IMemories Reviews 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit? Unfold Truth Today!

IMemories Reviews: Digital conversion services for out-of-date physical materials like home films, slides, and photographs are provided by the well-known online business IMemories. They have successfully met the requirements of numerous content customers over the course of more than a decade of operation. Nonetheless, because of the flood in web tricks and deceitful exercises, a few potential clients are reluctant to profit themselves of iMemories’ administrations. The purpose of this article is to assess Reviews in 2023 and determine whether it can be considered a reliable service provider or a dishonest business.

In the first place, we should investigate the contributions of iMemories. The office gives a simple and productive approach to changing your old-fashione actual media into computerized design. This incorporates VHS tapes, film reels, slides, pictures, and other relate kinds of media which can be convert into advanced organizations like MP4, AVI, and MPEG. The online platform of iMemories makes it simple to access and share the content after it has been digitally preserved.

IMemories Reviews 2023

All you need to do to use iMemories is sign up and choose a plan that works for you. They offer a few choices that take care of your transformation needs. You can send your media to them using their safe shipping system once you’ve settled on a bundle. The organization will then, at that point, convert the substance into computerized design and transfer it to your web-based account. We are able to confirm that iMemories is a genuine and dependable service provider following our investigation. They have been working for more than 10 years and have acquired a positive standing among their clients. In fact, they hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been recognized for their outstanding work with a number of awards.

IMemories is a great way to preserve your precious memories in a digital format. With their high-quality digitization services, you can easily convert old photos, videos, and even film reels into a digital format that can be easily shared and enjoyed with friends and family. But don’t just take our word for it – check out some of the IMemories reviews from satisfied customers! Many people have praised the company for their excellent customer service, quick turnaround times, and exceptional quality of work. Whether you’re looking to digitize old family albums or create a special gift for someone you love, IMemories is the perfect choice.

IMemories Reviews

IMemories Reviews 2023 Details

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IMemories Reviews: How It All Started?

In 2006, a platform for digitizing home videos and photos was established. In today’s cloud-connected world, the company is pioneering new ways for people to enjoy family memories and is at the forefront of social entertainment. By assisting more than a million clients digitize their memories, IMemories has earned the trust of its customers and established a commendable reputation for its high-quality services. The organization, which has a labor force of 150 people, as of late migrated to another office arranged in Arizona.

Customers and employees alike have been supportive of IMemories. Numerous individuals have praised the company’s culture, pay, benefits, management, work-life balance, and job security. Due to its cloud-bas storage and streaming service, iMemories lets you access the extensive private video and photo collection of your family from almost any screen. In addition, the company places a high value on inclusivity, workplace happiness, and charitable giving.

Explain How IMemories Digitizes Memories?

A platform called IMemories makes it possible to digitize, store, and share personal media like movies, slideshows, images, and documents. The activities include in saving recollections through this site are direct and can be summed up as follows:

Sign Up For Your Account

To start, the underlying step is to make a record on the iMemories site. During this short interaction, you will be expected to outfit your name, email address, and a secret word.

Select A Paid Package

Depending on the amount of media you want to convert, IMemories offers a variety of digitization packages. You can choose a bundle that meets both your needs and your budget.

Share Your Desired Media

You can use iMemories’ secure shipping system to get your media to the company once you’ve decided on your package. Simply submit a request for a SafeShip Kit and confirm your email address. In order to guarantee that your media will arrive in perfect condition, the company will supply you with a secure packaging and a shipping label that has already been paid for.

Digitize Your Media

IMemories digitizes your media with cutting-edge technology. They use cutting-edge video players and scanners to make sure your media gets converted into the best digital format possible.

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Extract Your Digitized Files Online

Your media will be accessible through your online account once the digitization process is finished. All web empowered gadgets including PCs, cell phones, and tablets can be utilized to peruse and get to your substance.

Share And Organize

You can easily organize and share your digital media with IMemories‘ user-friendly platform. You can make collections, change titles and depictions, and offer valuable minutes with your darlings.

