from 9 AM until 6 PM. Nearly three hours sooner than on typical days, the store will close. So, if you need something for the New Year right away, you must head to the store right away.

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Grocery and Convenience Stores Open on New Year’s Day

No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s always nice to kick off the new year with a bit of fresh food. That’s why grocery and convenience stores are open on New Year’s Day – to give you the chance to stock up on perishables before they go off sale. Plus, many of these stores have special deals and discounts available that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So whether you’re looking for breakfast foods, produce, or snacks, don’t miss your chance to hit the stores on New Year’s Day!

  • CVS: The majority of businesses will be open during normal business hours, but some establishments might have shortened hours. For pharmacy hours, call ahead.
  • Kroger: While some establishments are open 24 hours a day, others close at 8 or 10 p.m.
  • Publix: Each site will have different hours, however most shops close between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Stop And Shop: While pharmacies will only be open during specific hours, stores, gas stations, and internet shopping services will be open throughout regular business hours.
  • Target: Every site will be open during regular business hours.
  • Walgreens: The majority of sites will be open during regular business hours, although some shops might close early. For pharmacy hours, call ahead.
  • Walmart: All Walmart locations will be open as usual.
  • Wegmans: Every site will be open during regular business hours.
  • Whole Foods: Although hours may vary from place to location, all Whole Foods stores will be open. The hours of the shop closest to you can be found here.


You should bookmark our page if you frequently search for store hours in the United States. Are you wondering if Michaels is open on New Year’s Day 2024? Well, the good news is that the store has announced that they’ll be open on New Year’s Day every year from now on! This means that even if you can’t get to the store on the day itself, you can still get your holiday shopping done. Plus, the store will be open at all other standard hours throughout the year so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. So whatever you get your hands on this year, make sure it’s from Michaels!

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