Hogwarts Legacy Review: Performance, User Reviews & More Details

Hogwarts Legacy Review: Hogwarts Legacy has been touted as the role-playing game that Harry Potter fans have long desired. Fans will be able to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Hogwarts and the lands beyond by playing the game, which is an amazing offering. The game is an extremely engaging and enjoyable experience that will appeal to both seasoned Harry Potter fans and, most likely, newcomers alike.

Legacy’s plot has more holes than a fishnet stocking, and it kind of wants you to just accept that its magical world doesn’t make sense, just like the majority of Harry Potter stories before it. This mysterious third-person action-adventure role-playing game (RPG) begins with you moving to Hogwarts as a fifth-year witch or wizard for unknown reasons. There, you must attend classes, use a magical stick to fight huge spiders, and ride a hippogriff around. The amazing character generator provides a plethora of options for you to design your ideal witch or wizard, with the exception of a fairly limited voice selection. As soon as you do, they will become involved in a conflict between the Wizarding World and a malicious goblin.

Hogwarts Legacy Review

When the game lets you explore the world at your own pace and lets you loose from the rules, it’s at its best. I was taken aback by how deeply satisfying it was to chain together charms and spells to execute long combos on enemies, which surprised me because the combat is surprisingly good. The disappointment that the game fails to achieve nearly all of its intended emotional high points is what bogs it down.

Hogwarts Legacy is a thoroughly enjoyable experience thanks to the Harry Potter IP and its extremely rich world, despite its rather uninspired plot. This is a pretty fun time all things considered, and it will likely develop into a mega-successful gaming franchise for WB Games moving forward, despite the fact that I am not confident that I would have enjoyed it nearly as much if it were not set in the Harry Potter/Wizarding World.

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Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy Review Details

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Hogwarts Legacy Review

It’s hard to tell that Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the late 1800s from the way the characters talk or the clothes they wear, which look like they came straight from movies set in the late 1900s. You take on the role of a prodigal witch or wizard of your own creation and take on a goblin uprising led by Ranrok, a particularly evil goblin. This supports a narrative that is predictable and surprising sporadic. The main beats and progression only occur every few hours as you complete the necessary, frequently unrelated quests around them. You have a hard time understanding the motivations of many of the main characters because they only get so much screen time, especially Ranrok, who only appears to deliver a few lines to some subordinates before disappearing for a few hours.


When compared to previous excellent releases, Hogwarts Legacy did not exactly meet the highest standards. EA’s Harry Potter games had been as inconsistent as James Harden’s time playing for the Brooklyn Nets. That despite the fact that fans have, throughout the long term, come to be aware and love these games regardless of most of them not actually being particularly great games. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the studio’s largest undertaking to date and without a doubt their most ambitious game. The studio, Avalanche, has consistently worked on massive IPs for WB Games. This shows in the design and scope of the game as a whole because it seems like the studio didn’t want to leave anything out.

As the player character, you begin Hogwarts Legacy on your way to Hogwarts as its newest student. The best part is that you’ll start as a fifth-year student (more on this later) and are expected to catch up with your classmates as soon as possible. When a rather frightful flying beast interrupts your journey, the game immediately launches into a bold statement.

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Utilizing the Basic Spell Cast and then combining it with the game’s 34 spells to create interesting combos constitute the core of the combat loop in the game. Think of your spells, like Expelliarmus and Levioso, as heavy attacks with a cooldown, and the Basic Spell Cast as a light attack. Although the combat is enjoyable, the game severely lacks variety in its enemies, so it can become tedious after a while. You can fight all kinds of creatures, including goblins, dark wizards, and other fantastical creatures, in the game.

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Speaking of gear, Hogwarts Legacy offers customization, something that no previous Harry Potter game has offered. Prepare to loot as many chests and drawers as you can because the game is essentially an RPG. You never know when you might find a level 16 scarf that boosts your offense stat. Be aware that custom builds are not allow, despite the fact that the gear system and customization are quite enjoyable. As a result, every Hogwarts Legacy character will be nearly identical and play exactly the same. Although the game plays like a larger RPG clockwork, you won’t be able to customize your character’s skillsets much here.

