Amazfit GTR Mini Review: Price, Performance, User Reviews & More Details

Amazfit GTR Mini Review: Each year, one or two new smartwatches are released by many well-known brands. A standard model and a pro/ultra model will typically be offered by a company if it introduces more than one product to the market. Brands of fitness trackers differ slightly in that they frequently offer multiple devices with a variety of performance and hardware designs at various price points. Amazfit’s portfolio of wearables, which includes one of its most recent models, the GTR Mini, leans more toward fitness trackers than smartwatches.

The Amazfit GTR Mini is a great option for those looking for a stylish and functional smartwatch. With its sleek design and impressive features, this watch is perfect for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to monitor their daily activity. It has a long battery life of up to 21 days, which means you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging it. The watch can track your steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns, as well as provide notifications for calls and messages. The Amazfit GTR Mini also includes GPS tracking, which is great for runners and hikers who want to track their routes accurately.

Amazfit GTR Mini Review

Smartwatches were once thought to be a luxury item rather than a necessity. People didn’t have many options in the lower price range because the Galaxy and Apple watches were expensive. This has changed since the beginning of lower-priced fitness trackers and smartwatches in all price ranges. Even though a lot of businesses sell these gadgets for a reasonable price, one company has managed to get a foothold in the market and establish itself.

While Amazfit’s library is extensive, the GTR series has a distinct following. Therefore, the company has developed a smaller version of the same watch, the GTR Mini, this time around as opposed to their usual large case model. Although the name may hint at a mini, it is far from it. The watch has a 42mm case, a 1.28-inch HD AMOLED display, a battery life of up to 14 days, and more for Rs 10,999. So how can it act in our everyday use, and is it really a smartwatch? Read our review to find out.

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Amazfit GTR Mini Review

Amazfit GTR Mini Review Details

Article Name Amazfit GTR Mini Review: Price, Performance, User Reviews & More Details
Amazfit GTR Mini Review Click Here
Dial Shape Round
Price Rs. 10,999
operating  system Not Available
Battery Capacity (mAh) 270mAh, 14 days life
Category Tech
Official Site Click Here

Price And Availability

The Amazfit GTR mini is available in Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, and Misty Pink for Rs. 10,999. It is available from Amazon India.

Amazfit GTR Mini Review

Users of wearable devices can access a wide range of health data, including information about their sleep patterns and calories burned, heart rate, and daily activity levels. Additionally, smartwatches and fitness trackers have become increasingly feature-rich and sophisticated, providing users with a wide range of functions. Built-in GPS, for instance, has become a standard feature, allowing users to track their runs or hikes without carrying their phones. Advanced sleep-tracking features are even included in some devices, allowing users to monitor their sleep quality and alter their sleeping patterns.

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Design and Display

The Amazfit GTS lineup, which features a square dial, was the first model in the mini smartwatch category. This time, they’ve introduced it with a round dial on the Amazfit GTR series. Its design approach here isn’t groundbreaking, but it looks very elegant and minimal. The dial is finished in stainless steel and has a lightweight, slim design. All of the sensors are finished in plastic on the back, where they make good contact with the skin. The watch is available in Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, and Misty Pink. We offer a black color option that goes well with almost any outfit. The watch has a thickness of 9.25mm and a weight of 24.6 grams (including the strap). It comes in a single variant and has a 42mm case.

display 1

It is ideal for people with smaller wrists due to its mini nomenclature and these dimensions. The watch did not pose any problems when worn for extended periods of time, and the strap quality is also quite good. The belt has the same locking mechanism as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Review), so even if there are a lot of people in the Delhi Metro, it will stay secure. Although the sensor’s vicinity is prone to dust accumulation, the watch’s strap did not retain any sweat residue even after multiple workouts. A physical button with adequate feedback is located on the right side of the watch frame. Additionally, the smartwatch is resistant to 5 ATM of water, making it suitable for swimming.

A 1.28-inch AMOLED show with a pixel thickness of 326ppi graces the front. Despite being quite thick, the bezels are not at all inconvenient. With good viewing angles, it produces vibrant colors. Additionally, the watch shines bright enough in direct sunlight to make content easy to read. When we moved through the UI pages, the panel was very responsive. There are a lot of watch faces available in the Zepp app, and the watch itself can store a total of four. Additionally, it has a raise-to-wake function and an Always-On display that work flawlessly.