What All Services Can One Avail Using IMemories 2023?

Personal media content, such as videos, slideshows, photographs, and documents, can be protected and distributed in a variety of ways through IMemories.

  • These services involve converting physical media into digital formats like… Digital media formats.
  • Overseeing and orchestrating computerized media
  • Creating customized DVDs and Blu-beams.
  • The iMemories app makes it easier to share media with loved ones.

IMemories guarantees to return your original files in perfect condition and can convert many different formats. Nearly all modern formats are included in its extensive list of supported formats, which includes:

  • B The video cassette formats etamax, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, VHS, and 8mm are supported.
    photographs that are either negatives, slides, or printed.
  • Optical discs like DVDs and miniDVDs are used to store digital data. The primary contrast is their size, with DVDs estimating 120mm and little DVDs estimating 80mm in measurement. Both can store different types of advanced content, however not all blue ray players are viable with smaller than usual DVDs. Actually take a look at gadget determinations before use.
  • Betamax, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, VHS, and 8mm were the most commonly used video cassettes in the past. Furthermore, Very 8, 8 and 16 mm films were additionally generally utilized for recording recordings.

The organization offers a SafeShip Pack to empower you to send your unique media safely to their office for digitization.

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What Types Of Media Can Be Digitized By IMemories?

IMemories can convert a wide variety of formats, including photographs, slides, videotapes, film reels, and more. This service safely converts analog media into digital forms with cutting-edge technology. You can trust iMemories to return your unique materials in their unique condition.

What All Items Can I Confidently Send To IMemories?

You don’t have to worry about how your memories will look because iMemories can convert them for you, according to their website. A wide range of formats, including slides, pictures, videotapes, and film reels, can be converted as part of their services. Additionally, the website states that the number of products that can be mailed for conversion is unlimited. You can send any kind of media to iMemories for digitalization without worrying about the number of items that can be sent. Go ahead and send however many articles as you need for digitization.

IMemories 2023 Conceivable reworded renditions

A file’s format can include the following: Files can be sent in a variety of formats, including: The potential arrangements for sent records include:

  • Analog photographs
  • Photos and videos that have been partially or entirely destroyed
  • Black-and-white images
  • Various tape types
  • Kodachrome or other color film types

Why does IMemories is safe shipping method?

Due to its safe shipping method, IMemories is well-known for its reliable services. They provide customers with sturdy packaging and a prepaid shipping label to ensure that their belongings reach their destination unharmed. Besides, they offer a total discount in the event of disappointment and a 100 percent fulfillment ensure. A user-friendly internet platform for viewing and sharing digital media is provided by IMemories. Additionally, they provide a mobile app that makes it simple to access your media while on the go. Positive feedback has been provided regarding the accessibility and usability of their platform.

IMemories: Significant Features And Advantages

With a pre-paid shipping label and protective packaging, IMemories guarantees the safe delivery of your media. You can easily keep track of your package’s progress thanks to their use of a tracking system. The organization acknowledges many configurations for transformation, including tapes, film reels, photos, slides, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, the number of items you can submit for digitization is unlimited. To safely transport your original media to IMemories’ facilities for digitization, you can use their SafeShip Kit. They promise to return your originals in excellent condition.

About iMemories

In addition, iMemories provides custom DVDs and USB drives that enable you to physically store your most treasured memories in formats that are still usable on contemporary devices. With the Recollections application, you can advantageously stream and offer a huge number of minutes on different contraptions like your television, tablet, PC, and telephone.

IMemories has been perceive with different awards for its extraordinary commitments. Customers and experts in the field have praised their outstanding service. The ability to digitally store and retrieve precious moments is perhaps iMemories’ most significant benefit. Even if the physical medium deteriorates over time, this ensures that your memories are preserved for future generations.

