BMW F850 GS Adventure Review, Features and Specification in 2023

BMW F850 GS Adventure The BMW F850 GS Adventure is this. The more costly, the more deliberate, and incidentally, the more positive twin of the ordinary F850. The Experience costs nearly Rs 19.5 lakh out and about in Mumbai, that is almost Rs 3 lakh more than the standard F850, which is as of now a costly suggestion. Yet, consider this – on the off chance that the F850 GSA ended up being all the cruiser you’d at any point require – the asking cost, however still steep, will not appear to be as restrictive now, could it?

BMW F850 GS Adventure is a highly capable and versatile motorcycle that is perfect for those seeking adventure on and off the road. With its powerful 853cc engine, the F850 GS Adventure offers plenty of torque and acceleration, making it well-suited for long-distance touring or exploring rugged terrains. The bike’s robust design, with its large fuel tank and protective features such as crash bars and handguards, ensures durability and protection in challenging conditions. The comfortable seating position and adjustable windscreen provide excellent comfort for long rides, while the advanced suspension system delivers a smooth and controlled ride over various terrain types.

BMW F850 GS Adventure Review

We now investigate living with the Adventure version of the F 850 GS after spending time with it in Kerala. Now that the upgraded BMW F 850 GS Adventure is available in the Pro trim, all of the extra amenities are included in the base price. The appearance and design are identical to those of the F 850 GS, and the powerful R 1250 GS also serves as an inspiration. The Adventure model’s enormous 23-liter petrol tank, which gives the motorbike its gigantic proportions and posture, is the only variation between the two models.

BMW F850 GS Adventure is a versatile and capable adventure motorcycle that offers exceptional performance both on and off the road. With its powerful engine, rugged design, and advanced features, this bike is built to tackle any terrain with confidence. The F850 GS Adventure boasts a reliable 853cc parallel-twin engine that delivers smooth power and impressive torque, making it ideal for long-distance rides and off-road adventures. Its robust suspension system provides excellent stability and control, ensuring a comfortable ride even on rough surfaces. The bike also comes equipped with advanced technology such as LED lighting, a large TFT display, and multiple riding modes to enhance the overall riding experience.

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BMW F850 GS Adventure Review, Features and Specification in 2023

BMW F850 GS Adventure Review Details

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At the cost it’s set apart at, the 850 GSA better convey first class quality and materials. Furthermore, it does. Everything appears to be expensive and well-engineered, including the seat, switchgear, and handle grips. The switchgear in particular, whether it’s the buttons, toggles, or dials that control the fancy instruments, exudes the kind of engineering finesse that makes you want to keep tinkering with it unnecessarily because it’s so tactile.

The spoked wheels and upside-down front forks complete the picture. These are both completed in costly and helpful looking gold. Indeed, even the paint quality, the completion to the welds, and the aluminum pieces and bounces, all emanate an atmosphere of excellence that helps massively towards tolerating the bike’s sticker price. The knuckle guards also appeal to me. These not just give the rider’s hands enough and more space to move around, these are likewise gotten at two finishes, making them sturdier.


It very well may be the Experience adaptation of the F850, yet the GSA actually has an available seat level. It measures 875mm. However, when you factor in the motorcycle’s narrow waist, it becomes easier for the rider to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. Additionally, you can lower it to 835mm and 815mm. However, the last option would require some suspension changes. However, short riders may find that the pillion seat height prevents them from swinging their leg over. The best course of action is to mount and stand on the pegs.

Once situated, the footpegs feel unbiased. These are neither forward nor rear-set, and even the height is carefully chosen to prevent the rider’s knees from riding too high. The handlebar too feels to be in any way the perfect level and distance from the rider’s seat. My arms remain bent and parallel to the ground for someone my height (5’9″), making it simple for me to steer the bike. Additionally, the wide handlebar adds leverage, making it easier to steer. However, the handlebar may be too low for taller riders, especially when standing up to ride.

Additionally, the seat is supportive and cozy. We rode and shot for a lot of time in the saddle, and even at the end of the day, we didn’t have sore bottoms. The F850 GSA’s ride quality is also excellent. Furthermore, the surface on which you ride is irrelevant. Not only does it smooth out bumps, undulations, and potholes, but it also doesn’t mind broken tarmac, road joints, or patchwork. Regardless of how poor the street, the GSA stifles everything as though these were pimples and not hill openings.

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The F850 GS Experience involves a similar motor as the ordinary F850. The equal twin actually dislodges 853cc, and the result figures at 95bhp and 92Nm stay amazing. Out and about, it’s quickly clear that the GSA lays this force thick and level. The F850 accelerates like a soldier following a drill command when the throttle is opened vigorously at approximately 3,000 rpm. The speed increase is moment, fresh, and consistent. 100kmph goes back and forth in a jiffy. What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t get control over your right wrist, expect to see 150kmph in similarly speedy time.