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Software and Performance

The GTR Mini is just one of many feature-rich Amazfit smartwatches. This watch has a lot going on, just like its flagship models, and it will likely take you a week to get used to it. To put things into perspective, the control center, which gives you access to settings like brightness, flash, sleep mode, and more, can be accessed by swiping down from the home screen. You can see any notifications that may have been sent to your phone by swiping up. You can access your fitness data, heart rate monitor, and many other things with a left swipe.  The alarm, weather, and other useful shortcuts are all accessible with a right swipe. The activities tab can be accessed by pressing the button. In that regard, fitness enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the GTR Mini comes preloaded with 120 sports modes.

Although the GTR Mini is referred to as a “smartwatch,” its primary function is that of a smart notifier. To begin, with the exception of a number of pre-loaded presets, you are unable to reply to messages using only the smartwatch. Given that some of their flagship models also lack this feature, it’s not surprising. However, we hope that more recent Amazfit models will enable you to respond to messages. While we’re on the subject of messaging, the watch’s Whatsapp notifications are incredibly glitchy. On a daily basis, the prompt to “Check for new messages” put our patience to the test on multiple occasions. You also get notified about calls, but you can’t answer them using the watch. Notifications from other apps work well. This is disappointing because smartwatches that offer this feature are much less expensive.

Using the Zepp app, you can connect the watch to your smartphone. The companion app is very clear and detailed. It has a lot of features that can help you customize your watch. Zepp likewise records your wellbeing and action information with a legitimate breakdown that makes it more straightforward for you to comprehend. Having said that, we never had any doubts about the Amazfit watches’ ability to collect activity data. Additionally, you won’t have to constantly carry your smartphone because of the integrated GPS. It looked almost like a toddler’s drawing as it followed our football game at a turf well. Overall, this watch’s features should meet the needs of any fitness fan.

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Battery Life and Charging

For a very long time, Amazfit smartwatches have a reputation for having excellent battery life. The GTR Mini follows this tradition. It has a built-in 280mAh battery that is rated for a 14-day runtime under typical use. To put things in perspective, the Amazfit GTS 4 (Review) has a 300mAh battery pack and a slightly higher price. It’s intriguing how they were able to cram this battery into such a little space. With all of the GTR Mini’s features activated, we put it through rigorous testing. In our testing, the watch held up for four days.

It ought to easily last you roughly 10 days on a full charge if you keep features like active heart rate tracking and others turned off. For such a small and light watch, the battery life is truly remarkable. All of its watches, including the GTR Mini, use a unique charger. Unfortunately, the charger that comes with the device has an annoyingly short cable. The outcome was that the watch needed an hour and a half to charge fully.


Despite its diminutive size and moniker, the Amazfit GTR Mini packs a punch. The sleek and lightweight design does not put any strain on your wrists, and the crisp and bright AMOLED display does its job well. Fitness enthusiasts will benefit from the GPS and tracking capabilities of the GTR Mini, which are quite accurate and helpful. Given Amazfit’s consistent track record, the watch’s battery life is not surprising. Considering that features like calling and replying are not included, the price of Rs 10,999 is slightly above average. With that in mind, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Amazfit themselves offer better alternatives at this price point. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, one of the best smartwatches of 2021, currently costs Rs 12,999, but the fact that it only works with Android may make iOS buyers turn away.

Amazfit GTR Mini Review FAQ’S

Is Amazfit GTR worth buying?

It's a stellar watch at its price point, and it even outclasses some of its significantly more expensive brethren. There's a lot of hype brewing around the Amazfit GTR 4. After testing it for a couple of weeks, we learned a lot about the watch.

Is GTS 4 mini good?

Compact, inexpensive and with a whole range of features - this sums up the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini quite well. In our test, the smartwatch showed what it can do and everything it has to offer. Including a relatively bright AMOLED, accurate location services and all the usual sensors - the list is quite long.

Does Amazfit GTR mini have Bluetooth calling?

Yes. The Amazfit GTR Mini supports Bluetooth calling because it comes with a microphone and speakers.

Is Amazfit mini waterproof?

Yes. Amazfit GTS 2 mini has a water resistance grade of 5ATM. It can be used for water activities in shallow water such as in a swimming pool or at the beaches.

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