Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review in 2023

Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review- We as of late gotten the Apollo Tramplr STs and viewed them as a bunch of thoroughly examined cruiser tires. Be it regarding fabricate, plan or reason, these appeared to really take a look at the appropriate boxes. However, their prices seemed high: Rs 4,500 for the front and Rs 6,000 for the rear. The Tramplr ST is essential for Apollo’s on/rough terrain scope of bike tires, with a predisposition towards ‘on-street’. Yet, for those searching for a blockier, more forceful track design for better gnaw off-street, there is the more costly Tramplr XR. Besides, dissimilar to the XR, which utilizes spiral development, the ST is a cross-employ tire.

Presently to set the stage: our impressions about the ST were before we mounted the tires on the bike. In addition, the front-mounted 100/80 and rear-mounted 140/70 ST tires were intended to take the place of the 110/70 and 140/60 tires, respectively. However, the last option were radials. The Tramplr ST also provides enhanced stability and control, thanks to its sturdy construction and innovative design. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or maneuvering through city streets, this tyre delivers a comfortable ride and responsive handling. Additionally, it is built to last, with durable materials that offer excellent wear resistance.

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Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review 2023

Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre is a reliable and high-performing option for riders looking for a smooth and safe on-road experience. With its advanced tread pattern and specially designed rubber compound, this tyre offers excellent grip and stability, even on wet surfaces. The durable construction ensures longevity, making it a cost-effective choice for riders who value both performance and durability. Additionally, the Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre provides enhanced cornering ability and precise handling, allowing riders to confidently navigate curves and turns. Whether you’re commuting or embarking on a long-distance journey, this tyre is sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride on the road.

Designed with advanced technology, this tyre offers excellent grip and traction, providing enhanced stability and control in various road conditions. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a cost-effective option for riders. With its superior handling capabilities and responsive braking, the Apollo Tramplr ST offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Whether you’re navigating city streets or taking on challenging terrains, this tyre delivers optimal performance and peace of mind. Overall, the Apollo Tramplr ST motorcycle tyre is a top-notch choice for riders seeking reliability, safety, and performance on their journeys.

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Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review in 2023

Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review Details 2023

Article forApollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review in 2023
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Light Feel

When we put them on, the bike felt lighter and more consistent in its reactions, explicitly at lower speeds. Separating through traffic, subsequently, was less burdening. In addition, the ‘vibe’ presented by the tires made sifting more unsurprising. Also, consistency helps certainty. Furthermore, certainty, too all know, makes you faster, without hardly lifting a finger. This delicacy accordingly is down to the ST’s slimmer width and lighter weight contrasted with the radials the bike was running on before.

The change to Tramplrs has likewise further developed the general solace levels. The ride – particularly over little plentifulness knocks – feels less meddlesome at this point. Presently, I take a similar course to work consistently. Additionally, the road does not alter unless it worsens. In this way, to feel the improvement very quickly in the ride solace over similar street and two back to back days on two unique tires is telling. Besides, the way that the ST runs a taller perspective proportion than previously, and has more flexible side walls, helps the reason. At long last, as far as eco-friendliness, we saw a slight improvement. Be that as it may, the distinction wasn’t sufficiently large to be a game changer.

Strong Grip

The ST is an on/rough terrain tire. In any case, despite the fact that it is more street one-sided, we actually didn’t expect exceptional degrees of hold on the landing area given its cross-utilize development and taller sidewalls. Additionally, the grip levels are subpar.

In any case, these do offer a decent vibe. Rather than feeling wooden and passing on things to mystery, the STs speak with the rider about the happenings out and about consistently. ‘ Feel’ is one more fixing in building rider certainty, which further adds to the Tramplr’s drive accommodating person.

Nonetheless, a fair warning – with regards to edge grasp at high lean points – or while slowing down excessively hard – the STs surrender hold absent any advance notice. Try not to misunderstand us, the vibe and hold presented by these Apollos generally are great, which is the reason we like them such a huge amount for everyday drives. Notwithstanding, this tumbles off a bluff towards the most distant finish of the presentation range. In this way, if riding quick and hard around twists is your thing, you should look somewhere else.

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These tires are valued all around well – the XR range costs ₹6,500 – 12,000 for a couple, while a ST pair is presented from ₹4,500 – 6,000. Furthermore, Apollo will add 21-inch tires to the reach soon, and that will make the XR an incredible choice for passage level ADVs like the Himalayan. Apollo TrampI ST motorcycle tire is a reliable and versatile choice for riders looking for a high-performance tire that excels on the road.

Designed with advanced technology and superior materials, this tire offers exceptional grip, stability, and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate various road conditions. The TrampI ST boasts a unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction and responsiveness, enhancing the overall riding experience. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or taking on winding roads, this tire delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

on-road Review

Generally speaking, the XR is an extraordinary item and offers great worth as well. Since take care of the Tramplr XR, let me educate you regarding the Tramplr ST. For this test, had the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 available to me. To be honest, the ST ride experience wasn’t a thing exciting. In any case, we got to encounter the tire in certifiable riding conditions. The roads were brimming with potholes, and sharp turns joined by sand and rock, which helped me to remember ordinary Indian rustic streets. In the wake of riding on the landing area, the time had come to do a tad of going mud romping or delicate roading, as I would agree.


Apollo Tramplr ST motorcycle tyre is a reliable and high-performance option for riders looking for a smooth and safe on-road experience. With its advanced technology and superior grip, this tyre offers excellent traction and stability, even in wet conditions. The specially designed tread pattern ensures optimal contact with the road, providing enhanced control and maneuverability. Riders can expect a comfortable ride with reduced noise and vibrations due to the tyre’s innovative construction. The Apollo Tramplr ST motorcycle tyre is built to last, offering excellent durability and resistance against wear and tear. Overall, this tyre is a great choice for riders seeking a dependable and efficient on-road experience.

Apollo Tramplr ST Motorcycle Tyre on road Review FAQ’S

What is the difference between trampler ST and XR?

The ST tyre is designed for road use and is constructed using cross-ply technology. On the other hand, the XR tyre utilizes radial construction, although some of the front tyre sizes are made with cross-ply construction. According to Apollo, the XR tire is specifically designed for 70 percent on-road usage and 30 percent off-road usage.

Which tyre is best Michelin or Apollo for bike?

Michelin tires are made with a soft compound, which means they have a shorter lifespan compared to tires made with a hard compound. On the other hand, Apollo and MRF (most variants) use harder compounds, allowing them to significantly outlast Michelin tires. It is important to note that all companies conduct market research, which involves engaging with customers through different methods.

What is the company analysis of Apollo Tyres?

The ratio/financial analysis of APOLLO TYRES reveals: Operating profit margins witnessed a fall and stood at 12.4% in FY22 as against 12.7% in FY21. Net profit margins grew from 2.0% in FY21 to 3.0% in FY22. Debt to Equity ratio for FY22 stood at 0.4 as compared to 0.4 in FY21.

What are the advantages of Apollo Tyres?

Apollo's tires, manufactured in India, are tailor-made for the specific road conditions found in the country. They offer improved stability and control, both in urban environments and when navigating challenging highway turns. Additionally, Apollo's tubeless tires are engineered to enhance fuel efficiency, addressing the top priority of many car owners in India.

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