The motor is a simple firing up one as well. It spins up like a graceful Kathak dancer with ease. What’s more, it doesn’t ease up till it bangs off the limiter at 9,000rpm. In addition, there is no reduction in power until the engine reaches the redline. Also, in light of the fact that the motor sounds so great when fired up, giving it the beans, constantly is hard not.

The GSA, on the other hand, operates at less than 4,000 rpm in 6th gear at 100 kph if you ride sensibly. Doing so likewise assists the cruiser with returning over 20kmpl providing it with a scope of over 450km. Figure the stone like straight-line steadiness – regardless of how hard the cross breezes – and the GSA makes for an exquisite significant distance visiting sidekick. It’s cheerful while cornering as well. However, the 21-inch front wheel and softer steering geometry mean that turning it in takes more effort and doesn’t feel as connected when leaned over.

However, the GSA really shines off the road. Presently, we aren’t fanatics of the bicycle’s stock tires. These don’t function admirably out and about, and, surprisingly, rough terrain, the hold isn’t generally so great as one would like, particularly on the off chance that you are a going mud romping noob. The F850 GS Adventure, on the other hand, is a blast off-road due to its near-neutral balance, large front wheel, forgiving suspension, crisp throttle response, and accessible torque.

It’s not difficult to turn around with. It will not go into a tank slapper or spit you off like bit gum on the off chance that you misinterpret a peak. It will take you into a gravelly, slushy, or dusty sunset every year, riding the ripples and ruts. Also, when you change to Enduro mode, it will permit you to play with its backside as well! A little slip here, and a little slide there. However, nothing too shocking. For that, one requirements to change to Enduro Master. Sadly, you can only do it at the dealership. Furthermore, since we didn’t recall this significant piece, Enduro is all we got, off-road.

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There’s no lack of innovation or highlights on the F850 GSA. You have riding modes – Downpour, Street, Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Genius. Stability control is present; a shoe hold to keep the back from bouncing around; a quickshifter to make consistent, on-the-gas upshifts; flexible grasp and brake switches for better control; a foot brake lever that can be used on off-road; a customizable windshield; more extensive and rough terrain amicable serrated rider footpegs; what’s more, an extravagant, full-variety instrumentation which hurls such a lot of data, even the NASA folks could think that it is overwhelming! See everything the instrument console has to offer in the gallery.

Fuel Mileage

As we mentioned earlier, the F850 GSA has a nice range of over 450 kilometers when ridden calmly, especially on the highway. It can get over 20 kilometers per gallon. However, the F850 returned 15.6 km/l in the city when ridden normally, or at least normally for a motorcycle with an addictive slab of torque screaming for use. Furthermore, from our perspective, it would be a wrongdoing not to utilize that whole enticing snort, constantly!


The price of a motorcycle known as the BMW F 850 GS Adventure is Rs. 13.75 Lakh. It comes in two colors and one variant. A 853 cc bs6 engine powers the F 850 GS Adventure. Is the BMW F850 GS Experience all the cruiser you really want? To put it plainly, yes! It functions off-road. It can be used for tours. It’s even possible to commute on it without any trouble. It has agreeable ergos. You can convey along a pillion and loads of gear. The ride is plush. What’s more, it is pressed to the gills with tech and highlights. Yes, you can’t use it on a racetrack, and even on your favorite winding road, it might not be the most fun to ride. It could likewise improve tires. In any case, that is simply criticizing, on the grounds that the F850 GS Experience is splendid.


BMW F850 GS Adventure is a highly capable and versatile motorcycle that is perfect for adventure enthusiasts. With its powerful engine, rugged design, and advanced features, this bike is built to handle any terrain and provide an exceptional riding experience. The F850 GS Adventure offers excellent off-road capabilities, with its long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, and adjustable ride modes that allow riders to customize the bike’s performance to suit their preferences. On the road, it delivers smooth and responsive handling, thanks to its balanced weight distribution and advanced traction control system. Additionally, the F850 GS Adventure comes equipped with a range of convenient features such as heated grips, a large fuel tank for extended range, and ample storage space for all your gear.

BMW F850 GS Adventure Review FAQ’S

Does BMW f850 GS have cruise control?

The electronic cruise control can be engaged at speeds higher than 20 mph and maintains a steady riding speed. The black anodized aluminum topcase, with a capacity of 32 liters, provides ample room for a BMW helmet and performs admirably even in challenging environments.

What is the difference between cruise control and limiter on BMW?

Speed limiters function in a comparable manner to cruise control by allowing you to establish an upper limit for your vehicle's speed. However, unlike cruise control, you are still required to utilize the accelerator pedal to sustain your chosen speed.

What is the dry weight of BMW F 850 GS in KG?

BMW F 850 GS gets Disc brakes in the front and rear. The kerb weight of F 850 GS is 233 Kg.

What is the speed limit on cruise control?

Cruise control refers to an electronic device installed in your vehicle that regulates the speed of your car. It provides the driver with the ability to sustain a consistent speed of 25 mph without needing to keep their foot on the accelerator.

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