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Comparing Why Should And Shouldn’t You Try IMemories

The iMemories administration has been acclaim by clients for a few benefits and advantages. Digitalization services of the highest quality that produce high-quality results, the utilization of cutting-edge facilities, a straightforward procedure, quick turnaround times, a user-friendly app, and competitive pricing are just a few examples. The satisfied customers of iMemories greatly value the company’s overall value.

In addition, iMemories guarantees that your original materials will be returned in perfect condition. In conclusion, iMemories is a dependable and dependable service that can assist you in transferring and protecting your important documents, slides, photographs, and other media. You might want to think about not using iMemories for the following reasons:


The expense of iMemories can be high, especially in the event that you have an enormous number of documents to digitize.

Shipping time

The timeframe it takes for your media to arrive at iMemories can vary contingent upon where you are find geologically, and it very well might be impressively extensive.

Quality Issues

A couple of people have express disappointment with the variety accuracy or goal of their computerized media.

Loss Of Control

At the point when you send your materials to iMemories, you are depending on them to defend your valuable recollections. Moving individual media to a server oversaw by an outsider might cause disquiet for certain individuals.

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Can I Rely On The Security And Work Offered At IMemories?

IMemories is a reliable and secure help that can support the exchange and conservation of your significant recordings, slides, pictures, and reports. Their best in class offices, smoothed out process, quick times required to circle back, easy to understand application, and reasonable rates settle on them a magnificent decision for every one of your necessities. By promising to return your originals in excellent condition and providing a sturdy mailing box to prevent damage, IMemories ensures the safety of your treasured memories. In addition, the business uses 24/7 video surveillance to closely monitor each memory and works with FedEx to ensure quick and secure delivery.

IMemories administration is used by various people consistently. The business has successfully digitized and corrected nearly 15 million memories while preserving an impeccable rate of customer retention. To get to the help, one should get a SafeShip Unit, lay out an iMemories account, and transfer their substance on the web.

A Helpful Guide For Pricing And Promotional Discounts At IMemories

To benefit the iMemories Cloud administration, you can select a month to month membership of $7.99 or a yearly membership of $59.99, which incorporates limitless capacity and all administrations. Alternately, according to a different source, the iMemories Cloud costs $5.99 per month to subscribe to; notwithstanding, acquiring computerized duplicates might end up being costly in specific examples. IMemories’ SafeShip Unit furnishes you with every one of the important things to deliver your media securely. This includes a box that won’t break, watertight bags, shock-resistant bubble wrap, and tracking for the preservation and restoration process. However, there may be additional costs associated with the services you select. For instance, each videotape requires digital preservation and costs $19.99.

The cost of digital preservation will be $19.99 per videotape, regardless of the length of the video. In addition, according to a different source, flash drive capacity and VHS restoration preferences may result in additional costs. The procedure for terminating your plan is straightforward. You can cancel your membership by accessing your iMemories Web app account (under Storage Plan) if you register for services on the website. Alternately, you can cancel your subscription through your Apple App Store account (under Subscriptions) if you sign up for services through the iMemories iPhone or iPad app. Although the steps to cancel depend on where you registered, they are straightforward and simple to follow.


Therefore, based on your thorough iMemories Reviews investigation, it can be said that iMemories is a reliable service that provides a quick and easy option to digitize your old physical media. They offer a safe shipping procedure, an easy-to-use platform, and satisfied clients. Some customers also praised the quality of the digitized content, noting that it looked clear and vibrant on their screens. While some reviewers noted that the service can be a bit pricey, most felt that it was well worth the investment for preserving their irreplaceable family memories.

IMemories Reviews FAQ’S

Is iMemories a reputable company?

Based on numerous positive customer reviews and satisfied users, iMemories stands out as a top choice for digitizing your cherished memories. Their services are known for being dependable, trustworthy, and convenient, with a quick turnaround time that makes them an excellent option for all. As the saying goes, time is of the essence.

How much does iMemories actually cost?

You may download this software from Amazon and other app stores for no additional cost, and it is free to use. You can download one for use on your PC and another for use on your phone or tablet.

Where is iMemories based?

All of our orders are processed in our new state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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