The game’s choice-based outcomes and RPG mechanics are kept to a minimum, possibly to make things easier for younger players to understand. This indicates that, despite the fact that the game forces the player to make a number of significant choices, these choices rarely lead to anything more significant than a slightly altered cutscene. You won’t get Mass Effect, but you will get an enjoyable RPG experience.

Hogwarts, the game’s name, and the Wizarding World IP as a whole may, however, hold the key to why Hogwarts Legacy is not just another role-playing game. It was like going back to your childhood home when you could visit familiar locations from the movies and books. Even though it came as no surprise, the sheer scale of the nostalgia and charm still swept me off my feet and convinced me to play the game.

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Story: Hogwarts and The Formulaic Adventures of The Inconsequential Fifth-Year

Discover that you are connected to Ancient Magic, which puts you right in the sights of a wicked Goblin who wants a particular McGuffin. The story could have gone in a thousand different interesting directions, but instead it takes the shortest route and never throws a curveball in the player’s direction.

You are aware of how everything will turn out from the moment you begin your journey with Professor Fig. Although the game does attempt to explore some ideas about human emotion and pain, it fails painfully and never really tries to get the player to really care about these characters. Despite the dialogue choices and choices you can make, the player character lacks any real personality.

The majority of the time, you can choose to be either a manipulative psychopath with no moral boundaries or a goody-to-have with little to no personality. When it comes to choices, they have little impact. In the end, my efforts as a villain were reward with a slightly different cutscene that, for the most part, has no effect on the story.

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Sound Design, Graphics, and Haptics

The game Hogwarts Legacy looks okay. That being said, it doesn’t really have a unique art style or incredible fidelity, but it still looks pretty good for the most part. The game has a few performance issues, such as a significant drop in frame rate when there are a lot of enemies and projectiles on the screen.

The way the haptics respond to each spell makes it feel unique, and using Descendo to knock an opponent to the ground never gets old. Each spell you cast sounds very clear and exactly how you want it to. As you threw a massive red barrel at the head of the troll, spells flew past you, and the sound design greatly helped combat sections. On a home theater or headphones setup, the game truly comes to life, and the sound design is without a doubt one of the game’s strongest points.

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Even though the game doesn’t look bad or plain, there are places where it lacks inspiration. While Hogwarts itself is incredibly rich and beautiful, the land that surrounds it is extremely desolate and offers very little to look at. From a distance, the views are lovely, but closer inspection reveals little more than the occasional troll and dugbog.


Avalanche’s debut, Hogwarts Legacy is a strong foundation for the studio to build a huge franchise on. Despite the game’s lack of rich RPG elements, the combat and world’s incredible depth still make it a tremendously enjoyable experience. Even though the game doesn’t depend on its intellectual property, the Wizarding World IP makes it stand out from other RPGs with similar themes. Hogwarts Heritage is a very decent bundle for devotees of Harry Potter and will probably give a long time of tomfoolery and an intermittent laugh (the discourse is unbelievably shlocky and mechanical).

Hogwarts Legacy Review FAQ’S

Is it worth buying Hogwarts Legacy?

So whether you want to be an exceptional student, a future Dark Wizard, a Hero to the wizarding World, or to behave like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons, Hogwarts Legacy has everything you need to make your magical dreams come true.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have good reviews?

Hogwarts Legacy is ranked in the 93rd percentile of games scored on OpenCritic. Hogwarts Legacy is a great game haunted by a terrible creator. In almost every way, Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter RPG I've always wanted to play. Hogwarts Legacy is a solid first attempt.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy such a good game?

It's visually gorgeous and inviting to pick apart, but also filled with small puzzles and activities that further encourage your exploration. It certainly might not have been big enough to contain the entirety of Hogwart Legacy's story, but its level of polish stands in stark contrast to the world outside of its walls.

How many hours of gameplay is Hogwarts Legacy?

It should take around 30-35 hours to beat Hogwarts Legacy if you focus primarily on the story. As it is an open-world game, filled with exploration and side quests, you could be playing it for a lot longer than that.

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